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The last Saab is not yet built

January 3, 2012 in News

Today it was announced that some employees will return to Saab to build the cars still standing un-finished on the production line.

About 100 cars will be built and sold off. Cosidering the value of these cars we will do our best to track them!

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  1. Any 9-5 SC?

    • No, the SC was considered a prototype and it’s not road legal. So even if there are some SCs to be built, they can’t be registered.

      • One could conceivably purchase it disassembled, assemble it as a kit car and register it as an experimental.

        • Yep there is a way providing it meets certain standards-in the UK its known as Q registration and prototype/experimental vehicles can gain permanet registration under it. Maybe Sweden has a similar option?
          Either way those pre production cars were finished to reasonable standards and the SC was the nicest big Saab I have seen since the 9000CSE for a station wagon/Estate it was actually quite pretty.

      • Perhaps it could be registered as a homebult vehicle in Sweden?
        Just a thought for the enthusiast to check out.

  2. Yaaaaaaaaah ,,MY Appreciated for all of loyal Employees ,, with all respect for all people behind returning of SAAB :) ,,


  3. Yes!!!
    I want a 9-3 vert??.

  4. Finishing up the cars will probably look a bit like this:
    How about putting a 9-3/900 badge on the (first) post-bankruptcy 9-3’s to come out of THN?

  5. wow? any 9-3x xwd aut. there??

  6. Let them roll and dont stop!

  7. Not that the production and sale of these abt 100 cars would have made any differences for the pre bancrupcy SAAB, but I still wonder why they did not produce them and tried to sell them before the declaraton of bancrupcy?
    Still these are cars may havre great affectionate value in light of the potential demise of SAAB – as sad as this is from a general point of view and with the loss of the great tradition SAAB have carriedd – and that we all risk to loose all together.

    I really have no reason to believe that a company even remotely resembling the SAAB as we have known it, may arise out of the harness of bancrupcy and the red tape administred by GM, The NDO in Sweden, EIB loans and the recapitalization needed to get any viable business started again. But still I do hope, still I unrationally hope that someone will be able to put a salvage package together and get some form of business involving SAAB cars going again.
    Just dont ask me how or by whome!

    As a Swede it’s heartbreking and utterly sad to see this fine and traditional company facing oblivion – even if its not surprising or unexpected for a follower of the recent years events..

    • As an American with Italian ancestory—-know that I feel the same way you do. It’s not just the Swedes who have been let down. Many of the automotive enthusiasts in the U.S. are saddened by this and we look at General Motors as a demon, an embarassment. Note that I said “automotive” enthusiasts—-not limited to fans of Saab. All of us know that if Saab is lost, another strong choice goes away. Sweden deserved better—-I wish the Swedish government would have tried harder to influence the outcome. There is a spirit with Saab—-the employees, Muller, owners—–a spirit that is unusual in its intensity. I don’t even think Volvo has the same frenzied base of car nuts that Saab has. I hope the name is kept alive—-the dealership network—-and that production of SOME type of Saab can resume in the not too distant future. Right now, just keeping the name alive and cars rolling off assembly lines is paramount. Even if we’re not all pleased with how that goes—-at least Saab lives to fight another day. The model line can always change and improve—but if there’s no Saab, there’s no model line.

  8. Those 100 cars wouldn’t be the last SAABs coming out of the factory in THN. Keep the faith.

    • They definitely won’t be the last. My crystal ball doesn’t lie!

      • Look well after that crystal ball and keep us all informed about any positive Saab news you will see……

        • Looking into the crystal ball further, I saw this:

          Bloomberg August 15th 2017.

          “In what is seen as a last ditch effort to keep the company afloat, GM executives today announced that that they had been unsuccessful in licensing Saab’s new Phoenix II platform, that they were hoping would underpin a broad range of new GM models. A spokesman for the Saab Automobile Technology Group said “because of GM’s current financial state, it had been unable to guarantee that the company won’t be broken up and access to Saab’s IP couldn’t be secured against potential buyers. ” A similar eleventh hour deal with Volkswagen appears to have failed for the same reason.

          Lacklustre sales on most markets for several years left GM with minimal funds to develop new platforms it seems. It now appears almost certain that GM will be broken up and sold. GM Europe has already received a number of bids. The successful buyer is expected to net GM Australia as part of of the deal. Meanwhile today, GM has said that it can neither confirm or deny that an unnamed Vietnamese group has purchased a controlling interest in GM North America.”

          (Please don’t delete. It’s just a piece of satire to cheer people up, but then who knows?)

          • From The Office of The Warden
            January 3, 2012

            Due to media complaints the prison and institutional computers located in the library areas have been removed. If and when (though unlikely however), if the inmates can desist inane communications said computers will be returned.

            Please don’t delete, it cheers me up. :)

  9. I have mixed emotions with this, as I’m sure for the employees on the line that they too will shed a tear of joy as well as sadness on the completion of these cars.

  10. We wanted to order a 9-3 cabrio but that order was not accepted due to the production stop.
    Is there anyone who could tell us if this order could be successfully placed again, and how that should be done?

    • Maybe Gee Em will reconsider and get a hold of Saab again. They could resurrect the Saturn and stick a SAAB grill and emblem on.

      • If that is done I will drop my interest in ordering again.

      • Quite frankly Moody, I thought of this when GM was pulling the plugs on their various divisions. Seriously, if they would have folded Saturn into Saab—-they could have made a real go of this. But GM has no vision, none at all. Could you imagine the best cars from Saturn remade as Saabs? The Sky could have been the next Sonnet. The Opel Astra clone was perfect to be the next 9-2 or a 9-1. There were even sport utility vehicles that could have given Saab a compact SUV. Remember, Saab engineers and designers would have been able to do wonders with these cars—-nicer front ends, better interiors, better driving characteristics. They could have raised the price a few thousand and still done very well with Sales. It would have been a full line of Saabs for the first time—-all price points, all types of models. And there would have been some Saturn dealers in areas where Saab was never served, selling the new Saabs. But alas the idiots at GM have no clue of how to turn things around creatively—–they are only good at begging for taxpayer money to continue to produce crap.

        • That’s very good thinking, Angelo!

        • Saturn did indeed have a nice model lineup at the end, but it no longer had much to do with making them. They came from Mexico, the US, and Belgium. Foreign exchange issues doomed the very-nice Opel Astra, although the present kind of Euro volatility would probably have worked in its favor. As a joint enterprise, Saab might have added value to the Saturn offerings, but exactly how I’m not sure since Saturns were designed by other GM-owned affiliates. Saturn died when its prospective buyer (Penske) was unable to partner with an auto manufacturer. Given Saab’s lack of funds, there’s no way that company could have been Saab. Just as there was no way that Saab could remain part of a post-bankruptcy GM.

          From a marketing standpoint, I would have loved to see a Saturn/Saab alliance. Just can’t see how that could have come to be looking at it in business terms.

      • SAAB was hanging in there until Gee Em struck the decisive blow of producing the Saabaru and the Trollblazer. That sickened even dyed-in-the-wool Saabophiles such as myself.

        • Moody: Agreed—-but the fact remains that both the Saabaru and Trollblazer were better as Saabs than how they started. In the case of the Trollblazer—-it really was an amazing makeover in how the car looked and felt. I didn’t drive one, but Automobile Magazine commented that it handled and rode better than the other GM versions of it. Saab engineers were able to perform small miracles—-and I think they could have done a lot with the last Saturns.

          • We owned a 9-7X and bought it because it was a nicer SUV than any of the SUVs (Explorer, Envoy, etc) that we are on market at the time. Plus you didn’t see a ton of them on the roads … we’ve always liked that about our SAABs. It drove fine, got horrible gas mileage, the interior was exceptionally nice (again, compared to SUVs in its class), but the head room for tall drivers just wasn’t there. Ultimately, we got rid of it because of that … at 76 inches, my head just brushed the ceiling sitting straight up.

  11. Slightly OT but does anybody know what has happened to Saab City’s stock in the UK?

  12. Too bad my family can’t afford a second car now due to the crazy taxes in my country. We have only one car now, an 06 9-3 linear, which I am going to buy from my dad once I completed my studies in a few years time.

  13. I hope with all of my heart that SAAB gets up on track again and………..

    for GM…… black numbers….. black numbers…

  14. build me a new 9-5 combi please and i’ll buy one :)

  15. Those certainly will be special cars. For a company that is supposedly ‘dead’ there sure continues to be a lot of activity and support. Let’s all keep the effort alive.

  16. 9-4x OWNERS:

    Please PM me regarding what warranty issues you’ve had in your short time of ownership. Anything you anticipate? What trim model do you have? Thanks for your time on this – obviously we’re considering one but we’re mindful of the risk of the no warranty vehicle. I already have a 2010 9-5 that just lost three years of warranty.



    • got a 9-4x awd 3.0i about a month ago, 1200 miles later, no problems, fantastic car!

    • We own a 2010 NG 9-5 Aero and a 2011 9-4X Premium AWD. We bought the 4X on Aug 31 and are now at 8K miles with nary a warranty issue. We’re hopeful these last 2K miles take a few months to accumulate with the dream of our free 10K service coming back. 😉 No regrets on either purchase.

    • We have bout 7000 miles on our 9-4x without an issue. We love this car. It feels like an AWD version of my old 9000. (3.0i XWD)

  17. Good to hear. Does anyone know how to determine the actual date a particular car was finished being assembled. My NG 2011 Aero says Dec 10 on the sticker inside the door frame, although I assume this is December 2010. Any way to find the actual day?

  18. The cars couldn’t be finished because of missing parts. Now they can be finished? Or do they miss some parts (alternator, ac compressor,…) which can be bought on the market to finish them?

  19. Just want to see SAAB factory gets busy again ……..

    And all employees know next day they will come to work into factory again×640.jpg

  20. These should be designated as 2012 model year Saabs! However, maybe it is simpler from a government regulations standpoint to call them 2011 Saabs.

    Maybe call them the 2012 Special Editions? Someone could make a rubber stamp and stamp the owner’s manual of those 100 cars.

  21. Baver:
    What is the ladt 8 digits of your VIN.
    I can see from that roughly when it was built….
    Photographic memory!

  22. Derek… there are C chassis (2012) cars out there already.
    Depends on the specification/emissions equipment.

  23. I red about this in TTela yesterday, and I think it is positive news for Saab. Many residents here in Trollhättan are still optimistic , even I hope this will turn good for Saab Automobile AB and everyone who worked there. I read only that 42 engineers from Saab Automobile AB left – to Volvo Personvagnar AB in Göteborg. 42! The rest is still waiting! Isn’t that patrotic or not?!

    I myself have many friends who worked there and every single one of them is optimistic! I only hope that whoever buys Saab Automobile AB will buy entire company instead of chop it in pieces – and of course that the factory will stay here in Trollhättan, Sweden.

  24. The Receivers clearly think that starting the line again in the most modest fashion can only be good from all perspectives. They have already said that they believe they can do best for the creditors by selling Saab as a going concern, which is obviously the case. OK, so start up the line again to demonstrate clearly that it can be made a going concern again. That will cheer everyone up and actually yield some positive cash flow from selling a few new cars. Good decision!

  25. Hopefully there can be 100 GM cars set afire to celebrate this happy occasion!

  26. These (hopefully not) last cars should be done as a special edition. And I have an idea what the name should be.There was a special series of the classic 900 called ‘Commemorative Edition’ in the last year of production. They were numbered with a small brass plate by the gear stick. I think this name would be appropriate for these cars as well. I think the 900 is the car most people will think of if you ask them how a Saab looked. So the name will be a tribute to the true Saab spirit if you will, plus the text says all about the history these last cars. Maybe time has ran out for brass plates, but some sort of decal could be made. The original CE cars was all fully loaded Aero/SPG cars, but these would probably end out with the equipment originally intended. Someone (hello Tim) could pass the idea, or we could have someone at the gates in Trollhattan ready to slap the stickers on as the car leaves.

  27. Changing the subject slightly…please please please keep the car museum intact. :)

  28. According to Brightweel holding say that they are very serious:–gm-kommer-att-valkomna-detta-

  29. Looks like it won’t happen after all….. :(