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Saab Museum now part of the Bankruptcy

December 20, 2011 in News

Tv4 West made a small interview with me about a week ago regarding the Saab Museum and today they’ve aired a piece of it where they are also asking the local politicians about saving the museum. What I basically said in the interview was that I feel is a big shame that such a piece of national treasure has not been safe-guarded by the politicians. They of course want to do what ever they can but they are unable to afford the aprox 5 million SEK per year which would be the cost of maintaining and running the museum. And placing such cost against the costs of running schools and hospitals of course the later is more important than a museum.


However, this does not stop them from looking at other options, perhaps a favorable non-profit lease of the facilities to a private entity. Right now though the Museum is in safe hands, the issue above was most urgent considering that the cars had been claimed by the enforcement agency, the museum and its collection is part of the bankruptcy dealings and will most likely be part of a potential sale to a new owner. So for now, we’re keeping calm and carrying on! =)

Here is a very nice video shot from the Muesum by Budd Shawn (2010 9-3xwd) from the US, it was shot last thursday.

SAAB Car Museum from Shawn Budd on Vimeo.

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  1. I said it in an old museum thread (and this comment was deleted):
    Other car fans (in this case VW bug and transporter) have made museums and sold a virtual cubic meter museum with some kind of certificate to fans and sponsors. Why couldn’t there been such a solution?

    • Right now we need to wait and see what the administrators decide upon, when the time is right I can assure you that we will do everything we can to save the museum, if its needed! But from what I’ve heard, we might not need to =)

    • This is what the Green Bay Packers did last week.They sold share certificates so the fans now have an interest in the team. I don’t know how much but they raised a few million dollars! This could be done easily between us.

  2. I´d buy all the cubicmeters that is needed for the Aero X….
    No. I´d rather have the museum stay intact. Hopefully, the counsil of Trollhattan together with the region, and other entreprenureals can find a way to finance the running costs of the museum.

    • +++++1 – absoltely!! SAAB has been extremely important for that region. Beside; it is one of the most important swedish products ever! The museum must live on as it is today!

      Oh my God, these are really dark and sad days. I am still crying! I still hope though for a life after death also for SAAB. Now might be the best time for someone out there to jumpstart the whole thing without influence from the &%¤##! GM (fingers crossed!)

      My best wishes go to all the SAAB employees and Victor Muller…………. and ourself.

      Merry Christmas everyone if possible………

      • And the Norwegian Baard Eker from Koenigsegg is still keeping an eye on SAAB:

        I guess you all can Google trans this. Very interesting!

        • Sorry VM, you have fought like a lion but I have to say this: Please, don’t sell SAAB to an enthusiastic gambler! SAAB need calm place to live in! Please sell it to Youngman or whoever with lots of money, will and knowledge to drive a big car company!

  3. Please someone; Don´t ever allow the Saab-museum to be splitt into parts!!!

  4. A non-profit lease will probably not happen as all such deals are banned.

  5. As enthusiasts we need to do something about this now – it would be terrible if this collection was split up and sold to collectors it is part of the Saab legacy and part of the story of Trollhattan… I think the buying a cubic metre idea is probaby the best way and maybe buy a brick to assist with the maintenance of the building. I hope that Peter Backstrom is reading these pages… Let the museum be saved by the Saab enthusiasts!

  6. this set of pictures and music was just amazing, great work!

    Why not “give” the museum to the Saab community, it has been an amazing spot to be at during Saab events in Trollhättan.

    no more typing from me, way too difficult since my fíngers are crossed and glued, there has to be a solution to this.

  7. I totally agree with you, Tim, that it’s an outrage that such a beautiful heritage isn’t “K-märkt”.

    The nonprofit lease idea sounds like it could work, if only the landlord agrees. I bet there are tons of people (enthusiasts) in Sweden (and other countries of course) that would be up for a week or just a few days holiday, coming to Th and work nonprofit at the museum, just to keep it floating.
    I certanly could see myself doing just that. =)

  8. Maybe a blasphemy but or me SAAB museum can disappear if SAAB cease to exist! Cars are to be driven and produced to be driven! To go to the SAAB museum after SAAB stopped would be heartbreaking!
    So I don’t mind if the cars from the museum ends up in good hands if SAAB continues to live!

    • I disagree. They most definitely belong together.
      A lot of the cars at the museum are by the way not for driving; prototypes and cut-through cars.

  9. bra sakt TIMR !

  10. I wouldn’t mind, either but the sad thing is sum total of cars in the museum is probably worth nowhere near enough to get SAAB going again. In the UK we have the National Heritage Motor Museum in Gaydon Warwickshire that houses cars from the Rover / British Leyland days it is a vital link to British motoring heritage as back then British people tended to buy British cars – no matter how bad they where! – They even have an Austin Allegro on display there! I feel it is therefore important to keep the Saab Museum as it is part of the rich tapestry of Trollhattan :-) Remember – cars like the URSAAB 92001 and the development vehicles are probably not worth very much in the eyes of the vultures but are priceless to the enthusiasts.

  11. The best way for Sweden to save the museum would have been to help save the Company.

  12. You can find photos about Saabs here too It’s a car museum in town called Uusikaupunki where Saabs were made too.

  13. It would be a shame to see the Museum items sold. Like being sold for parts.

  14. I always wanted to go to this museum. Sweden’s a long walk from New York though :( Perhaps it’ll be there in a few years and I’ll visit then. This whole thing makes me sad.

  15. All that talent, great design, innovation and quality lost. What a crime!

  16. The museum video brings on heartbreak that is almost unbearable. I feel like I want to wake up from a horrible dream. Is it really true?!

  17. I’ll share your optimism for now, Tim :) I hope the museum remains intact.

  18. In Summer 2010 on a bus from Gothenburg to Trollhattan, I met an american man with his son. The man had been in Switzerland and Denmark for meetings. He now made the trip extra to Trollhattan, because it was the “heart of Saab” and in order to visit the Saab Museum. The man was a proud owner of a Saab back in US.
    Hopefully somebody will understand the importance of keeping the Saab Museum intact and somehow raise money so buy it and let it remain in Trollhattan forever. It’s part of our history and heritage and will for sure be a very much visited place for years to come by people from all over the world. Promotion could f.ex. be done through this site apart from through the tourism board. Any wealthy Saab fan out there from any country willing to buy the Saab Museum making sure it remains in Trollhattan?
    Or maybe you could set up a bank account where Saab fans from all around the globe could send money to contribute to buying the Museum and let there be some “Saabsunited” fund with a board to run the organization and daily issues of the Saab Museum.
    The names of the Sponsors should for sure be listed in some printed list available to those interested. Surely the Saab Museum comes with a cost, but with so many Saab fans around the world who have shown the true Saab spirit, there ought to be a chance to raise the money needed. Then maybe retired volunteers living in the area could take turn to do volonteer work in the reception of the Museum to cash entrance fees etc.