Salaries have been paid

August 4, 2011 in News

Saab released the money for salaries this afternoon. For all employees who use the bank SEB, they were paid at around 1700 Central European Time today. For employees using any other bank it might take up to 24 hours before they will receive their money.

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  1. I am very happy … a little peace of mind for those employees that were still waiting …. it seems the light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer

    Griffin Up !!!

  2. Hot Dang!


  3. Good news ! More to come soon ? Hope so.

    • in about one hour! =)

      EDITED: The news regards SU!

      • Is this going to be and hour on planet Earth or its equivalent on the planet Venus (about 10 days)?

        • What exactly do you gain by allways making this kind of comments? What does it take for you to just accept the words written or just feel the joy of something
          good happening?
          I do like SU for the info given to me, in “a timly maner”. Your comments (when like this one) really make SU a bit less joyful. And I just can not figure out why? Hopfully it gicea you some kind of satisfaction…

          • Because there is nothing to be gained by TimR making statements like that, yes he may well be much closer to the action than any of us but it would be best if he informed us of things when he feels the time is right or more to the point when he has been told the time is right. Lets hope he is right about the time this time!

          • I have to say I agree with Grumpy – I am sure Tim means well it does feel like we re being patronised by an all-knowing parent.

          • I might be stupid, but my guess is that TimR publish when he feels it is relevant. It might also happend stuff between publish and the antisipated event. My take on it is still that SU only publish when there is some substance, a very different thing compered to other media.
            If SU publish what other media writes, it is very easy to see, and to choose to believ or not.
            I will not comment more on this, I’m done.

      • TimR…. too much for the day …. can’t we move the news to tomorrow? :)

    • I’ll keep my fingers crossed, my toes, my arms and of also: My legs.

      • TimR August 4, 2011 at 19:47

        in about one hour! =)

        You said that before you flew off to Cyprus and you are back!! 😉

        • I’m sorry about posting it like that… I the good news was for SU… that we are shipping “our” parts to all “our” customers!… its in the post I just made on-line a little while ago…

          We’re doing our best to keep this place a fun place to visit even though we are sort of hammered by bad stuff coming our way all the time. We will try to keep everything as much as possible on the good side and report fun stuff.

          I think what is important about SU compared to other media are the details we give and that we have a much better connection with Saab, the things happening around Saab as well with the people that work there. The details in the post above are exclusive to SU and can not be found anywhere else, even though its not a super important thing, it is nice to know for all the people who work at Saab and who visit this site every day!

  4. Who said it’s going to be a bad day 😉

  5. Great News, here we go…
    :-) :-) 😉

  6. So, one wish fulfilled, three wishes left: (1) a big invester (2) restart of production and (3) boost in sales

  7. Great news! There is light at the end of the tunnel, even though it seems to be a very long tunnel. It will be very nice to hear the next good news expected in about 35 minutes (hope you’re right TimR). 😀

    • too much, too much …. let’s move the good news to tomorrow … a little bit per day, please…. :)

  8. So around 15.00 New York time then?

  9. Good!! Now its time to start the factory!

  10. I tried desperately to find the animated Kermit the Frog gif where he was going nuts but couldnt find it. Use your imaginations folks. This is fab news.

  11. .
    All off to Mcdonald’s to celebrate then………

  12. Is this good news that GEM have dumped their 10% share back into the market place, which then have been bought by Antonov, so now he owns the 10% of the company?

    Because if that is the good news there is no need to be coy, its all over

    • I would imagine that he owned a little bit more.
      And I can see that the good news from TimR was regarding SU.

      Regarding good news about Saab, it looks like things are pulling together for a solution.
      Still only on rumor level, but these are independent rumors. If one could call a rumor independent 😉

      I am still hearing whispers in the wind. That’s OK by me for now :-)

    • Antonov is not allowed to hold/buy any stock so that is not an option.

      Every shareholder with more than 5% has to be approved by the EIB & the rest.

      • Then let me re-phrase my comment:

        I would imagine that he has interests and associations with different investors each holding less than 5% but in total a little bit more than 10%


  13. I terrible few days on the markets. This could make things a lot harder for SAAB to find new capital. The Chinese deal is the only hope and I expect chances of restarting production without a major investor in Aug are pretty slim. Only the Antonov angle can make this happen.