Swedish King impressed by Victor Muller

November 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

During the yearly moose hunt outside Trollhättan which the Swedish king always attends, he took the time to express his feelings about Saab CEO Victor Muller.

– I can not understand how a man has the energy to go through all this and constantly find new sollutions. I think it is very impressive.

He also hopes the deal with the chinese goes through.

It is worth to mention that the King has been a Saab driver all his life

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  1. The king has been a Saab driver ? That’s awesome. Are there any recent models driven by the Royal Family ?

  2. Well, he is after all, entitled to the best.

  3. It’s nice to hear it. I didn’t know that the King drove the Saabs. Even if the Saab is a “a king on the road” :)

  4. I’m impressed……Words – mere words.

    It would have been better if the King would have exerted his influence is disinterested, passive, and often misinformed government (see interviews).

    This is one of the points in this whole story that makes me angry and astonished: the lack of interest of the Swedish government to accompany the theme Saab with seriousness and interest.

    • the King would have exerted his influence

      Who is to say he didn’t? He could never have done so publically, but the press doesn’t know everything, do they. :roll:

    • You are absolutely right – but wrong…

      In Sweden, a Kings word is nothing today – especially in the house of the Government!!
      There are a lot of people who would like to get rid of the Royalties, sell out all historical
      castles and everything (knows this sounds strange for a lot of people in other parts of
      the world).

      But the Royal Family are very engaged in PR for our country though,
      too often miscredited by the swedish press (as every one these days).
      And they have done a great job so far. This comment from the King will be turned and
      twisted back and forth in media, I guess. All for the worst :-(

      You are right about one thing: “the lack of interest of the Swedish government to accompany the theme Saab with seriousness and interest.” Yeah… what country are you from? Can I move there instead ? 😉

      • We have for many years in Germany no longer a king, but we still fight for the economic interests of our country–;))

  5. Is he perhaps an anonymous SU visitor also? :)

    Anyway, a +1 from me.

  6. I thought the royal family drove Volvos. I’m pretty sure that they do, to lazy to google up any proof at the moment.

  7. And the princess Victoria is also driven in a Saab. I think it’s a 9-5 NG :)

  8. The cars of the King:


    Porsche 911 Targa, -73. blå. Klassisk; det var i den som Silvia Sommerlath fotograferades första gången, på en mack på Öland. Köptes och renoverades av kungens kompisar till hans 50-årsdag. Pris: 200 000 kronor.

    Porsche 911 Carrera, -87, ljusblå. Prins Bertils gamla Porsche, som mest körs av Carl Philip. Har registrerings-skylten NAPPE, familjens smeknamn på prins Bertil.

    Porsche GT3, gul. Kungen anklagades för att ha susat fram i 160 på väg hem från racerbanan i Karlskoga, april 2004. Silvia: “Jag kan intyga att han inte körde 160.” Men hovet erkände att kungen “känt sig förföljd” och kanske kört cirka 130.

    Volvo PV -46, blå. Fick kungen i 50-årspresent.

    Pontiac GTO, -66, röd. Körde kungen när Victoria tog studenten. Året efter fick bilen åtta anmärkningar och hot om körförbud vid besiktningen.

    De Tomaso Pantera, -71, ljusgrå. En extrem sportbil, gjord av en argentinsk invandrare till Italien. Märket lever vidare, genom att sonen de Tomaso tagit över och försöker utveckla nya modeller.

    Ford Mustang Shelby, -66. Köpt av vännen och billegendaren Caroll Shelby, vars svenska hustru Lena tragiskt dödades i en bilolycka. Privata vänner till kungafamiljen.

    Ferrari 456 MGT, -99, mörkblå. Kungen köpte först en ljusblå 456-a av 1997 års modell. Men Ferrari tyckte att det var pinsamt att svenske kungen åkte i en gammal modell, så när den nya uppsnofsade modellen kom erbjöd man hovet ett diskret byte.

    AC Cobra 289 Sports, -66, blå. Byggs först i England, där chassi och kaross sätts på plats, men skeppas sedan till Los Angeles, där motor (Ford V8) och växellåda monteras av den legendariske bilbyggaren Carroll

    Shelby. Värd en miljon kronor, minst.


  9. “It is worth to mention that the King has been a Saab driver all his life”

    Don’t bee too excited guys. He likes SAAB of course, as well as he likes Volvo, but he drives lot’s of cars, like Porche etc. Last time I visited Drottningholm, where he lives I saw him driving a BMW M3…

    But I really would like too see him driving a SAAB 9-5. At least there is a chance unlike the Swedish government who drives all other brands but SAAB… :(

    • At the G20 meeting i France a couple of days ago all presidents/prime ministers arrived in Renaults. If the meeting had been in Sweden they would have arrived in BMW… sad but true.

      • True. But I don’t know if there’s a company who could rebuild and armor SAAB cars, but at least there are armored Volvo:s. But that doesn’t stop the Swedish government to have SAAB as their private car.

        It was sad that the police cancelled their order for SAAB:s. That was more understandable, but now with the new Chinese, there might be a chance to see this:
        http://www.anaspecialbilar.com/Images/New_9-5_police_car.jpg 😛

      • Except the Germans always use A8 wherever they go, must be embassy cars. A8 seems to car of choice in Europe, not too flashy but safe and quick, lot like a 9-5 come to think of it!

  10. I have never seen the King driving a Saab. Where dis You guys get that from???

    Sweet story told to me some time ago the guy working at Saab Scania in Södertälje in the 70 ies when they developed the 99 Turbo engine. One day he was order to take the service Saab and help out a test Saab 99 Turbo that had stopped on the freeway. When he gets there to his big surprise the King and Dr. Wallenberg sits in the back seat talking. He fixes the car but the guys in the car has a meeting in Stockholm so he gets to drive the car to Grand Hotel. The King likes him and asks him to join in the lunch (somewhat late due to the breakdown) the lunch extends into the evening and very late night.

  11. King Carl is keen on racy models, no doubt about it.