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Website policy update…

November 27, 2011 in SaabsUnited Related

We have made a slight update of the Comments policy, which is now known as the Website Policy. Please read! =) If you have any suggestions for alterations of this, please e-mail us!

The new website policy can be found in the menu listing “About” or click here

4 responses to Website policy update…

  1. :) SU is a very special place, we all need to police ourselves and keep it a place we want to come and visit.

  2. I agree, we should all police ourselves a little better. I would say that if you find yourself frustrated with another poster on a topic, leave the post, don’t get to a point where there is name calling, that was never a part of what Saabsunited was supposed to be.

  3. I noted the referenced SU Crew e-mail address used in the body of the policy is the “old” one.