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Lars Carlström reactions about the news!

July 28, 2011 in News

Lars Carlström states to SaabsUnited that this makes it clear that government has played a double role in the matter having one version of the story to the public, Saab and Vladimir Antonov and another inwards. They have effectively lied to the Swedish people, Saab and everyone else which could have caused damages in amounts as high as billions of swedish crowns. There has been several hundreds of lawyers involved in this process and has taken a lot of time and resources away from both Vladimir Antonov and Saab.

This could very well cause a crisis inside the government!

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  1. Well I hope there is a plan B.

    • I would expect there to be.
      Those people interested in Saab, both VA and Chinese doesn’t strike me as people who give up easily.

  2. [quote]This could very well cause a crisis inside the government[/quote]

    To be honest, that seems hardly likely.

  3. …as I wrote in the previous post, I hope the Swedish opposition is not sleeping…

    • Indeed and I hope that they will react timely enough so that Saab can be still saved. The Swedish people should all be informed about this scandal.

      • There is no scandal from the beginning. The government has still done nothing wrong here. It’s no the job of the government to keep the information flowing about ownership of shares in Saab. Saab / VM and Antonov them selves should of course make statements about this story since they have had all the information them selves.

        There is actually nothing new here, EIB wants to keep the same conditions on the loan as when they were written back in 2009. Erik Geers even confirm this in an interview in . I don’t understand why SU-crew dont translate and link to this interview, it would clarify a lot to people around here.

          • Hihi, you know, what a local politician in Trollhattan thinks is rather irrelevant. Paul Åkerlund is on top of it all as we all know ex persident of IF Metall at Saab…

            So what is your opinion about Erik Geers comments??

          • I somehow get the feeling that you didn’t read the article..
            Please do that and then come back

        • Leeloo: clearly the NDO think there is something wrong here; they’ve just spent months of time and large amounts of Swedish taxpayers’ money on a purely pointless and futile process.

          • @Krisdk
            Of course i read it, it’s just a click away. What did i miss? Explain whats new please.

            I ask you again, what is your opinion about Erik Geers comments??

          • About the same as your opinion of what you just read

        • I don’t know what you are trying to achieve; we all know that it was part of the original deal, that was why VA moved out. How long have you followed this blog? Do you want Saab to be successful?

          But since then things have changed, they have submitted requests for changes of ownership to the EIB and the NDO; the NDO gave their approval. Since then it’s been quiet.

          • And also, Leeloo, what’s you opinion about Erik Geers comments?

            Yes, he says that it was known that VA was not to be part, but then things changed and they submitted requests to the EIB and the NDO. So are you saying that he’s admitting something? We all knew this; but we didn’t knew that the EIB would never change their mind no matter what; and we don’t know why they have come to this conclusion.

            So what is your point with that article?

        • I’ll try to be polite… “the government have done nothing wrong” think about the true role of an elected government. In support of it’s people. Tell me what that might encompass? What is that job description?

          If you are in support of anything then that means doing what is necessary, what is right, to get the job done.

          Since when was it the government’s role to pass information…?…
          All the time, always… In all circumstances that would lead to the benefit of it’s people.

          Given your stance one wonders if you have studied politics deeply or are infact just a politician.

    • Sadly, I imagine all those involved knew these basic facts, including Mona Sahlin, Juholt and Stefan L of IF Metall.

      • @Tripod
        I’m just trying to point out that this can not come as a surprise. Saab knew about it, VM, Antonov… it was in the contract from the beginning. And all of a sudden people here AGAIN start to blame the government for its supposed role to be the informant to the public in this whole story… they have nothing to do with this… information should come from EIB and VM/Saab, they are the business partners in this relation and no one else. Is that so hard to understand?

        • RS said on July 28, 2011

          Time for a reality check Leeloo. Even Bo Lundgren is starting to ask wt* is going on with EIB?

        • Yes, they knew about it but the situation has changed since 2009. Back then the Swedish government had a negative report on VA, now they have a possitive report. So clearly they thought there would be a big chance the EIB and the Swedish government had to change their positions…

  4. If we in each other job is caught in lying can face consequences… i think in this matter involving so many jobs lost and milions spent, actions must be taken!

  5. There is something very odd about all of this, and it has a very bad smell.

    The timing of this could not be worse.

    Who is behind all of this and who will benefit if Saab fold.

    Finding the answers to these questions could be quite revealing.

    Now the Saab site is sold and leased back, the site could be a place for making windmills especially with a new road system being built nearby. Maud and her son could do very well out of this situation.

    A game of cat and mouse is a foot, the only way to win is don’t be the mouse.

  6. Of all those involved surely Lars Carlströms credibility is the lowest….

  7. For all Swedish speaking members I recommend reading Norah4you’s blog post from June 24 8and others as well).

    I don’t know anything about her sources but she has always stated that the EIB early on ruled that Antonov will NOT be let in, and that the original GM-Spyker Muller deal included such a clause.

    • This was confirmed by other sources at the time but never by the EIB themselves until now!

      • I think it’s all damned disgraceful. Shame on ALL who knew and chose to keep silent.

    • If I’m not wrong, we all knew thet at the beginning VA shouldn’t be in the affair of selling Saab from GM to Spyker.. but it looked like a GM decision for the sale.. not an EIB’s, secret, one.

      During the last year and half Saab, VM, VA and everybodye spent a lot of time & resources to satisfy EIB’s request to let VA in… if they told at the beginning VA “won’t be never in”.. the others could have worked and invested on a different solution/way not including VA, or not only.

      • If I’m not wrong, we all knew thet at the beginning VA shouldn’t be in the affair of selling Saab from GM to Spyker.. but it looked like a GM decision for the sale.. not an EIB’s, secret, one.


        EIB looks at numbers. GM at business.

        (I do not think it as geopolitical thing like from the US gouv., under which depended GM at the time of selling SAAB.)

        So why GM did not want VA in Saab? We have never been able to really know the reasons. What ever said, some believes that VA might have taken indirectly part of the seelling maybe in the “shadow” of Spyker shareholders or through loans to VM.

        What is more interesting for the future is to know whether GM’s position has changed or not about V Antonov and whether GM/EIB will approve Youngman and Pang Da, once chinese authorities would have pressed F5 key.

        We shall be very cautious to what is GM interests now. EIB does not matter : they want their money back soon or later and they do not want to go further presently. Ok we know that. SW GOUV do not want to get in any trouble by stepping in. Ok we already know that.

        But the ownership clause is in the hand of GM and with its privilegied shares (320M$ if I am correct) as well as with all the IP rights they still have, GM financial strategy does still matter for the future for Saab, and more once and if the chinese authorities will give approval for Youngman and Pang Da.

    • Well, she’s always been critical to everything Saab, it seems; but comments about the beauty of Volvo etc.

      It’s been well known that it was part of the deal between GM and Spyker; that’s why VA moved out. But it wasn’t mentioned that it was a demand from the EIB as well. And then things changed. They wanted to change the ownership, submitted that to the EIB, the NDO did their work, to no use, and then we haven’t heard anything.

      We also have to remember the different reports, and I don’t know if the final one reached everyone involved.

      Anyway, that’s history and they are working on replacing the EIB loan and move forward.

  8. Some lawyers should be instructed to check whether there is a severe damage for Saab caused by this behavior. And they should check an eventual compensation.

  9. hallo here belgium,
    SHAME ON JOU!!!!!!!!! saab for ever!!!!!!

  10. @Sadim

    Such a nominative clause would be illegal. Standard ownership clauses which give the right to banks or investors to approve new shareholders is nevertheless ordinary.

    For this one I think that VA knew about EIB opinion, but he fought to get this approval.

    But surely the SW did know EIB/GM opinion as well but thought it was not his part to reveal it or step in the struggle. Neutral and cold position from the begining. No change from this point of view.

  11. So it’s much more time to get rid off EIB loans and refinance with a trusted party, to not have involved two brakers (gov and EIB).

  12. Get ready for the ALL NEW Saab 9-5, 9-4X and 9-3 Windmills — courtesy of the Swedish Government.
    What a soap opera.

  13. Unfortunately this is what some of us were predicting from the beginning.
    It seems this all process is taking to long because the government itself doesn’t make the minimal effort to speed up negotiations with everyone involved. If someone would tell me that they couldn’t do more, I simply wouldn’t believe it.
    Let’s hope they’ve done the math about previous income value from SAAB as a working company, against support all those people affected directly or indirectly.
    I ask all the guys from Sweden to put the politicians and entities involved on the spotlight now. It’s now or never.

    • Since it appears that the Government will have to pay the salaries anyway in the form of social security payments, why wouldn’t they perhaps consider a temporary stabilization loan until such time as the NDRC have deliberated and either approved or disapproved the merger? It would be an astute political move, since it would cost them nothing in net terms and they would get all the kudos of supporting Saab in its time of need. Perhaps someone should request this of them?

      • I don’t know how this could be done legally, but I like the idea of a government loan, if they were trully interested in keeping SAAB running. I was to visit Trollhättan, the SAAB factory and museum this summer. I know that tourism may not be a major concern to the government, but they lost 2 people with their attitude.

  14. Come on!!! Some positive attitude!!

    We are enthusiasts and we belive in Saab, don´t we??

    Well I do, it is better to get it out in the clear and hope for the best!!! More Saabs to the people!

    There are a sad tone at this forum nowdays, it should be supportive and positive as i it was before!

    SAVE SAAB!!!!

    Griffin up everybody!!

  15. But also this hundred lawyers (can’t believe that number) hadn’t negotiated with EIB and NDO? That’s basic to get some written letters and find the base for discussions.
    Consultants are the dead of good companies with weak management.

  16. How ´bout a car model called “The Windmill”?! Haha…

  17. Real or imagined, take this for what it is worth. Any big company would be toast not to mention liable either at a civil or criminal level if they knowingly do business with “The Mob”. I once worked for a company that did this and got taken to the cleaners for a pile of cash. This was years ago but the same old rules apply today.

    Now, does that mean that the son is guilty? Perhaps not.

    Does it mean that the father is guilty? I really don’t know the answer but I do know that the average guy does not go down in a hail of gunfire. Of course he could have been messing with the wrong woman; whadda I know right?

    Victor comes out in a Dutch paper and admits that Vlad gave him a sack of cash to buy Saab. Is that legal? I honestly don’t know the answer in Sweden or the Low Countries but I do know that over here there are lots of laws like “Interlocking Corporate Directorate” or anti-monopoly statutes, disclosure, and such. So, did Victor or Vlad commit a crime passing the bag? Victor claims that GM knew! Hmmmmmm? Is GM criminally culpable is some fashion (aside from perception).

    Then Ake up and retires.

    Then the new Chief Financial Officer never shows up for the job.

    Then everyone runs around pointing fingers at EIB, Swedish Police, FBI, GM, and yeah I saw one post that blamed the CIA believe it or not. Lars, what can you say about Lars? He has been running amok in school boy fashion and I swear he seems to love every minute of it.

    There is one thing I do know. You can light enough brush fires to create a diversion and make it difficult but, in the long run if something was amiss, someone will talk.

    China? If someone is setting the game board to walk away with the spoils? Could they?

    For those who are gifted, creative writing wise, you have all of the makings of a good international novel and I honestly mean this with no disrespect, a body or two on the floor would make it The New York Times Best Seller for vacation reading.

    • That is a solid dosage of finger pointing there rallyho. :)

      I find it a bit unfortunate to automatically blame the victim of a mob-hit for having mob-connections. Innocent until proven guilty, no?

      I find it far more interesting that a minister chooses to write a letter bragging about everything the government has done to help the automobile industry, yet when one looks at what they have actually done it boils down to almost nothing. A handful of minor investments and showing up to a meeting or two (while bluntly ignoring quite many).

      VM should face some criticism, but OTOH he has been busy since at least October finding opportunities/partners in China. The work to circumvent EIB’s rather bizarre demands have been ongoing for quite a while. Given the cards that has been dealt, he has played fairly well. I have yet to see someone stand up and say what VM should have done differently. Meanwhile it is apparent that the government could have done plenty. NDO seems to be less than thrilled about EIB’s handling of this case. Looking for smoke? Well, look no further than the EIB.

  18. Well, will has most certainly make some journalists ashame of them selves.
    They have been part of a down going spiral and media hasn´t been awake enough to even think of the possiblity that there are something bad going on in high places here… strange. Usually they are not to slow when it comes to critics about the Government…