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The Company Men

December 29, 2011 in Off-Topic

I just watched a movie that was truly inspiring and so in with what is going on in Trollhättan and with everyone losing their jobs. This movie is VERY good and with actors like Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones, Ben Affleck and Chris Cooper.

The movie tells the story about the shipyards in the US during the recession, lots of people losing their jobs. Its a very good reflection about how people react when becoming unemployed and what kind of sacrifices that people have to make, the change in lifestyle, taking up another job that is something completely different than before. Even personal sacrifice…

The best part is the end though, starting up new industry hiring back people and working with the same values that existed once the original company was started. I truly hope that Saab will survive this low or at least rise up based on the same values as when it was once created…

A really good movie that I highly recommend and as stated, it is a movie that really describes the situation the people in Trollhättan are going through right now!

2 responses to The Company Men

  1. On my ‘to see’ list now.

  2. I’ve seen the movie. Nice enough. I can remember others about hte same reason, all produced in crisis time. It looks like somebody in American authorities responsible for social policy ordered such movies to support simple people to keep positive mood in collapse atmosphere.Such movies give hope to everybody in difficulties.
    Everyone anytime is able to start again even from zero level just keep courage!