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Victor Mullers first 9-5 stays in Sweden

March 5, 2012 in News

TTELA reports this morning that a person from Sweden has bought Victor Mullers 9-5 Aero with registration number “KME 140″ which was picked up by Victor and his son shortly after the purchase of Saab Automobile by Spyker Cars in february 2010.

To TTELA Jens Ismunden, the new owner of the car tells his story:

I am a real Saab Fan, and the 9-5 is a fantastic car. My mother bought two last week.

According to TTELA Victor Mullers Saab 9-5 Aero has been for sale at BIVA in Uppsala, Sweden. Yesterday a dutch-man was supposed to have bought the car, which was true until this morning.

I had made a deal with Biva that if the car was not sold to the dutch-man I would buy it. Since the car was not paid for this morning the car was mine,

tells Jens.

Jens is 35 years old living in Ljunghusen and the youngest member in the southern swedish branch of the Swedish Saabclub. His father competed in rally with a Saab V4 while during Jens younger years while he was living in the northern parts of Sweden where he grew up.

His mother is also a Saab fan, and has managed to grab one of the last of the new Saab 9-5’s that rolled off the production line in Trollhättan.

I wanted to have a 9-5 Aero and sort of by coincidence it turned out to be Victor Muller’s car. I recognized the registration number and found it remarkable that Victor Muller had not bought the car from Saab and almost strange was that it was a dutchman initially buying it but ended up unable to pay for it…

– I am a true Saab fan, when the bankruptcy occurred I actually shed tears. I really hope that Saab will survive and more cars will be produced.

Jörgen Trued from SaabsUnited tells that it’s now starting to become difficult to find new Saab 9-5’s since only about 10’000 cars were built, about the same numbers as the Saab Sonett.
– The 9-5 is definitely a collectors item, especially the Aero-models which are “top of the line”. I have one, Lars Carlström bought one last week and many more. There are only a handful left.

Jan Åke Jonsson’s blue Saab 9-5 which was parked outside Café Opera when Spykers purchase of Saab was presented to the media is also for sale soon. A dealership in Tingsryd will administrate that sale.

18 responses to Victor Mullers first 9-5 stays in Sweden

  1. Good luck with your new car, Jens!

  2. Nice, that’s a really awesome car! I was in fact really interested in buying the exact same car 3-4 weeks ago, but Kongahälla Bil outside of Gothenburg managed to make me a much better deal.

  3. Edit: The fjordblue will be on sale at
    JAJ’s black BioPower XWD Aero is for sale at a dealership in Tingsryd.

  4. Where is VM these days ? What is he doing during the bidding process ?

  5. Why did VM sell it???

    • Perhaps it was a reminder of his defeat, or he had that particular car to be seen in when Spyker purchased Saab. I don’t mean he drove Saab just for appearances, but maybe that exact car. I don’t know though.

      Seemingly strange he sold it, and JAJ’s is for sale, but I’d rather not read anything into it.

      • I’d imaging that they were classed as company cars so had to go back when Administration hit

    • I believe that particular 9-5 was a company car, so it was probably part of the bankruptcy. mentions it was a very early delivery.

      Tim told me Victor has another 9-5… (I am guessing one with Dutch license plates)

  6. I would have loved to have mullers 9-5! Gray’s mate, you bought one of the best saabs around

  7. more off a question…..whats he driving now ??

  8. Wow! That is a historic car in Saab’s history, even among the limited set of 9-5 models ever produced.

  9. I love the 9-5. There’s a certain car that was out for sale in Sweden some weeks ago which registration number I wrote down. I intend to buy it back from whoever bought it, if the price is optimistic then it might just work. Legendary vehicle…

  10. Congratulations, Jens! :-)

  11. Jens is 35 years old living in Ljunghusen and the youngest member in the southern swedish branch of the Swedish Saabclub.

    No offense meant to anybody, and cordial congratulations to Jens, but doesn’t it seem strange to others that he is the YOUNGEST member at 35? Where I live, we have members enrolling even before they get their driver’s license, and people of all ages, both seasoned drivers of Saabs for many decades and very young enthusiasts for who Saab is their first car, or their first REAL car.

    But anyway, we’ve got the latter. Are younger people caring for Saabs only in THN (it is my understanding a good portion of SaabsUnited staff is under 30)? Aren’t there young people in Sweden getting an older gen 9-3 and having a blast? Is Saab an old man’s car? Perhaps that’s the problem!

    • Similar concerns have been raised here on SU before.

      My younger brother (26 y.o.) seems to be completely not interested at all. I don’t think he has even visited the museum!

      We grew up on the border of Oslo, the largest city in Norway (barely qualifies as a village elsewhere, but its topography makes road-building a challenge). Buying a car, owning a car, driving a car and (God forbid) parking a car is very expensive. When I bought a 9-5 in Sweden, I got it “half price” compared to the Norwegian price. Two hours of parking on the street in Oslo will set you back 13 USD. Housing is ridiculously expensive, and even young people want a place to live before they even think about wasting money on a gas-gussler.

      I’m definitively with you that it is important to recruit they young ones. At least Saab made an effort to be ‘online’ and ‘connected’. (My wife and I just started watching “Modern Family” so I have almost started talking like Phil now)

      • I understand owning a car in Norway is a punishable crime, as befits a former sister country of Denmark :p

        But do you believe this is truly a problem in Scandinavian country? Are the younger people disinterested in cars in general, or is Saab simply becoming irrelevant to them?

        I also must say that Saab’s approach to being “online” and “connected” was just about as stilted as GM’s approach to it. Hiring Swade in his capacity as Swade simply proves nobody (decisive enough) really understood how to exploit the still underexpolited potential online and social media provide nowadays.

        Having said which, I also believe being “online” is not necessairly strictly tied, or even directly related to making a brand appealing to them younger ‘uns. My mother is by far more “online” than I am, and she is, pardon me mum, not quite under 35.

        I think it’s more about creating a distinctive brand to appeals to young and old with a distinctive identity and yes, it’s better to be youthful than senior in very general terms. MINI has a distinctive universal appeal, and it’s hardly unliked, perhaps save for the snotty attitude associated with its owners. Saab never had the latter problem, and certainly is and should be very unlike MINI, but BMW surely did sth right here.

        At any rate, in many countries, perhaps not in Scandinavia, Saab is still a youthful brand very relevant to the up-and-coming, creative young people who like to have their own opinion and achieve stuff with their own accomplishments.