US Saab collectors saves unique cars

Tom Donneys row of old Saabs at the pick-up at the GM Heritage Collection in Detroit. The No.3 Talladega Record car, Sonett I, 96 RAC winner, 93 and 92. Looks like there are other GM Showcars in the same warehouse….

Spoke yesterday with my friend Tom Donney, You american readers who are into older Saabs probably know him, I had seen him on Facebook in a reds Sonett I no. 2/6.
Tom and another american collector Bill Jacobson managed to save 10 cars (if I remember right). The Saab cars that Tom already has in Fort Dodge with this addition will possibly make the foundation for a US Saab Car Museum.

Unloading of the Sonett I in Dodge City

Looks like the happiest couple west of Mississippi! Congratulation to Tom and his family to a great buy!

10 thoughts on “US Saab collectors saves unique cars

  1. Thank you Tom & Bill for keeping these cars in the hands of true Saab afficiandos. Was a real treat to see many of them at the Carlisle Show last year and hope others get a similar opportunity.

  2. I was the first person on the planet to see Donney’s quintuplets roll up to his shop on Valentine’s Day. I borderline freaked and got gobs of photos and movies. Can’t think of a better curator than Tom.

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