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We are SAAB: Oakville, Canada

January 22, 2012 in We are many

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  1. January 14, 2012- What a great true meeting it was at Aktive Motors in Oakville, Canada. Great conversation, food, prizes, and of course, great cars! SAAB has many loyal owners and enthusiasts in Canada. It was nice to see everyone join together for a common cause to help save our beloved brand. Keep hope and SAAB alive……..



  2. Well Done Aktive Motors! Great vid.

  3. Thank you for holding the event. I was happy to be there and I believe we all made a difference. Beautifully edited.

    Stay positive and keep the hopes up.

  4. Great! Nice to see the Swedish and Canadian flags together at the end of the video; 2 great Nordic nations….. :-)

  5. As a Swede THANK YOU for the support of my beloved brand.

    For information. I have just writen/wrote….how do you spell it.To Swedens prime minister about Saab… a very angry way. Foooooooooooooooooooooook them…thats what i feel. Bastards.

  6. Excellent.

  7. Nice and enthousiastic video. Thank you!

  8. Off topic:

    I am thankful Sweden won the gold medal in the World Junior Hockey Championships held in Calgary & Edmonton. Russia and Canada have done enough winning to keep their fans
    happy for many years. It’s about time Swedish hockey fans were happy again in international

    This series would have kept Saab employees/families who are also hockey fans entertained while the receivers did their thing!

    Good job, Sweden!

  9. What a great video! Griffin up!

  10. NTP always in haute-couture wearing a Saab Flag. Was it a european soccer game?