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“Wrong” — proper product placement

January 8, 2012 in News

mange1975 posted a link to what is a pretty cool movie trailer in our forums a couple of days ago.

Check it out.

I am a little confused why a movie promoting such a wonderful and nice car can be titled “Wrong”, but look forward to finding out. In any case, Quentin Dupieux is the man behind the movie, and apparently it is about a man and his dog and how they end up changing the lives of people they encounter.

6 responses to “Wrong” — proper product placement

  1. Cool and quirky – just as the car…
    Am I Wrong?

  2. The saab 99 was in Terminator: Salvation
    The Saab 900 was in Operation: Cleaner, driven by Lucy Liu.There it was even in a car chase!

  3. Wrong, looks like my kinda of movie. Quirky and off the beaten path..Will be looking for it.

  4. It’s a good one..! Also recommend you Dupieux’s Film “Rubber” (2010) :-)

  5. If you want some Saaby action then “Black Cadillac” is also a pretty good choice.

    This one seems to be a kicker too! (:

  6. Watching Page 8 now. Bill Nighy drives a Saab 93 (pre ’03 model). Felt good.