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2nd Saab Swiss Fondue Meeting, this weekend.

January 20, 2012 in News

Well done to Dimitri and Fred for organising the Fondue event again this year. The Saab count is over 60 cars including French, Swiss and Russian. We look forward to your report after the weekend. Have a great time.

this posted early Nevember
Just under a year ago Fred and Dimitri organised the 1st Swiss fondue meeting in their Hamlet, Le Côty, near Neuchâtel, in The Swiss Alps.
The event was very well attended and they have decided to do a second one. So over the weekend of the 21-22 January 2012 the “2nd Saab Swiss Fondue Meeting” will take place.

Saturday 21 January 2012 : from 11h. lunch-aperitif.
afternoon, activities according to the weather and to the snow
From 18 h. Aperitif followed by the meal cheese fondue Neuchâteloise,
Restaurant La Vieille Fontaine, Le Côty, CH-2058 Le Pâquier
Sunday 22 January 2012 : from 10 h. Brunch at the restaurant La
Vieille Fontaine
Costs per person : Saturday evening meal CHF. 35.–/€ 30.– , brunch CHF. 25.–/€ 20.–,
night in dormitory CHF. 15.–/€ 12.–,
Hotel CHF. 63.-/€ 53.- in double room

For Registrations and more information : & or email

Organisation : Dimitri Baumgartner and Frédéric Démaret, Le Côty,
CH-2054 Les Vieux-Prés, Switzerland

14 responses to 2nd Saab Swiss Fondue Meeting, this weekend.

  1. A fondue? I’m going to put this on my list for next year.

  2. fondue meet? we are so there! any hotel recommendation? we couldn’t find any from the links given.

  3. We are so there? Ooh, I bet you’re “studly”. That sounds so “studly” Capt. Capacitor! A few years ago I stayed at “Clos de Sadex”, a small hotel on the banks of Lake Geneva. I don’t think it’s far from Le Coty. Check and see if it’s still there.

  4. studly? i’m a lady who happens to be a geek. next time, don’t get fooled by usernames 🙂

    thanks for the recommendation.

  5. Thanks Robin for sharing.

    We already arrange a special price for an Hotel 10 km far away.

    Just tell us if You’re interested 🙂

    We also have more proposal, for information we are about 1 hour and half driving from Geneva, Zürich or Basel, 2 and a half from St-Gallen, 3 and a half from Ticino.

    All maps details here:

  6. Just a wonderful idea!

  7. I’ll be there with the family tomorrow 😀
    Stay tuned..

  8. Robin I guess that it’s not easy to find a fondue in Yeovil lol
    A fondue is made with 90% of cheese and 10% of white wine , kirsch & garlic .
    Then you plunge your piece of bread and enjoy .

    • Ah ha, I know,,,,,,,
      I have had the pleasure of eating there but in the summer time, lol.
      Also, if my memory is serving me right I had one with you while wearing a green jumper.

    • What? No meat?

      I’ve always wanted to try a good fondue though. Especially after reading “Asterix in the Alps”. I should have thought about this yesterday!

  9. I know some people who will enjoy that fondue at Swizz really gooooood…… the bastardzzzzzz

  10. It was such a nice event.