Unexpected turnout…

November 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

In June, I was a very happy man when I rolled home in a 9-5 Vector Anniversary Sedan, with a 2,3t Biopower engine. That car is a real beauty.

BUT, back then I also saw the car of my dreams, a 9-5 Griffin Aero Sedan, Nocturne Blue, 2,3t BioPower Automatic with the same leather interior I have in my own Griffin that I bought in 2010. The color is my all time favorite and the car had everything that Saab and Hirsch has to offer including sun-roof, spoiler, dual exhaust, aluminum pedals, engine tuning, the big stereo navigation, rear spoiler, xenon lights etc etc etc… but it also had a price tag that was way above what I could afford on short notice at the time…

Well Saab’s situation has forced many dealerships to sell out their stock of used cars and today I paid a small visit to ANA in Trollhättan, my favorite dealership just to check out whats going on and I noticed that the car of my dreams was on sale,… The price was just too good to be true. Would the car of my dreams actually become mine?

One big hurdle remained, how to get the money fast enough to pay for it… Well, my parents in-law have been interested in buying a newer car so I called them up to see if they would be interested in buying the 9-5 Anniversary that I owned, which would enable me to buy the car offered by ANA. Well after a few hours I got a call, where they said that they would buy the car! I was really happy that they decided to buy it. It is truly a great car which I have enjoyed a lot and I’ve put in a lot of money into making it better and nicer, so I was happy for them to get a really nice car, but also very happy for myself to be able to buy my 2’nd Griffin, the car I couldn’t take my eyes off back in June… I must say that the visit to ANA had a very unexpected turnout =)

Right away I called up Richard Nilsson, the person at ANA I whom buy cars from, even though it was 22:00 in the evening he didn’t mind to hear the good news and so on friday afternoon the car of my dreams will finally be mine! =)

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  1. Fantastic !! Congratualtions Tim !! I do agree with you : the car is awesome . I love the angle 3/4 rear .I just hope you’ll remove the trail attach .

  2. this is a nice choise :)

  3. Fantastic, love it, well done Tim.
    I notice in the third picture up my own dream car……. The white wagon.

  4. GriffinAero :) That’s nice! Congratulations again to a big sucess

    But my absolute favourite Saabs are the Saab 900 Turbo 16 valve/Aero/Turbo S 1984-1993 and the NG900 Turbo Coupé/Italy Aero/Talladega 1996-1998

    And of course the new 9-3 and the 9-5 are my favourites 😉

  5. Very nice car, congratulations Tim! :) Since my family recently bought our first sedan, a 1999 9-5 SE, I have started to really like the sedan models and I am very jealous about your new car. I hope that I can afford one of those one day! 😉

    Oh, and our 9-5 sedan also has a decklid spoiler. It definitely makes the whole car look much better! 😀

  6. Congrats! Welcome to the owners club of Nocturne Blue 9-5 sedans 😉

    But one thing you should know, especially as owner of this blog: an Aero does not have a 2.3t engine. It’s a 2.3T!

    • Thank you very much! =) I just love the color!!!

      Well actually the 2,3 BioPower engine in the “Griffin Aero” version that Saab made in 2009 were the low-pressure turbo version and not the high-pressure version. It was only available for the first 6 months of the year-model, then the name changed to the Griffin Vector-Sport version…

      • But does it have the Mitsubishi turbo? Cause the 2.3T was also available as lpt with 220bhp (like mine used to be), as long as it had the TD04 in it. I can’t imagine the Aero with a Garrett to be honest.

        And indeed, it’s a great colour. It’s very grateful to give it a proper wash and wax. When dirty it quickly turns grey and a bit matte, but with a bit of wax the shine is so deep!

  7. This is great because it is nice to see blue but I was not aware that there were the old generation 9-5s left. I love mine as it is so practical and fast.

  8. Grattis Tim! Klart du ska ha en Griffin:D

  9. Congratulations to a great car!! Good to know that your “old” one stays in the family! I’m very happy with my NG 9-5 Aero Biopower -11, owned it for just 3 months now. I owned a 9-5 SC 2.0 Biopower -08 before my new one and I just loved it, but I got the opportunity of buying a NG 9-5 at a price I couldn’t resist so …. my -08 had to go :-( But I know it’s in good hands now! :-) Drive safely Tim and Griffin Up!!!

  10. Yessss! A good-news story. Very pleased for you TimR. I can vouch for the fact that all the cool Saabs are Nocturne Blue 😉

  11. Great; a true ‘aviator’s car’ 😉
    Fantastic color indeed…

  12. As you can see by my photo. This version of the 9-5 is my all time favourite! I have a 2006 9-5 2.3T, (with decklid spoiler-a must). It has been by far the very best SAAB I have ever owned. Solid like a rock and smooth with lots of turbo power on the highway. I really don’t think I could ever part with it at any price. I drive 50 miles a day for work and this car truly makes driving a pleasure! Enjoy Tim your latest SAAB!

    Thank you for everything you do for all of us!

  13. Great car! Congrats, Tim.

    On a different, more frustrating note… the 2011 Saab 9-5 has been downrated into oblivion by Consumer Reports in a recent comparo… Dammit. A lo of people trust CR, and while I’m not one of them, this could slow the already dismal sales of the 9-5 in the U.S.

  14. Love the 9-5 Tim, way to get their sale started.

  15. Congrats!
    Now it only needs to have those nasty looking cromerings around the headlights, painted in the blue colour!
    I once saw a pic of a black German 9-5, which had that done. Man, it looked mean…


  16. Congratulations, Tim, with the purchase of this beauty.
    That also your parents-in law are happy with your deal is what you can call a real: “win-win”.

  17. I know the feeling of finding that special car of your dreams… Congratulations, feeling happy for you! :)

    What percentage of discount are we talking about by the way? I mean, is it worth it to go all the way to Trollhättan when it’s time to find my next dream car? :)

  18. You deserve it Tim, excited for you!

  19. Congratulations to a wonderful car in my favorite color, but you must polish up the exhausts.

  20. Tim, you lucky basxxrd !!!! :) :) :)
    Congratulations ……
    Griffin UP !!!!