Thank you all !

January 18, 2012 in Events, News, We are many, We are SAAB

What a statement we’ve made!

As one of the guys who mentioned an idea in a skype chat on 20 december 2011 , we did not expect such a massive enthousiasm and global participation. But that was the result.

It’s been a lot of work, for us to keep up with the details of all the events, but also for every party who organized their local event. Without the work of all the local communities this would not have gotten so huge. Thank you all, local organizers and offcourse the participants. What you / we did has been noticed.

We still have the huge task of documenting these events, but that will happen on also. Give us some time to gather and process all the info.

Kind regards, Salutations, Gruessen, Gegroet

The We Are Saab, We Are Many Team
Tim, Stephan, Roger, Nic

16 responses to Thank you all !

  1. The organsation have done a great job!
    Without that there would have been no meeting anywere.
    So the compliments are for you to!

  2. I had a GREAT time that weekend in Sweden :)

    Let’s now hope that Saab will be saved soon!!!!

  3. Absolutely—-you did the heavy lifting. Attending the events was the fun part. Your website work set it all up—-and the local organizers like Julie of Kelly Saab in Lebanon, PA/USA (where I attended) did all the work on the ground. People like me drove long distances in our Saabs (nothing could be better on a clear, cold Saturday) and met other Saab owners (not much tops that either). We also got to see dozens of fantastic cars, including beautiful classics! Frankly, when this was being promoted—-I was a bit concerned that if it flopped, it would look really bad. Instead, it was a huge success—-more attendance/participation than realistically expected. In today’s world of fierce competition, names matter. Brands matter. This is a really strong brand—-it deserves to live. There is a serious value in keeping this marque alive. We proved it.

  4. Thanks, it was nice to attend and to help out with the parking in Trollhättan.

  5. A big thank you to the organizers, but especially the attendees! Without you there, these events wouldn’t have happened. They were great! We did well, and we can be proud. Griffin up!

  6. Thanks so much to those of you who came up with this idea and everyone who made it happen. Let’s keep the ideas going and let us know what we can continue to do to keep the flame going for Saab. Now is the time to be creative and put more energy into this than ever. I’m as proud as ever to be part of the Saab family.

  7. Thank You putting up this big event, was great to participate in it! Have You done any calcultaion, how many Saab and how many peaple were attending in gatherings in total? Or is it mentioned somewhere and I haven´t read it.

    • Can we make that, in true community spirit, your assignment ? 😉

      We haven’t been able to read and track all the reports yet. Still recovering from our own Dutch event we did organise as well.

  8. Geweldig, vooral om als Nederlander hier in Parijs met al die Fransen mee te doen! 213 Saabs en een perfekte catering bij de Parijse dealer Rive Gauche (onderdeel van Saab-France, dus ook in liquidatie)
    We kunnen nu alleen nog maar duimen. Ik ben er trots op dat jullie Nederlanders dit voor elkaar gekregen hebben, proficiat!
    Ik hoop dat ik later dit jaat mijn 13e Saab kan bestellen….
    Allemaal sukses verder, we denken allemaal aan hetzelfde…
    René W

  9. Thank YOU for sharing this idea… whenever you want, we’re ready for the battle ! ;-D

    A curiosity.. does anybody counted the total of partecipants around the world..? If I remember correct the Saab Support Convoy in 2010 reached about 6000 persons (or Saabs..?).. isn’t it ?

    I think this time we could have done a better whole number… in Italy we did A LOT better this time! I think the same for other countries..

  10. we are many,we are saab mauritius – we are still on a high after sunday 15th!even though there were just 3 of us…
    so proud of all of you and so glad to have been part of it.saab is no ordinary car it is much much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I am grateful to se the support that was shown to our beloved brand. I would have loved to be there to but I could not.
    I wonder how many thousands still there was who suport the movement without participating.

  12. You did an amazing work putting this together!

    All I want is that (when my financial situation makes it possible to buy a car) … is to go inte a SAAB-dealership and buy a brand new 9-3 or 9-5. Can’t help it.. but the new 9-5 is the most beautiful car out there!