Saab scale models!

November 17, 2011 in Saabology

On Saablog-in, we found this great story about a person who really cares about Saab’s and scale models:

Griffin Models started as a natural continuation of a hobby, a passion. For over 20 years I was collecting my own collection of Saab models in scale 1:43. At one moment I noticed that there are too many missing models in the collection, not because I have not found them, but because they have never been produced. It turned out that many of the outstanding cars throughout the Saab history have not been noticed by the scale models manufacturers. This is why I decided it is my duty to find a way to make the missing scale models. Thus, from a collector I became a manufacturer.

We are proud to say that our scale models are not a copy of other models. Everything you are seeing has been made from scratch. Every single detail is carefully designed so that it fits the requirements for joining the parts and for other technological processes. The process of creating the scale models especially in white metal is very long and complicated, but soon it will be presented under a special section of the web site. We hope you will find it interesting!

Take a look at

20 responses to Saab scale models!

  1. “We hope you will find it interesting!” -Oh, yes! Looking forward for the release!

  2. Very cool! I will be ordering at least one 😉

  3. .
    Superb,…every 900 owner will want one of these.

    Sir [to the maker], thank you for the foresight & your Tenacity.

  4. By the way: will you guys be also producing late model Saabs (2000 – 2011) as well?

  5. VERY cool.

  6. Wonderful!! –
    I look forward to see more, – and to have one (or more) of these beautiful models in my collection!

  7. The one with the flared guards looks like the limited edition Saab 900 Enduro sold only in Australia:

  8. I also hope for the late models to come available :-)
    Especially the 2008 facelift convertible :-)
    I want to give it a lynx yellow body paint! :-)

  9. Interesting!? That is the very sort of person I admire most of all!

  10. And might I point out, it is great to see that somebody has a Saab production line rolling!

  11. I showed my wife what I’d like for Christmas – a 900T 5 door!