The last Saabs have been built… *updated!

February 22, 2012 in SAAB Automobile AB

Today it happened, the last Saab of this chapter was completed, a RHD (right hand drive) independence Edition Saab 9-3 Aero TTiD Convertible. Our photographer RikardH was invited to ANA Special Cars where the final Saabs were being assembled by some very privileged and great ANA employees.

Joachim Lind, CEO at ANA said earlier that ANA considers the task of completing the last Saabs a great honor and privilege which ANA takes very seriously. Having a long history of rebuilding Saab’s into special vehicles ANA was the perfect choice for this very important task.

And so today, to witness the completion of the last car, ANA hosted a media event and SaabsUnited were of course on the invitation list. Rikard showed up at ANA at around 1 PM and was greeted by Joachim Lind. Rikard was shown around the area and given details about the cars. Rikard being one of our top photographers, of course saw it as a great honor to document this event, which was for a selected few people only.

In total 47 convertibles have been built, 21 are Left Hand Drive and are all owned by ANA, the remaining 26 are right hand drive and are owned by the bankruptcy administrators. If anyone would be interested in those 21 LDH cars they are welcome to contact a salesman at ANA and more information about the specific models will be made available. The 26 RHD cars are still in an unwritten chapter, we simply don’t know how these cars will be sold yet.

* UPDATE: All the cars including the RHD models are able to be sold via ANA. ANA can buy these cars from the bankruptcy administrators if a buyer approaches ANA and a deal is made. All customers form the entire world are welcome to contact ANA and the salesmen will do their best to make sure that anyone will be able to buy a car.

To contact ANA please call +46 520 472700 or visit the website


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  1. Hope it won’t be the last!

  2. Hmmmm,how about doing a lottery? The prize could be one of these fabulous Independence Edition 9-3 Aero 😉

    • Wow, that’s a great idea. In fact—fundraiser lotteries are used all the time for non-profits. They sell raffle tickets and limit the number sold—-and give cars away. For those unsold Saabs in the U.S., this might be a good solution: Sell them at discounts to non-profits, who can then have raffles to raise money and giveaway a great car! People might have anxiety over spending thousands of dollars on a car that doesn’t come with a warranty—-and uncertainty about dealer status, service and parts, etc. But wouldn’t a lot of people spend $5.00 on a raffle ticket for charity? And if they’re the lucky winner, they could spend another 2K on an aftermarket warranty if they want to! A good way to clear out some Saabs M.A.!

  3. I don’t want to take anything away from the fact that there are now 26 more available in Sweden, but this is kind of sad too. We had three Independence models ordered and two pre-sold, wish we could have got them on the Canadian roads. Good job ANA for stepping up and getting this done.

    • I’m pretty sure that if a buyer approaches ANA from Canada the car can be adapted for canadian specifications

      • I just talked to Joachim, the cars are able to be exported to other countries as well, not only Sweden!

        • I had one on of those IE Verts order for USA delivery. I sent Ana an inquiry but have not heard back. Not sure I could swing it now since I’ve purchased two older Saabs since the order was cancelled by Saab NA. But if the price was even close to right…..

        • Tim,
          would you kindly send me an email address. I am lost on the ANA website due to language issue.

  4. 26 cars for UK Japan Australia and New Zealand.

    Maybe in one week time, if the future of Saab is solved, more than 26 people will be asking for those cars.

  5. So how many INDIE CV´s where built all in all then?

    • Not easy to say, but far less than 366 I think.

    • It states no 37 on the note on the seats of the last one… but not sure if that also means that there were only 37 of them built in total.

      • the 2’nd last car to be built was also an IE 9-3 Convertible and that one had number 36

      • They mentioned that 37 of the 47 cabs built were IE.

        Wasn’t there a few IE cabs built/sold last spring. Or..?

  6. If the demand is high why not an auction.

  7. Let us hope that these fantastic cars wont be the last one’s!

  8. Unfortuate color. It should have been black or swedish blue. It is a better contrast with the trim.

    • I cannot decide whether it’s pink, orange or some other color, is it really the same in real life or just doesn’t come out on photos very well?

  9. Why, why, why such an irresponsible title? I would expect to see this in a newspaper — I know this wasn’t the intention here. Why not “The last Saabs in inventory have been built…” or something to suggest that LAST means for the time being!

  10. Were there any US Spec Independence edition convertibles built?

  11. It’s hard to see these Volkswagen Passats in the background, where once SAABs were waiting for their update.

  12. Sniff, so beautiful, so sad…….

  13. Is it possible to post a list of cars/engines of the completed cars here at Saabsunited?

    And, what about other cars at the productionline. Are there still some 9-5 sedans thats not completed? And if there are, what will happend to these?

    • I’d like to see a list as well… maybe with an asking price. I might just contact them and ask :)

  14. Nice VW Passat in the background………..

  15. Porsche made more than 100,000 cars last year. Ferrari made 7195 cars but says it will never be built more than 10,000 Ferrari per year else it will lose its exclusivity. Saab should have made 366 Independence Cabs but made 37 (?). Talk about exclusivity!

    • I read a question – what make a brand to be a prestige car. The answer was if you produce enough with cars like Audi, BMW and Mercedes. For me it could not be more wrong. The fewer you produce the more prestige the car get and the more exclusive the car feels for me.

      • While I agree that scarcity of a desirable product warrants exclusivity, I don’t think Saab was in a position to do that. I don’t think Saab was really about that sort of thing anyway (not that you were implying such). I know there have usually been special/performance variants over the years, but really I think Saab was meant for the masses. Not like Toyota or GM, pushing for huge numbers of their cheap product–but more like Subaru, who seemed similar to Saab’s philosophy of intelligent design and perfect blend of economy & performance all under the umbrella of safety and functionality. Spyker is more a brand for fewer numbers and exclusivity and all that. Saab wasn’t really in the exotic sports car market like Spyker… though sometimes it was easy to forget :)

  16. It is ironic that the final Saabs built from the SWAN/Spyker era are the Independence Edition convertibles, which were themselves a special edition model to celebrate Saab’s first year of again being an independent car company. In Saab’s history, this makes these cars a very special limited edition!

  17. Hoping these are the last Saabs like the 1976 Cadillac Eldorado was the last American convertible.

    • Weird…I was going to write the same thing. “Last American Convertible” proved that “last” can be quite temporary.

  18. Is the last one, IE #37, RHD or LHD?

    That’s the one that ought to go into a lottery, I’d buy a ticket for that – if it were LHD.

  19. Are Mahindra and Brightwell doing their thing in silence now??

  20. Total of 47. This is a guaranteed collectors car. I can see one of these cars turning up at the Barrett Jackson car auction in 25 years selling for insane sums. The problem is that if I had one, I would drive it everywhere rather than keeping it in showroom garage. I’m still weeping about the rock storm that the highway crew through over my 9-3 XWD whist crossing the Coquihalla Pass highway in a winter storm. That took all of the fun from my XWD experience.

  21. Final SWAN-era Saabs being IE cv’s build on (almost) the second “independence anniversary”. A nice way to turn another page. Now BMW up!

    • Or Saab UP, because as far as somebody that wants to keep Saab as whole no matter what country this comes from, i’m fine 😀

  22. Just to say that some specs are very different.

    US v Euro and UK v Australia would take significant work to convert.

    Perhaps the answer is to register them in Sweden, then import them as used cars if your market allows that.

  23. By the way I know this has nothing to do with this specific post but I thought I should let you know that a few weeks ago I mentioned that the new series of Top Gear in the UK will be test driving the new Saab 9-5 and James May, who is one of the presenters will be playing homage to the brand.

    Well my source from the BBC, who told me about this just before the series started has confirmed that me this episode is being broadcasted in the UK on Sunday 26 Feb 8.00pm GMT.

    Spread the word.

    • Why spread to word?
      It’s only going to be an other Saab is “deceased”/dressed up Opel episode. To be honest I can’t take that shi* anymore.
      Both our 9-3’s with over 400k km on the clock tell me all the time they’re no Vauxhalls. Only 6 days to the 29th btw.
      Maybe they should have named the NG 9-5, NG 9-6 and people would have flocked to buy the new BIG Saab …

      • RS,
        I can remember a comment from Jan-Åke Jonsson telling just that. Before the NG 9-5 came out they discussed about calling the car the 9-6 as it was so much bigger than the former 9-5, maybe they took the wrong decision, maybe not.

        • Didin’t know that, but with the 6 they could have ‘justified’ a lot of things, i.e. price. The problem, what do you tell customers screaming for a newer 9-5…
          It must have been extremely difficult to make decisions in THN since 2009. I’m surprised they came out sane.

    • Thanks for that Joe .

  24. Has anyone seen any statement from BMW where they deny interest in Saab after the outing in SU? I know that they will not confirm it but a denial can be stated in a way that it will be an unofficial confirmation 😉

  25. No word whatsoever from Munich so far. I guess that, if there was no substance to the rumors circulating around at all, they would have said something to that effect. So perhaps this could be interpreted as good news? Like it’s not a no if they don’t say so?

    Fingers et al x-ed…


  26. I think it’s very fitting the last (for now, hopefully) of the Saabs are being sold in Sweden. I’m glad people from around the world can participate, but it seems right that it be most convenient to Swedes. I hope they fetch fair prices.

    I also agree there should be an auction or something for the very last one! Or put in the museum, as has also been mentioned. History!

  27. Received word from ANA that LHD ones all sold out in a matter of hours. There are some lucky new owners of a very rare and nice looking SAAB now out there!