Installing two MapTun Sports Steering-wheels

January 21, 2012 in MapTun

Yesterday evening was a lot of fun, me and some friends had originally planned to meet up in Trollhättan today to work on our cars a bit but due to the risk of a big snowstorm we decided it might be better to get things done earlier. So yesterday afternoon I drove the 300 km to Trollhättan to do a job that would take at maximum 20 minutes. We were going to install the new MapTun steering-wheels into two 9-5’s.

The first one was a late christmas gift to my father and he was mighty impressed by it. Being a MapTun customer already with a tuning I decided that we might as well create a good tradition and put some more of their products into his car. My first impression of the steering-wheel is that this is something completely different to the original ones, for all of you who have driven the new 9-5 will right away recognize the thickness of the grip but also realize that this steering-wheel is a lot easier to grip than that of the new 9-5. I do concur with a previous review that it is a little big but that is not something that MapTun can influence since the size of the buttons and airbag sort of limits the modifications that one can achieve.

After having installed the first one, took about 7-8 minutes, I placed the original one next to the new one and wow, I’m so regretting that I didn’t take a photo of it, but the difference is huge! Mattias who also got one installed shortly after, described it as aggressive in a desecrate kind of way. It stands out and makes the cars interior have a brand new look, it looks updated and not as old as it used to. We didn’t wait long to take it out for a test drive and I got to go first.

My first reaction was the thickness of the leather, but thats a thing to get used to. Its very easy to grip and driving actually becomes easier! Another thing my father noticed was that it felt much warmer than the old one and also a lot softer and more comfortable. The biggest impression was going back to driving a car with the old original steering-wheel, even though I really love the original ones, thats when I realized that I really need to get one into all my cars.

MapTun Steering-wheel installed in a 9-5 from 2008

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  1. This one looks less extreme than the one mounted on the 9-3.

    I like it more.