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Saab employees have been paid

June 29, 2011 in News

Saab received today the money from the unknown Chinese company that bought 582 cars over the last weekend.

– We have received money and pressed the button for payment. The money should be on the employee’s account today, or tomorrow at the latest, depending on banks’ management, says Ms Gustav on Saab’s information department.


10 responses to Saab employees have been paid

  1. woot! Griffin Up!

  2. VM did it again! This guy is unbelievable!

    • yap…. I am beginning to think that he always has a card up his sleeve ….

  3. Now all we need is for the production lines to be started up again. :)

  4. Why not name the company? Does this company really exist or is it part of the further agreement with Pang Da and is part of a temporary NDA?

  5. Dear SAAB Employees….. WE LOVE YA!!!!!