What’s what at SAAB?

February 13, 2012 in SAAB Automobile AB

Here is an interesting little thing that I’ve been working on for a while. It’s a brief description of what is what at Saab. I’ll continue this series for a while showing you what was done where at Saab in Trollhättan. Saab actually had many facilities all over the city, I’ve got some great material that I’ll show you throughout the week. This picture will become more explained in detail as well once I get more data. But I think this is a good start…

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  1. What a fantastic facility. So much larger than I thought it would be. Way too good for windmills!

  2. Lets pray that it doesn’t become a ghost town!

  3. The Saab Test Track, I’d like to take a spin there some day… :)

  4. This is cool, thank you for putting this together! Like David said, it’s bigger than I though it would be. We really hoped to visit the factory when we were in Sweden in summer of 2010, but their marketing folks who do the tour were busy launching the 9-5 so there were no tours available. We had a wonderful trip to Trollhattan, though, visiting the Saab museum and ANA.

    I still hope to tour this factory someday and see Saabs being built!

  5. Tim thanks a bunch for this info, this pic, the upcoming series and also the media you saved from the site. Hopefully we won’t have to look back as a retrospective memorial but more as a “where we’ve been and where we’re going” moment.

    And I have to agree with smithy; I’d love to get a chance to take my tuned 09 9-3 aero XWD out on that test track! For purely scientific research of course!

  6. The labels and outline gave me a sad feeling knowing the current status. I hope that changes.

  7. Very interesting – thank you Tim!
    I have visited the factory several times, but never seen it in total before!
    Just a question; when I attended to the “we are many- we are Saab” in Trollhattan I noticed that it still was a lot of new Saabs at the “Hagen – delivery-parking”. Does anyone know what is going to happen with these cars?

  8. Lovely shot…..but one part of the factory missing…where in the factory do they fit the ”spirit”….!!!

  9. I remember that you had to had good stamina and some time at your hand to walk from one end to the other. Even to walk from the far end of the main parking to my station in the final assembly took some time.

  10. Thank a lot, what a nice overview! Are you sure, that there is an engine production directly in the Trollhättan plant?
    Thats quite uncommon, when compared to the plants of the (former) competition.

    • Hehe, yes I’m VERY sure! =). My father was head of engine production for about 20 year =)

      • Wow, thats a good concentration of complete competence for automobile manufacturing.
        Lets press thumps that they will switch on the manufacturing tools again soon.

  11. Also cool they are just next to the Airport! They should get some classic SAAB fighter aircrafts to show in the museum (or maybe they have?).

  12. What a place; let this get into the hands of a new owner that can safe the Saab brand and so as well the work in this city.
    Too good to be sold in parts and pieces.

  13. Lets hope you haven’t tipped off IP thieves regarding the location of Phoenix should they want to stage a midnight visit…

  14. Du har glömt både tekniskas gamla anläggning i halvorstorp och den mindre saabfabriken som hade hand om drivknutar/axlar.