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Looking for 96 parts

February 21, 2012 in News

One of my good friends here in Somerset is having his Saab 96 souvenir (1977 in Burgundy) re sprayed at the moment and would like to replace a few of the old items for new ones. If there are any of you out there in SU land that could possibly help it would make Mike very happy.
I’ve listed the wished for items below. If you know anybody that may have any or all the items for sale please could you contact me at and I will pass your details on to Mike.

2 Saab badges that go on the bottom of the front wings, (one each side)
2 strips that run along the door and rear panel, both chrome and rubber, (one each side)
2 rubber stone guards for the front of the rear wing , (one each side)
2 blue Saab badges (not Saab Scania) that are behind side windows/air intake), (one each side)
Side light/indicator lenses for front, (one each side)
Rear side/light lenses again, 1 of each, red & orange. (not red and red) (one each side)
Chrome inserts for front and rear window rubbers, (one each side)

11 responses to Looking for 96 parts

  1. Have you tried Martin, Robin?
    Michael’s car is a worthy prize winner.

    • Not sure if you meant this Martin but I think I may be able to help with some of the lenses…..need to go to where my bits and pieces are stored and have a rummage!

  2. I forwarded you to the Minnesota Saab Club. Never know what they’ll turn up!

  3. Check out the web shop provided by the Swedish Saab Club: We’ve got the rubber stone guards and the lenses there (among many other things).

    Also, if you want an alternative to the chrome stripes, there’s a guy in Sweden who produces new side strips in plastic (Rally style). Here’s his web site:

  4. I have no parts to offer – I’d just like to say that it is a beautiful car.
    Would be really cool if Saab could incorporate some of the lines in a future model.
    (Yeah, I am convinced Saab will be around…)

  5. Great looking car. I’d love a picture of that 96 next to my restored ’73 Sonett III. Looks to be the exact same color!

    • Mike is planning to drive her to Belgium in August but will also be on show at Swedish Day (UK) in May

  6. A big thank you for all the messages.
    They are all being passed onto Mike.