Small tour of the Saab Cars Museum

March 24, 2012 in News

As requested we took the time to make a small tour of the museum. It is a shaky ride and as you can understand there are a lot of people inside the museum.


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  1. Nice !

  2. Thanks. This guided tour is a good idea.

  3. Was that Erik Carlsson talking with that lady stood next to the 9-5? I wanna go SO bad now.

    • Certainly was! Also: We catch a glimmer of Jorgen Trued’s striped 9-5 in the extreme left of the view on opening (lined up outside Museum). The chap who we follow into the museum (and acknowledges the camera early on) is Mathias Roswall — an Enthusiast of the Highest Order and noted restorer of vintage Saabs. You’ll note as well (around 2:43) a wave from the balcony–none other than Rune (and later on, as camera moves down the ramp from upper deck…looks like a young lass, brunette, joins him — I’m guessing his Anna (– and if not, Oops :)) .

      [I wasn’t there…but, needless to say, wish were!].

    • Correct. And he’s talking about the 2-cyl engines in the SAAB 92.

  4. What is the first car by the front door that appears to have a convertible top ??

  5. Thank you so much Tim, this is exactly what I was looking for when asking if we could get video of walking through the doors and seeing the excitement. It is just unreal to watch this video from across the world and feel emotional about how close we came to losing this for ever. The people and cars inside there are exactly why that couldn’t happen. Saab has a strong history and the history has been saved for future generation to appreciate. Thanks again and the shaky ride was well with watching.

  6. Thanks Tim, for this tour, nice pics….

    Tim, could you do me a favour, as I have this pet hate, that is cars with crooked [not straight] number plates….@ 5.13 minutes the OG9.5 Biopower100 concept has one, please ask the Museum to straighten it, just for me, PLEASE.

  7. This day was on my calendar and I was hoping to capture the emotion of reopening day. This video walk-thru did the trick! The pace, order of things and production quality was really great and probably the only video to capture the experience. I was so happy to see my old friends again (various people and all the cars) even if only virtually this time.

  8. Wonderful job- thank you, Tim!

  9. What strikes me watching this video besides all the sadness i feel thinking there will be no more 9-5’s built (i care about the 9-4x to but not as much) is the complete madness in letting this Distinctive brand with a r e a l history be nothing more then a museum tour for future generations. The Aero-X concept is in the top of the ten most beautiful and more important -distinctive super car designs ever. And it’s so sad clueless GM focused on punishing the brains at Trollhattan and building worthless macho army-looking trucks instead of putting the 9X Air concept on the streets.

    • Trued:

      2 points:

      1. Nice to see there is ‘more room’ inside for future generations of Saab’s…..

      2. Nice drive in…..

  10. Thanks Tim. Absolutely fantastic to see inside the museum. I aim to get there soon. I just get the strong feeling that someone will continue the GREAT SAAB HERITIGE. We are just too good to die. COME ON!

  11. One day that 9-5SC will be in my driveway….

  12. Is that a Subaru B9 Tribeca posing as a Saab SUV (at 3:00 min)? We only got a redone Chevrolet Trailblazer here in the US.

  13. Who in their right mind would design and engineer a new brand when they never will get even close to the one just sitting there and waiting? Damn the bitterness i feel.