Our new BIG monster is alive

July 10, 2011 in News

Just got this photo from PeterS, our new server is alive and installed. Its currently being configured…

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  1. It’s not the size that counts..
    This way i can keep my minions inside it!

  2. Great to see that there’s room for disks, case you need to expand :)
    Raid 1 configuration ?

  3. Not to alarm you, but there appears to be a minion inside of your server.

  4. There was some mention about going to overclock the machine? Looking at the picture, there seems to be an intel stock cooler installed.. I doubt that either of the ideas are a very good idea when talking about a server :) The durability of the fan is probably good but …

  5. Not going to overclock this since we are ok CPU wise on this one.
    If we are getting close to hitting cpu limit, then probably we’ll take the fan down and replace it with a better one. The bundled fans are usually quite good.

  6. Does the minion have a name yet or should we give it some suitable name?

    • No name as of yet, just like it since i reminds me of BSD, and i got a red car, so the red devil fits there too :)

  7. Is it 1 Terabyte, 2 Terabyte,…?

  8. Drives are 2TB each in a nice cuddly raid 1.

    • Don’t forget about external backups, RAID 1 is for redindancy only, it doesn’t help against logical RAID errors or the controller failure.

      • Always doing local external backup, and offsite backup too, but thanx for the reminder, always tricky keeping it all in the head!

  9. Nice and roomy looking case, what model is it?
    Building myself a new stationary this fall and I’ll need a new case then. :-)

  10. you got a troll in box the name could be “Trolly” or “Troll9-x”

  11. Hum…. looks like we can host a few rounds of “Call of Duty” as well ….

  12. Perhaps the minion is not too intelligent and we can call it “Duh Minion”.

  13. Looks good!

    Speaking of things related to the site, any news yet on formatting for posts that link to event pages? The formatting of the event notice and the comments is a bit odd compared to the rest of the site.

    • Thanks for asking. I need a kick in the but and is slowly working on it, but I have had so much to do at work the last months and just came back from a week of vacaition. Will start working more with it from now on!

  14. Hello Saabs United principals: (Tim R, Redj, RobinM, Tompa, Jeff, Carl-Henrik, Rune, etc.)
    I wanted to send an “off-line” email to you all and I could not find your email address on the SaabsUnited website? What gives? I used to correspond with Swade from time to time. I have a thought that relates to the future of Saab, but you all might consider it “politically incorrect” hence I wanted to run it by you first. Where are your contact email addresses?! Perhaps they are there, but I certainly couldn’t find them.

    • Hi Hugh, there is a nice e-mail icon on the top left side of the website just below the banner! click it and it automatically opens your e-mail program! if you are not using one you can e-mail us on saabsunitedcrew@gmail.com

  15. Thank you Tim! My schedule requires that I get back to you tomorrow. But, thanks for pointing me in the proper direction. I’m obviously not used to icons which are substituting more and more for plain written instructions. Thanks again.

  16. nice rig. Looks like you’ve got enough cooling too