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January 13, 2012 in Saabology

We at SU have arranged for you to be able to upload your high-rez photos from each country directly here on SU. There is a tab in the main menu above where we will be updating information about each event as they progress and an upload tool for you to photos your photos directly.

The first meetings starts in just a few hours and I have just finished all preparations for the Trollhättan meeting. In about 9 hours I together with people from all over the country start our drives towards Trollhättan to join people in a common cause! The new MapTun brakes are mounted, got new wheels and the car got it self a very good wash, all I need to now is to pack up all the things we need to bring and then I’ll see you all there or online! =)

4 responses to Upload your photos to SU

  1. Isn´t it Tipshallen and Vida-Arena I can see in the background? =)

    • Yes it is! Behind the do-it-yourself washing area at OKQ8 service station =)

  2. Please help us to document this amazing global event properly.
    Upload your pictures here on SU, and send a summary to
    So we can preserve these events on

  3. Love the red shining through the wheels Tim. Looks awesome.