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Taxes paid

December 13, 2011 in News reports that Saab has paid the taxes and fees, which is another step that needed to be done before the court decisison and is proof that things are moving.

Saab has now gotten rid of their debt applicable taxes and fees.

– They have paid their VAT now, says Margareta Ahrbergen, duty officer at the National Tax Board, said.

3 responses to Taxes paid

  1. Great news; legal obligation fulfilled.
    First definitive steps to a solution.

  2. I know this is a small post, but the lack of comments is surprising to me. This is almost the biggest news of the day. This shows the determination of Victor and Rachel to get things done, I will as Victor says “never, ever give up” as long as we have someone like Victor and Rachel working to find a solution. Good job to the both of them.

    • Jason,
      As I mentioned in the comments to “Victor: 3,4 million Euro received” they didn’t use the latest funds to pay the tax, as I understand it. It has been some small reports on this today here (as we all know Saab has to live in “glass house” nowadays); they cleared the tax for December with refunds on the VAT after they had reported latest VAT; thus there is a plus on the tax account, at the moment. That came handy.

      (Somehow they have missed earlier, before entering reconstruction, so there is a tax debt I think of around 24 MSEK, but there is no demand to pay that during reconstruction.)

      That said, good that things are moving.