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SAAB Dealer’s Grand Re-openning

November 13, 2011 in News

This letter came from our dear friend Peter Gilbert

On Thursday November 10, 2011 Concours Motors held their Grand Reopening Celebration. After remodeling the dealership all summer Concours, in Glendale, Wisconsin held a very special reception in their new showroom. This is the same dealership where Jay Spenchian presented me with the 9-5 in 2007. This time the adjacent showrooms were displayed in all their new glory.

The reception started at 4 pm as guests entered to view the very clean contemporary architecture and decor. Several marques each were displayed in their respective show rooms like Porsche, VW, Mercedes. Then Mazda shares with SAAB. Their BMW franchise is in a separate facility. The food was absolutely delicious and catered by Sazz’s. There were delectable German hors d’oeuvres: Like sausage strudel, braised julienned fennel with sweet peppers; Trollhättan pancakes with lingon berry compote; sushi; but my favorites were the Swedish delicacies consisting of smoked salmon on a scalloped roast potatoes, craw-fish pâte nestled on carved thick cucumber slices. Finally the best Swedish Meat Balls I have ever tasted anywhere.

The decor is very crisp and clean, very Scandinavian, German or Japanese, for that matter a great blend of ideas. This is a great dealership with wonderful service and staff and I really enjoyed mingling with customers talkie about my adventures with SAAB. The have with the helped so much with the assistance of Anders Hjertstedt, in Sales who not only supplied the photos but arranged for the SAABs in the Memorial Day and recent Veterans Day Parades which I was able to drive for our Veterans so they could be riding with honor.

It was a pleasure meeting Steve Keyes, Director of SAABs Western Region Sales, who came specially to be at the event.

The highlight of the evening was for me another SAAB milestone when at the end of the event, Cedric and Jackie Reed took deliver of their 15th Saab since 1985. That has to be a record. They bought the last 9-4X on the lot and it was next to a 9-5. In the picture you will see the huge difference in body size but like Dr who and his Tardis the interior debate will continue.

Here is a link to the dealership:

12 responses to SAAB Dealer’s Grand Re-openning

  1. It is so special to read something positive for once. I hope to attend many more functions like this.

    • Sorry, but 15 Saabs since 1985 is not a record. I purchased 22 new Saabs between 1975 and 1997 (1 per year for 22 years). I have gone on to buy more but not as frequently as the period cited. Showing your loyalty to Saab in that manner is good because it puts more Saabs on the road in attracting new cudtomers.

  2. They made a great choice! Nice 9-4x.

    Tim: Is there a side to side comparison picture between the 9-5, 9-4x, and OG 9-5 anywhere?

  3. Yes, the 9-4x is nice, but the 9-5 in white is so lovely.

  4. 9-4x does look amazing. I had been holding out for one since the concept was shown in ’08. I’ve been waiting for this Saab situation to get settled and it has just taken too long I am now taking my money and buying another crossover next week. So sad. I hope SAAB gets on stable ground and make my next crossover purchase a next-gen 94x. For now, I’ll continue to love my 9-3 aero.

    • I gave up but in the other way, we bought a new 9-4x (3.0i XWD in birch white with the sunroof and power package) several weeks ago because I was sick of waiting and worrying. It was the right price with the right equipment and frankly was the best choice amongst the crossovers in its price range. We love the car. If the Saab situation works out (which I pray it does) all will be well, if it does not then I still have the privilege of driving a car I love from a company I have always loved and had faith in. When I was 17 years old the structure and soundness of a Saab saved me, the cars have always provided pleasure, and I did not feel like allowing the negative news to sway a decision that was right. If the residuals are lower at trade in so be it. I have faith that Saab will survive and eventually prosper, I am rooting for the underdog to nip the pitbull in the nads. My cross shopping list was as follows (Honda Pilot, Toyota Highlander (which it replaced,) Volvo XC60, Ford Edge, Nissan Murano) At $36,000 the 9-4 offered so much more, and even at list price ($39,000) it still was the best bet when compared to the others.

  5. This is certainly surreal… Saab may be history by the end of this week, and this dealer invests in a restoration and grand reopening. Wow, hope he knows something we don’t! lol

    • Yeah, Saab wouldn’t have any more free cars to give him. They might be able to squeak one through yet to reward the restoration. The rest of us paying blokes would be out.

    • Quijote –
      As a representative of Concours Motors, I just wanted clarify for you (and the other blog-readers) that the restoration we completed at our dealership was done for all our brands, not just Saab. Simply put, our dealership was outdated and was requiring a makeover on all fronts. The timeline of Saab’s future had no effect on the plans for our facility. Additionally, the Grand Opening event that we held last Thursday was not only for Saab customers, but also for customers of Mazda and Volkswagen. We just happened to coordinate the celebration of our building’s completion for those three brands together.
      You can check out photos of our building “before”, as well as photos taken during the year-long construction process, and photos of the completed building on our Facebook page.
      Katie Farchmin
      Business Development Manager @ Concours Motors

      • Quijote,

        My piece was implicit that the new remodeling was for all the mentioned marques and that was the reason we had all those different ethnic foods. We are all exhausted from the “situation” and understandably suffering from fatigue!

  6. Peter: Look resplendent! You’re always ‘American Casual’ at the SOC events (given summer heat– especially the last two).

    [Enough beating ’round : Where did you get that tie? :) ]

  7. That is my “Car” tie which I purchased at the accessory stand at the Chicago Auto show last February. It is a Steven Harris and I also wore it while working the SAAB stand at the Milwaukee Auto Show. The cars are actually Porsches but th cartoon-like red 928 looks just like a cartoon Viggen!

    I hope to ware it at many future SAAB events.