OctoberFest: Eastern Convoy Stockholm-Trollhättan

The eastern convoy starting in Stockholm from Saab dealer Svenska Bil in Kista/Akalla

12:00 AM the convoy rolls towards Trollhättan. Hope is that Svenska Bil offers conveyers a cup of coffee.

Led by 3 SUHRT Rally 99 Turbos, first one with flashing amber light on the roof!

E 18 towards Oslo
In Örebro take E20 towards Göteborg
In Götene take Road 44 towards Trollhättan

Stops and approximate times:
Start Kista/Akalla Svenska Bil 12:00 AM
1. 13:00 Enköping @ MacDonalds east exit Enköping
2. 13:30 Västerås IKEA west exit
3. 14:30 Örebro MapTun 30 minute Coffee Break and Shopping Saab stuff right from MapTun warehouse, leaving 15:00

4. 16:30 Mariestad @ MacDonalds west exit
5. 17:00 Götene @ Preem road 44
6. 17:30 Lidköping @ The Bandy Stadium Villa Arena
7. 18:30 Trollhättan arrival at Saab Car Museum.


Peter Gilbert
5 years 9 days ago

I can just imagine all the SAABs rolling in from Stockholm stopping at the Viggen Park on 44 near Lidköping. I remember us all stopping there on the way back from a day at the race track at Kinnekulle during the 60th Anniversary in June 2007.

Have fun!

5 years 8 days ago

Peter – excuse me, but where is Viggen Park “near Lidköping”?
Do you mean Grästorp Rastplats?

We will meet anyhow… 😉