Update II: Museum cars; scrutineering available

From one of my recent scrueineering jobs in the Saab Car Museum. Used this picture of the 99 Turbo rally to replicate its rear axle, Porsche brakes, exhaust system etc.

Early this morning I spoke to the lawyer at Delphi who is working with the Museum issue.
He told me quite frankly that it is all about selling the Museum cars for as much as possible. That is the duty of the lawyers in this bankruptcy situation. Nothing specific information was given he referred to the documents on their website. I finished the conversation with a gut feeling that they are desperately working on getting things sold.

If anyone here on SaabsUnited is interested in any of the cars in the museum and can not make it over to Sweden by friday noon. I can for sure help out if You want to have any objects scrutineered, I can check the car out, take additional photos etc. Guess I will have to take a vacation day etc. and charge a fee. But what is SaabsUnited all about well to unite the Saab world.

Please read my post from yesterday about the museum cars. http://saabsunited.saabklubben.se/2012/01/the-important-thread-on-cars-of-the-saab-museum.html
Today the lawyers have posted pictures and rules of the sale on their webpage. http://www.delphi.se/filearchive/5/5935/Bilder_pictures%20Saab%20Car%20Museum%202012-01-15.pdf

How to bid document here: http://www.delphi.se/filearchive/5/5926/120113-PM%20anbudsgivare%20saabmuseet.pdf

The cars can be looked at after setting an appointment with ex. curator Mr. Bäckström. Bid must be in at the latest this friday at noon.

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  1. Someone else may have brought this up before me, so if so, ignore. Does anyone know why the lawyers are selling off the museum cars ahead of taking bids on the whole company? Obviously, the museum is iconic and special and stands apart to some degree, but legally isn’t it just a part of Saab as a whole, which they are trying to sell in one piece? The only thing that I can think of is that they are taking bids not only for the museum cars, but also, everything else; the stamping presses, the office desks, whatever. Then when they get offers, if any, for the whole company, they can compare the proposals for the whole to the value if they sell piecemeal.

    • What I have read (rumors?) Is that there is no money left in the estate so they must sell in order to continue operation.
      Although everything is still so, a certain heating and electricity needs to be paid regularly.

    • Lets say Youngman would be interested in the Saab company, would they not them be interested in the museum?
      A risk capitalist could put a bid on everything I guess and hope to sell it to the buyer of Saab.This might be what we have to wish for.

      Start a Saab Museum AB and buy the most “valuable” cars. Just need to get the money by friday noon.Time is running quickly now. I can not see this being a in any way bad deal to buy the cars. There must be someone out there with deep enough pockets to help to pull this off. Any of the previous suitors, North Street Capital, Merbanco, Geni capital, why not the Wallenberg investment companies.

  2. I’m a bit confused by all of this as well. The museum is being treated as an entity separate from the Saab factory? This is all very distressing!

  3. It’s disheartening to see a carefully comprised collection broken up like this; it truly is. Once these cars are separated, they’ll probably never be shown in a collection again. I guess the only thing to keep in mind is that if somehow, someway, Saab can be kept together as an entity to manufacture cars—-and the brand is intact—-if we get a buyer for THAT, it trumps the bad news of a museum being broken up. I’m keeping my eyes on the prize—-which is a company to step in and save Saabs FUTURE, not their past.

    • As I have written before. If 10 cars are saved most other cars can be found out there on the market or if people would like to have their cars “parked” at the museum.

        • Find a sugar-daddy who likes Saab. Would guess a reasonable venture risk capitalist could get the whole inventory and then sell it on to the new buyer of Saab. Things seams to come in the “wrong” order here now. Museum ships friday new owner might be 2 weeks away. Guess a venture capitalist easily can make 20% profit in no time. If I had the dough I would be in in an instant… a no-brainer…

      • +1

        That was my thought too. Many of those cars can never be registered for regular traffic anyway, so if no single buyer for everything shows up, one way for enhusiasts here to support could be to buy some of thosecars and then offer to have them “parked” at a new Saab museum with a note thanking them for the contribution.

        My personal main concern is to get Saab Automobile back in business though. I’m a bit worried that those lawyers spend so much time on other issues that serious bidders with deep pockets loose their interest meanwhile. (Don’t get me wrong. I’m just saying that if one has to choose between saving the museum and saving Saab Automobile, I would personally have preferred them to first find a new owner of Saab Automobile before doing anything else, although I understand that a bancruptcy is a bancruptcy and then the administrators must follow laws and rules about in what order things must be done.)

  4. Not sure how well known this situation already is in Sweden, but maybe the King (as Saab lover) still has to be informed? Also depends on if he’s the kind of man to do things like buying a museum, of course.

  5. After looking at these cars and seeing that most of them are either prototypes or otherwise not able to be registered I have to say that many of these will be ending up as parts when sold like this… They have no value to anyone separately… This is sad…

  6. The speed and singular focus on Sweden prevent these cars from being sold at their natural value. It would take some time and an international effort for these cars to find the right buyers, at the right price.

    I hope the administrators are doing this not as a serious effort to sell cars, but as a due diligence check against the value of the cars so as to justify the Innovatum bid for the whole museum.

  7. Did I miss something? Excuse my ignorance but I did not see any news confirming that Innovatum would bid for the assets of the museum. Where does this info coming from?

  8. Let us hope for the initiative from Innovatum, Trollhättan and the region. As it stands in the documents there is a chance to sell the entire museum and also that the bidding may be suspended if the recievers says that.

  9. A friend of mine donated the 750GT to the museum back in 1987 or 88. I see he is listed as donating it in the listing of the cars at the museum. When donating it there was a contract that stated he’d get the car back if Saab went out of business. Is there a phone number and/or email address he can use to ask about this??

  10. Would someone translate this pdf to English or transfer it to html so I can google translate it? I am interested in buying one car (not the most expensive/rare car but one of the cars that may have lesser demand). If Saab continues as a company, I would be willing to give the car back as long as they allow me to sit in my own car once every few years.

    • I think that the best alternative is to give our support to Innovatum. Of course it would be very sad if the museum is splitted up but I think it is the best alternative to be united and continue work for save the museum togheter.

        • Trued:

          From my point of view, I am quite happy to make a contribution to keep & allow the collection to stay intact & belonging to Trollhattan/Innovatum.

          Private collectors [who bid solo & independently] should finance that themselves.

          My personal point of view, of course!!

          • I fully agree. I think if we are to call ourselves real Saab fanatics, this should be our common goal for the moment. I don’t see much value in the cars being separated. We should all ( and there are likely enough of us ) make a contribution (yearly, or something to that effect which has been previously brought up) to keep these cars. I am a student and am still willing to make a contribution. This is how much I love Saab.

  11. VM 420/421
    How much do you think these would sell for? Can you get under car pics of the 4WD 9000??

    I’d love to pick up both of these cars – wonder how much shipping would be. I know the 85′ I could import – the 92′ would be questionable I think.

  12. Seriously thinking about putting a bid in for the Aero X, although I’d rather see the museum intact… but how much on earth might one bid be…? 20000 $ is manageable but I’m pretty certain they already have gotten a much higher bid… hmm… hope Innovatum may get the museum intact …

    • Daniel……AERO X if You are serious as You say guess You will have to cough up in the ballpark 1-2 Million Dollars. That is still a fraction of the production and PR costs.

      • Where’s CJ when we really need him?! Joking aside, I wonder if he (as a Saab fan) would be interested in the Aero X, or any other rare Saab… Anyone know how to contact him?

    • I would predict the Aero X to go for 75-100,000 USD. I’d encourage you to submit a bid for anything you may be interested in, but that one will likely have the most interest. I hope they release a list of winning bids when it is complete.

  13. @Trued: my thoughts exactly… a serious offer from me (which would be approx 200kkr) will not reach far…
    I assume they are Way over a million dollars already…:) man kan ju få drömma:)

  14. Trued, I would be interested in some of the not so rare, but still nice newer cars. My funds are very limited and I could only bid on one probably, but I would still like to have some more information and photos if possible. Just in case you end up in the museum, let me know.

    Does anybody think it would be a good idea to collect all who are willing to bid, how much and on which car, just to have a general idea?

  15. Wow, I can’t believe this. These care need to remain together, in one piece as representative of the history and essence of SAAB. As much as I wish I could have such cars for myself, I wouldn’t dare see this as an opportunity to have a toy. In fact, I’d feel pretty guilty I must say. I would only buy a car if I had the money and the interest was there to bring them all back together.

    What a world we live in. Those people really don’t give a crap. As I say, in business there are no feelings. Just money.

    As I’ve stated before, I am still very serious and passionate about helping to save these cars. I guess I’m few around many. What if Saab does survive? It will have no museum? As someone else has stated, it seems the order in operations is completely wrong.

    I am truly saddened to see this actually happening. I hope this is a bad dream we will wake from.

    • We agree that they must remain together. However it may not happen, and if it doesn’t, I rather own a piece of history than let it disappear.

  16. Everyone:

    I have emailed Innovatum, asking how we can contribute [or if we can].
    When I get a response, I will post any info on SU.

  17. FYI – The conditions of the sale state that the bids must be mailed to them by Friday, but they have just confirmed that they will accept signed bids as email attachments up to the deadline.

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