Due to the escalated situation

December 10, 2011 in SaabsUnited Related

between the management at Saab and Lofalk, SaabsUnited will just as a few months ago when the politics surrounding Saab started to get out of hand, take a step back to observe rather than report on what is going on. We will continue to report on facts and about issues we find fun and beneficial for the Saab Community!

Too many people have made the comments section in their place to bash Victor Muller and anything coming out of Saab. We have decided that this is not the climate we wish to have here and in such deleted a large number of comments that we felt did not fit the topic nor the discussions going on. If you have nothing positive or constructive to contribute with in a nice way, then please don’t comment! We are feeling very sad that the great amount of work that we have put into research in the recent great articles about the Hirsch Supersport and MapTun did not receive the interest that we had hoped. We hope that this will change with future articles with the decision we have taken today.

When facts that we want to report on is revealed to us, we will report on it but most likely with the comments section closed, since the commenters most frequent on SU right now are destroying rather than contributing to the situation in the comments. For commenting on these stories we welcome you to our forum.

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