Spare seat to October Fest

Is there anyone in Euro land who wants to go to Trollhattan but can not get a ride next weekend?

My great friend sadly can not be with me now as his Aero was damaged and it will cost him a few pennies to fix.
So I have a spare seat if there is anyone interested in joining me and are happy to share with a small part of the travel costs.

I will confess to only knowing English so woud request that you can talk it too.

If anyone is interested please email me at [email protected].


5 years 4 days ago

That is so cool of you to offer a seat to the community that is Saab and Saabs United. How many other groups put an offer like this out to people that are strangers, yet not strangers because we share of love of Saabs. Good on you to want to fill that spot and get one more person out there to celebrate. Cheers.