Saab Museum re-opens

March 7, 2012 in News

Everyone should put the 24th of March in their calendars, because thats when our beloved Saab Cars Museum will re-open! And I can guarantee you that many of us in the SU Crew will be there to tell you all about it!

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  1. And unfortunately some of us will still be in Lubbock, Texas.

    Just post plenty Saab pictures.


    • Expect lots of photos and video! =)

    • If you see a Turbo X at the Scoggin Dickey, thats mine. =[ been waiting on a “part” for over three weeks now. My car is 300 miles away waiting for some kind of hose/fluid line….

    • Hey Man! didnt know you were in the panhandle. Msg, it’d be cool to meet another saabista…

      • I just left the panhandle myself to return to Illinois! I was in Tallahassee, Port St. Joe and Panama City! Where do you live?

  2. The Museum should be a Landmark of Sweden! One day I will visit Trollhattan. But as for now I can always count on the SU crew to show me around and keep me updated!

  3. I love this post Tim and I can’t wait to see the photo’s and video on the re-opening. Hope to hear some words from people at the re-opening, will it be like a party of sorts? Sometimes I feel I live way to far away from the action.

  4. I’ve now made it one of my life goals to come to Sweden and visit the museum, and then hopefully find someone willing to rent me their Saab for a week so I can enjoy some scenery :)

  5. the Aero X still looks like a stunner.

    • I can tell you as an owner that many styling cues from the Aero X are evident on the NG 9-5, especially from that angle.

    • Absolutely. The Aero X, together with Saab becoming independent again, actually brought me back to the company that I had given up already on. And I really wonder what Saab’s design language might turn to, when the company is re-started. Will they keep the Scandinavian approach, or will they start “surface entertainment” (BMW), otherwise arrange ornamental/tuning decorations on a generally boring basic shape (Chinese stuff, see Volvo, but mostly everybody else these days), or do some retro-styling with elements from long ago (huge grills for unefficient cars, hints of fenders from the pre-Ponton era, bonnet bumps for carburators that are no longer there (Castriota’s favourite design element) , etc.)?

  6. Great day in Saab history. Bonus points if it coincides with a Saab reBjorn (again) :)
    Heres hoping.

  7. Unfortunately Sweden is a bit too far from me (Denton, TX)…. So if anyone wants to steal the Aero-X for me, I will pay the freight.

  8. Well doesn’t look like i’ll be able to get out there (Dallas, Texas). But I’ll be over there in June. Anybody know what the hours will be?

  9. I will really try to be there!

  10. I´ll be there!

  11. Well sounds like I have something to do on the 24th of March :)

  12. ist ist strange…I dont see the picture . It is cortrectly loaded, but not on my screen…->>

    • SU pictures never display correctly on my browsers. I never see much more than half because the right side is covered by the rightmost column. I wish SU could fix this so I didn’t have to open the image in another tab/window to see it. I use Firefox + Chrome on Linux, and Firefox + Chrome + IE on Windows. Firefox on Windows is the only one that sort of works.

  13. Great to hear. If all goes according to plan, I’ll be on a roadtrip with my Saab from Slovenia to Sweden and back this summer and Trollhattan is on the list among other places. Looking forward to visit the museum.

  14. An absolute must for the autumn! Can’t wait!

  15. Count me in, I’ll be there, 4 sure!

  16. Wouldn’t it be nice if on March 24 at the museum opening, the Receivers announce who the new owner is?

    • Angelo,
      it would be OK if we would know that they are on the finish line previous to signing the contracts.

      • Do you think will be able to strip-sell all the assets that fast? Who will cover the wages of the dozens of lawyers starting April then?

    • It would be nice for the receivers to announce the new owners on any date, at any time.

  17. I’ve been out of work for months, so sadly can’t even entertain the idea of travelling from the UK, but one day I will make the pilgrimage!

    It is such great news that Saab’s heritage is secure and can once again be enjoyed by Saabistas and newcomers alike. The museum re-opening is a tangible testament to the strength of the community, the city of Trolhattan and the resilience of the marque.

  18. Looks like I have something to look forward to in June.

  19. March is too earlier for me but May I’ll be in Denmark and then in Sweden. Will take my son to show him where a roods and future of our Saabina are. Thanks to you ALL for saving this great and now legendary place. It’s like a mixture of Stonehenge, Musée du Louvre and Johnson Space Center Houston.

  20. Seeing the Saab Museum was a real highlight of our trip to Sweden last summer.

    Note to future Swedish visitors: arriving in Sweden to start your trip on the Friday afternoon of the Midsummer holiday is not a good idea. I’ve never seen a highway as empty as the drive from Gothenburg airport to Trollhattan that afternoon. Fortunately the museum was open on Sunday, and I must have taken 400 photos while I was there.

  21. How nice!
    Maybe I’ll pay Trollhättan a visit that weekend then…. :-)

    Any info about if there is any special events or happenings planned for the re-opening?


  22. Won’t have time to take the train from Hallsberg to GBG and then to Trollhättan last week of this month when travelling to Sweden, but very happy to read that the Museum will reopen! I had the opportunity to visit in 2007 :)

  23. Are there any plans to revamp the museum to make it more interactive and add some more involvement to the otherwise brilliant collection of cars? Now that it is run by the town of THN, are they planning to make it an even more interesting attraction for a broad range of tourists?

    PS. I am looking forward to visiting the Museum this summer – great to know I don’t have to change my plans regarding that 😀

  24. Maybe I should start organizing my summer vacation to Sweden :)

  25. You are welcome to visit the museum but as of a taxpayer of Trollhattan I beg you, DO NOT TOUCH THE CARS. THEY COSTED ABOUT 200 000 SEK EACH. I don’t touch other peoples cars, not should yo do either.

    Ni är välkommna till museet men som skattebetalare i Trollhättan så ber jag. RÖR INTE BILARNA. DE KOSTADE RUNT 200 000 KR STYCK. Jag rör inte andra personers bilar, de borde inte ni göra heller.

    • So I guess taking my shirt off and rubbing all over the cars is out of the question? 😉

  26. I wish I could make it to get there on the 24th of march! Greetz.

  27. It is a nice mark place in Trollhattan. Hope i could be there again soon.

  28. I’m looking at visiting the museum in April this year, any other UK supporters of Saab located in UK want to make the pilgrimage?

    Owner of 7 Saabs, latest new 9-5 – I love it!