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August 4, 2011 in Editorial

9-3 Scandic

A few weeks ago I had already announced that our good old 9-5 SC would be replaced by a 9-3 SportSedan Scandic. Now here is the first pic of (now) my wife’s 9-3x making friends with my new Saab. 🙂

To me the design of the 9-3 is still contemporary. I love the lines of the sedan. And when it comes to size it’s just perfect for me. I don’t care at all if it was developed under GM ownership. I’m just a big fan of the entire 9-3 range.

Having driven a few kilometeres now I have to say that the 1,8t is a nice engine and the car does not feel slow at all. It’s a real no-frills car but despite the fact that I had wished it had Bluetooth from the factory I have to admit that it is really nice to have only few gadgets. It’s all about driving.

And exactly this is the point why I plan to change quite a few things about the car over the next 24 months. I never liked wood in cars. Those 16″ wheels may be nice and comfortable but that is not for me. Suspension, engine upgrade, exhaust, aerodynamics… Looks like my Swiss toll badge will pay off. 😉

I’ll keep you posted on the Hirsch goodies I get, adding a bit of information to it. So: till72 continues his efforts to secure short and medium term financing and is optimistic that new wheels and suspension will be there by the end of August.

Man, it feels so good to write about cars instead of economics.

9-3 Scandic

9-3 Scandic

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  1. What rims are you thinking of? The turbine-version? I bet they would look great on your car!

    As you love the 9-3 series.. I love the 9-5 SS. 🙂

  2. @ Carl-Hendrik One of those 🙂

  3. It will be great fun to follow the transition from an out of the box SAAB 9 3 to a devil disguise!

    Knowing TILL72s preference for monster wheels and electronic engine upgrading – my initial reaction, as a lutheran – is not less is more, but more is more!

    Get to it!

  4. Congrats TILL72 on your new car, I agree , the 9-3 range is really nice , I drive a 9-3 1.8t biopower -07 and I really love that engine and on E85 it is really fast aswell, and I drive about 160km to and from work everyday and it consumes only 1 litre E85 per 10km, really great car.


  5. Driving a “no frills Linear” myself (about the same car, but TTiD and our “Scandic” is called “Nordic”), I must say Saab’s “no frills” is absolutely acceptable especially when you look at the competition (just recently I’ve been told I have to pay extra for power folding mirrors on a new Alfa 159!!!), but this:

    I had wished it had Bluetooth from the factory

    …needs immediate attention from VM, EIB, Swedish government, US government, CIA, higher powers and perhaps the Almighty Himself. It’s 2011. There are more active mobile phones than people, sheep, umbrellas and public toilets combined in Europe. We do need Bluetooth in our cars stat.

    • +1 on the Bluetooth !

    • Well my car has bluetooth with vocie control fitted from factory (BIPS) , at least in Sweden you can get that as an option for around 4500 SEK, or do you mean that it should be in the standard equipment ?

      • Yeah, you can get it as an option but the car I got was a double order originally configured by an old lady who may never have heared about bluetooth. So I’ll have to go for a parrot instead.

        • Although not available as an official accessory, it is possible (technically) to have it installed afterwards… Altough I think a parrot will be cheaper!

          • It requires rewiring the entire car – if there is no Bluetooth module pre-fitted in the factory, the cables from the steering wheel controls are missing. True story. Makes one wonder who prepared the specifications for that in GM’s times.

            PS. Parrot user here, works rather well, but the sound quality in MP3 mode is ultra-crap. Plus having to explain why I have to use when I have the telephone-marked buttons on my steering wheel is quite a downer.

          • There is no wiring required for the steeringwheel buttons. The button signal is a bus signal provided by the steeringcolumn integrated module.

      • do you mean that it should be in the standard equipment ?


  6. nice one ! and with the Hirsch stuff you mention it will be great ! No bluetooth = fail. Hopely some Parrot thing will be compatible.

  7. Parrot is much better. If you have an iPhone or phone with mp3, buy a parrot Mki9200. Fantastic bit of kit.

    • The kit might be fantastic, but the iPhone is crapola. I think it’s the only phone that continues to use its own antenna when in-car, the reception is awful and it randomly “forgets” the Parrot and suddenly I’ve got a call on handset mode with the handset down under the ashtray.

  8. There is a company in UK selling Parrot with interface box so you can use steering wheel buttons.

    • I saw that, too. If I find out how/if that works for the 9-3 I’ll surely post about it…

    • that’s something I for sure would be interested in !
      About the Mki9200: it’s just an extra device in my car. I like to hook up my phone with music directly to the infotainment system using the AUX input.

  9. I’m going to order one very soon. It’s an easy installation as long as you have TEL1 connector installed. I’ll keep you posted.

  10. i just bought a 1,8t biopower and i love it!!!