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SU-Server: Scheduled Hardware upgrade

January 18, 2012 in SaabsUnited Related

Reminder: This last weekend of extreme amounts of data upload caused the RAM to fill up a bit on the server which made it really slow at times, so we decided to buy bigger and better memory cards. 16 GB of RAM will be added to the server and those will be installed at 21:30 Central European Time tomorrow tonight. During this time the server will probably be down for about 45-60 minutes. We’re also going to do some database updates while we’re at it.

With the new memory cards installed we anticipate that the days of server overload due to extreme amounts of visitors will be history. The server should easily be able to handle up to at least 150’000 visitors per day. During the bankruptcy days in december we peaked at up to 76’000 visitors several days in a row.

A third SU-Server is on the drawing board as well together with a new DNS server that will be acquired soon as well.

You should take this as a sign, that we expect the servers to be working hard again while we’re posting nice news about Saab! =)

26 responses to SU-Server: Scheduled Hardware upgrade

  1. Oh i really hope for exciting news mate πŸ˜€ Hope these will be very happy news :) Fingers crossed!

    But this is last chance for Saab now, and this time it’s more serious then earlier…

    Cheers Tim :)

  2. Thanks for all your work as usual : ), SU Team!

  3. Great news for the server , now great news for Saab and al will be OK :-)

  4. Never ever give up the hope about Saab like Till72 said earlier, remember that we are back to the same spot as 2 years ago, that it was close for Saab to be liquidated.

    Saab UP
    Griffin UP
    SU Crew UP
    VM UP

  5. Can’t wait! I really need good Saab
    news now ! Goodluck with the new server! Good work TimR and team! Thanks

  6. I really like the “You should take this as a sign…” closing. πŸ˜‰

  7. Nice to hear! When you add 16 GB of RAM, how much will it be in total? :)

  8. getting our hopes up Tim ?

  9. It’s really great what you of SAABsunited are doing!
    Thank you for verything!

  10. You should take this as a sign, that we expect the servers to be working hard again while we’re posting exiting news about Saab! =)



    Yeah but it IS RIGHT, we Saabers will get great news again, Saab WILL COME BACK

    Oh today can not go wrong anymore :-)

  11. GRIFFIN UP !!!!!!!!

  12. I really hope he means ‘exciting news…’ rather than ‘exiting news…’ !!!!!!!!!

  13. I will write this becuse all speculations with the “sign”.
    I just read at Reuters that YoungMan plans to add a big billion bid at Saab next week. I think itΒ΄s possible, something is going on behind the scenes right now and I am happy that something going forward.

    We will just wait and see.

  14. You might want to add good quality SSD to handle traffic spikes?

    • Don’t mix up RAM and HDD. With this amount of RAM data are still in high speed access and cached. Still with SSD you’re on a low speed bus compared to RAM bus speed.

  15. Hope that this good news also may concern the museum…

  16. Tim,

    The Site is certainly running much quicker. Well worth the extra money it’s cost SU….Well done.