SoundRacer Saab 9-5 supports Gumball 3000

Went to the Stockholm International Engineering and Technology Fair today. Among miniaturized submarines and crypto cellphones I med the CEO of SoundRacer Kenneth Palmestål, who is by the way from Trollhättan. His company has sold close to 100000 SoundRacers around the globe. Its a little device You plug into the 12V outlet in the car and hook up via FM or Mini DIN stereo plug. Once connected one have a choice of different engine sounds.

From SoundRacer ´s website

My interview with Kenneth today

Kenneth who loves the way the new Saab 9-5 drives striped his car and went to the start of The Gumball 3000 and gave all participants a SoundRacer. He drove his 9-5 from Sweden to London to promote his stuff. His 9-5 looks fantastic!

Kenneth´s video at the Gumball 3000 in London

17 thoughts on “SoundRacer Saab 9-5 supports Gumball 3000

  1. The V-12 sounds so different from the V-8. The V-12 reminds me of my 3-cylinder 96 going flat out on the M1 and remember 12 can be divided by 3. The V-8 sounds more beefy.

    I watched the video on real You Tube and saw all the links to other cars I really like the Koenigsegg CCX for a sound for this system. Great stuff because you can turn it on, on demand, which you cannot do with a set exhaust system.

    • It is not for all the time but just when one feels like it like driving on fun roads. My Viggen has a BSR exhaust which is actually more silent than the original. But sometimes sound like this would be awesome like when I drove from Durango to Montrose, Colorado in 1 hr 54 min over the 10,000 ft+ mountains with no radio reception!

  2. Did you ask him if he had delivered the built-in Soundracer kind-of device on the new M5?

    Too bad you can’t update the sounds on the M5, as it would have been fun to get some 2stroke sound for that car.


  3. I have one of these, the V8 version, sadley it only leaves tick over if I go over 1600 revs, so quite often when i do play with it, thats all I get, but its a great iplayer extension.

    • I remember seeing a short clip of Gerhard Berger showing the then new Ferrari F50. That car definately sounded like an angry three cylinder two-stroke.

    • Personally I don.t listen to music and I listen to Talk Radio, but remember the AM on a Viggen Radio is practically non-existent, especially in Colorado let alone Wisconsin! I also participate in motor sports so there is a niche for this. If you don’t like it you won’t hear it anyway unlike a Harley with “Pipes!”

  4. If you listened to the interview (it was in English), SoundRacer’s CEO mentioned developing several iconic Saab engine sounds (two stroke and 99 Turbo to mention a couple).

    I can see the fun factor here. I have a CD of racing and high-end engine sounds and I’ve played them in the Saab. This product actually correlates the sound to the engine rpm to make more of a connection to the actual driving experience. In the last couple of weeks I was test driving several cars that make for good to great track cars on a very technical track with lots of acceleration and braking. The real sound was incredible and invigorating. Hearing that sound under more normal on-the-road driving conditions can bring back happy memories!

    After saying all that, I bet there will eventually be an IQon app for that!

  5. I cant imagine there is a single saab-fan who will not want this thing when it sounds like a 2-stroke. Cant wait giving this as a birthday/x-mas gift to my relative that strayed away from his life long history of Saabs for a butt ugly boring peguot. It would be the perfect gift to both Saablovers as well as those that believe that Victor Muller is a crook and a compulsive liar.

  6. Tesla should include a SoundRacer with every car it sells. However, I wonder if there’s a way to sync the sounds with a Tesla, particularly since there are no gear shifts.

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