MapTun’s new Sports Steering wheel arriving to customers

January 17, 2012 in MapTun

A couple of weeks ago SaabsUnited was honored with launching a brand new interior product from MapTun Performance. It is a sports steering wheel that they’ve developed.

It is a hand made steering wheel with a very good performance grip. The leather is off very nice and high quality. Ten people were able to buy them from SU and be the first ones to have it and now many of them have received their products.

Here is one, which is installed in a 9-3 which has some other MapTun goodies in it.

And this is what the buyer thought about the product:

I should say it has a better grip and comfort than standard steering wheel. The only weak point of this steering wheel, the hirsch and the OEM one is the size, all of them due the design of the audio controls and airbag module the size is the same. As you can see in the part you handle the steering it has a specific shape to make it easier and a little bit thiner and it’s superb, also the leather it’s better than the standard one, and mine was the Leather sport steering from the vector. The installation at the dealer was less than 20 minutes.

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  1. This looks nice, I remember these from the earlier post. I wonder if this is the Aussie 9-3 that we saw in a video where they talked about the differences after running the MapTuner. The owner of that car really liked the additional torque he got, and if I recall correctly, he saw a slight improvement in fuel economy too.

    Guys like MapTun and Hirsch do such great work. I feel for them, along with Saab employees during this time.

    Back to steering wheels, I just discovered Wheelskins covers, and I think I’m going to order one of their Europerf models for my 900 when it comes home from the body shop.

  2. Is not an “Aussie” Saab, it’s a Spanish one, :D. Well it’s a MY2003 vector 2.0t, now with Maptun Stage4, I put a thread on saabcentral with my previous tunes(abbott and Nordic) and the issues, and in the near future let’s say with Maptuns Stage4+, as I am gonna change the clutch and after talking with Maptun guys, they offer the option to tweak the ECU to adapt to the customer requirements. As the OEM clutch is quite weak the torque and power is limited to avoid damage to the car, 265bhp and 370NM ,not bad, but I want a little bit of more agressive response. Also I have the Aero suspension, Forge intercooler and AP racing brake kit. The steering it’s a superb option for all of the customer with the OEM steering with the MY2003-2006. I am really happy with the option.

    • Very nice!

    • edu,
      whenever I take a short brace at my parents house near barceloan you have to show me this monster. 😉

      • As you like!! as much as we can, with some friends of the Saab club we always meet in “petit commite” on weekends to enjoy a good breakfast!! usually in Vallromanes.


  3. Can you place this steeringwheel also in the 9-5 Sport Sedan (2007)?

  4. Always nice to see the old ‘push-button’ dash in the 9-3; looks so much more Saabish and aircraft-inspired than the newer (GM) dash….
    (it’s almost as nice as the old 9000 ‘cockpit’) 😉

  5. Lovely wheel, another thing to add to my must have list :-)

  6. Chaps,

    Where can I get hold of the Maptun wheel as I am having difficulty in locating one. Your thoughts would be appreciated?