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The Grrrriffin has arrived

June 9, 2011 in test drive

Just about 30 min ago I picked up this car. I will test every aspect of it until tuesday :)

Its a 9-3 Griffin Aero 2.0t BioPower with 3320 km on the meter.


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  1. How can Saab have trouble with not selling to many cars when they are making these very good looking cars??? =)

  2. cmd said on June 9, 2011

    Great car, I´ve just seen the first Griffin Convertible here in Switzerland when I passed by at my dealer to order a new 9-4X for my loved wife! Delivery date will be end of September, hopefully!

  3. Yep that’s very, very nice…more detailed pics/videos please :-)

  4. This car reminds me a lot of the 2001-2002 9-3 SE refresh before the NG 9-3 debuted. The lower sills and wheels complement each other just right, the aggressive trapezoidal air intakes give it a completely modern aesthetic that even at nearly a decade old still looks more current than even the 335i convertible. It’s those extra Aero details make for what I believe is the best looking car of it’s 9-3 generation. Jealous, Tim 😉

  5. Hope the weather is fine in Sweden.
    Enjoy yourself Tim! :-)

  6. That’s one nice looking 9-3 Conv.. Have to look for it here i Växjö :)

    A off-topic question if someone with insight can tell me why the convertible has the old door handles and rubbing strip in the door?

    • I might be wrong, but I guess it was because the convertible used to be built in Austria and it would have been too expensive to change the doors when the facelift came.

    • Jr. said on June 9, 2011

      Those details makes it look better then the regular 9-3 IMHO.

  7. Wow–what a gorgeous picture of an attractive car! Actually, I think it would do very well for Saab to have pictures of their cars in driveways, in front of homes, and such. Kind of a like “Picture this car in front of YOUR home.”

    Enjoy it, Tim!

  8. I am back to driving a SAAB soon after some years with VW. Bought a 2008 9-3 recently that I’m getting in 2-3 weeks. I am happy to exhange the rims, headlights and bumbers with your test car Tim :)

    • doesn’t sound very angry to me 😀

      • We might get to know him as Happy Engineer from now on… 😉

        • We’ll see, I haven’t driven the car. In fact I have never driven a 9-3 before, so I’m excited to try it. I’ll keep the Angry for now… :)

  9. Lucky man!

  10. Enjoy!

  11. It looks gorgeous!

  12. The rims and aero styling tweaks really make this car look much more modern, I wonder why Saab doesn’t just sell every 9-3 in America with the Aero styling package in it’s final year? Would really spice up the old girl.

  13. What a beauty ! Enjoy it.

  14. True stunner – my choice of wheels and colors!

  15. Very hot. Could we get some detailed shots of the new dash finish. I wonder if it will make the air vents less creaky. Also, were can I get those side moldings for my SportCombi???

  16. Really a Saab. Nothing to add.

  17. That’s the best looking 9-3 so far, especially with the new front-end. Especially with the door strips and original door handles. I wish they would have kept those on the Sedan and SportCombi as well.

  18. Absolutely love it, too bad the roof’s not down. Heck even with the roof up it is one of the best looking convertibles made and so quite in comparison to other verts.

  19. Beautiful car! Congrats, and thanks to the Trolls who built another awesome Saab!

  20. SHOCKING outlooks! Want one NOW! This car is a legend already.