SaabsUnited DNS Transfer

March 28, 2012 in News

We are currently transferring SU to another DNS provider so this might be the reason why SU could be down for some time in the close future. No panic, we’ll keep you guys updated via Twitter and Facebook but we do hope that the transfer will go quickly. The provider has told us that it might take as long as 42 hours but it usually happens within 12 hours.

5 responses to SaabsUnited DNS Transfer

  1. Why didn’t you lower the TTL 1 day before the planned migration? DNS migrations are usually done like this:
    -set your TTL really low
    -wait for previous TTL time to exceed (so the new time countdown starts)
    -update the records, refresh the zone
    -set the TTL back to default
    It’s simple and can lower the downtime to just less than an hour.

    • We let others do that job… hopefully there should be no downtime at all but just in case we run in to trouble, people know why…

  2. Good luck with that. DNS can be a real pain… specially when working with delegations and reverse zone mappings…
    Hopefully it will work fine !

  3. I read that you planned to use your own DNS server. Will that be the case now?

  4. SU.FR inaccessible depuis hier !