ANA Press-Release: Purchase of Cars

March 21, 2012 in News

ANA buys cars which can be completed, bodies, spare parts, rims and tires from the bankruptcy of Saab Automobile AB.
– This concerns about 50 cars which can be completed, thousands of rims, tires and spare parts, say Joachim Lind, CEO of ANA.
– All of these parts are very important from an after-market perspective. Partly for our own customers but also to deal with other parties in the market.
– Regarding the cars, which can be completed, it is not yet decided how many of them that will become completed and choose to sell, more information about this shortly. Right now we have a lot of things to move from the factory to our facilities, according to Joachim Lind.

The transport of material starts on March 21st at 0700.

14 responses to ANA Press-Release: Purchase of Cars

  1. Wooohoo!!! I hope there will be at least 4 18″ Turbo X rims in that stock! 😀

    • Probably not since they have not been in production since 2008. This deal only concerns parts meant for the 2012 models.

      • Okey, hope for a cheap Jet Black painted Griffin front bumper instead 😉

  2. A company with the vision to see just how important SAABs are. Wether any new SAABs get built in the future, or not, there are hundreds of thousands of much loved SAABs out here, and will be for many, many years to come, it’s nice to hear of companies preparing for that. Fantastic.

  3. E said on March 21, 2012

    @TimR What’s the best way to contact ANA? I would imagine they will get billions of e-mails, but phoning them one request at a time also is time intensive. If only they read this board or someone could visit them in person … 😉

    I am looking for one or two front windshields for a 2010 9-5 Aero with HUD, lane sensor/sign recognition cameras and rain sensor for my vehicle here in the USA. No stock exists for this particular windshield in USA or in Sweden. Heck, I know of demand for at least 5 of them in the USA right now.

    Or perhaps someone from SAAB Parts (Swedish government) could tell us plans to restart the process to get those windshields made? … if they read this board, of course …

    Many thanks.

    • If I am not mistaken, the Buick LaCrosse windshield is compatible with the NG9-5. Select the LaCrosse “Touring” model windshield for compatibility with the options you mentioned – HUD included.

      • E said on March 21, 2012

        The Buick glass is not the same smooth Saabish shape … it may fit, but it won’t look the same. I’m not sure it will fit actually …

        I know we’ve read here at SU about parts flowing and being available … I just find it interesting that a windshield … something that has a relatively high burn rate … is unavailable in USA and Sweden for any 2010/2011 9-5 that is fully loaded. I need to find out the plan, which is why I am raising it here …


  4. Sorry but I am not that happy with this news.
    Of course good to know some cars can be finished but what about all other parts that are there and with which no complete car can be made?
    Is it not Saab AB that sells spare parts?
    And the main reason of my concern is that this shows once more that the Saab factory is more and more dismantled which makes the possible re-start more and more difficult.
    For me it just takes too long.
    Am bitter and unforgivable against the Swedish government.

    • It’s Saab Automobile Parts AB who sells spare part. Saab AB has nothing with Saab automobile to do more than they let Saab Automobile to use the name Saab.

      It’s good they can sell all car parts in the factory because a new owner won’t (probably) be able to make existing models and the phoenix won’t share many components.

  5. parts are a real problem, broke the rear window in my 07 convertable (don’t ask), even though it was fixed by my insurance they ended up having to use a secondhand screen, not good

  6. As if I didn’t have enough to worry about, now I’m worried about the Phoenix platform. Is this a misquote or a Google monkey translate error:
    “I do not think we will see Saab revived to what it once was, given GM’s unwillingness to release the license to develop the Phoenix platform, said Victor Muller to Svenska Dagbladet” (Googletrans)
    I thought Saab was free to develop the Phoenix platform!?

    • Must be a bad translation while in the interview VM just stated the Phoenix platform as one of the great assets to build a new Saab; 9-3, 9-5 and 9-4X, he quoted.

      • Yes, GM does NOT own any rights to the phoenix platform!

        • The only problem with the Phoenix platform might be that it becomes obsololete before any decision is made about Saab. They’re killing us, just KILLING us.