Buying the last 9-3. Status update friday 27th of April

April 27, 2012 in Fan Stuff

Last 9-3 rolled out from SAAB, Photo from

Its friday afternoon here in Sweden and we’ve checked the status of the donations account. Its been almost 24 hours since we launched the donations campaign and during the first 10-12 hours there was a lot of activity on the account and the majority of the money was donated.

Account Status: €6’472 EUR ($8’555, 57’546 SEK) which is 23% or the required amount.

Average donations are ranging from 10-50 Euro’s per donor with about 10% of the donors giving 100 Euro per person.

31% of the donated money are coming from swedish readers, 14% from germany and 52% from other countries in Europe. Just over 1% of the total donated money is coming from North America and Asia.

Biggest single donation so far was for 1200 euro and came from a dedicated Saab fan in Switzerland! We are hoping to get the clubs to join into this cause and we have heard that some clubs are considering to donate various substantial amounts.

Reaching over 6000 euro in just 24 hours is truly amazing, I have to say that I am amazed about the response so far but we still have a very long way to go. The deadline for providing a donation is the 20th of May at 14:00 Central European Time. That is when we will know if we have been able to complete the task of saving this valuable car or if the money gathered will be sent as a one time donation to the Saab Cars Museum.

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  1. Suggest that Owners Clubs should show their metal and donate on behalf of their members.

  2. Are you searching for sponsors as in companies that are willing to join in?

    • Preferably we want the fans to be responsible to save this one, but of course we will not say no to any money. But companies can expect nothing in return, if we were to offer them something for their donation, we have to according to EU Law, pay 40% tax on all the donated money…

  3. I would say everything is welcome to get to the € 28,000.

  4. Have you thought of contacting Jay Leno, Top Gear, Stephen Fry ?

    • Honestly I don’t want to do that… I think that the Saab fans together with the clubs all around the world should be able to save at least one single car…

      This task has fallen upon us, we must deliver!

  5. I’m surprised and a little embarrassed at the lack of participation from the U.S.. I see Saabs on the road every day, and in my area there are still two dealers with their Saab signs up. Come on guys, every little bit helps! (I frankly was only able to cough up 50 euros after blowing the cobwebs out of my wallet, wish it could have been more, but enough small donations will do the trick!)

    Most of us here in the U.S. may never get to Trollhatten to see the museum in person, but wouldn’t it would be a great satisfaction to see pictures of that 9-3 there knowing that you at least helped buy a few lug nuts for it? :-)

    • I agree with this post. Mine was a small contribution—-but if a lot of U.S./North American Saab fans and owners did the same thing, this would be over in a matter of hours and the car would be bought. Come on people—-it’s an easy process (and Euro to dollar converters are all over the internet so you’ll know just how much your contributing to this effort!).

      • Small or big; everything counts.
        A lot of small contributions do result in a significant amount as well.

    • US donation made…

    • My visit to the Saab Museum was one of my favorite days ever (ANA, too, those guys were great). I’m happy to be one of the U.S. donors, and I’m really hoping to get to see “our” 9-3 the next time I get to THN.

  6. I just doubled my donation, every Saab I own / have owned gives to museum 50 euros. I think my Saabs are happy to give that donation!

  7. I’m assuming this does not include the initial (and very generous) donation from Marc Marcon and his misterious friend you originally wrote about…

    • No, those two donations have not been registered yet. They are waiting till the end. Another person is also waiting to make a donation till the end to “push us over the edge” once we get close to our goal…

      • I think sir, you just made my day :) That’s really amazing in 24 hours…

  8. Too bad that Saab had to make these final cars rather than provide them as parts so that those of us who get in accidents can get parts to fix our Saab’s.

    I could’ve used a bunch of those front-end parts.


  9. N. America is suffering economically. My son is out of a job and I have to pay his rent.

    • I agree that North America is suffering, but I do think we can be better represented. 10 euros is the equivalent of $13 Canadian and every dollar counts to the final total. If someone can afford 100 euros, great. If all someone can afford is 5 euros, then great too. To get to the finish line, every donation counts. If someone can’t afford to support this at all financially, then just do what you can to get the word out, this needs to happen, I personally feel that this car is too important to be missed and I don’t know of a time where fans have come together to do anything remotely as great as this to show their passion for a brand or car.

  10. Just made my donation.

    Two suggestions:

    1) Make the final 9-3 Griffin the banner of the home page along with a current total of the amount raised (and as a percentage of the total needed)

    2) Send an email to the 8’500+ members in the saabsunited member directory

    • I agree. I don’t check the site often but I’m glad I did today. I’ll happily donate. There are likely others out there that will donate if an email is sent out.

    • Number 1 was a good thing, I made one on the right hand side on the side-bar just below the log-in window, thanx for a good tip! =)

  11. Just made my donation from the USA!

  12. I wouldn’t let this affect my decision to donate either way, but is there anything that could be done by the Museum to encourage donations?

    Would a drive of the car be out of the question? If, of course I made it to Trollhättan…

    But a sit in the driver’s seat and a souvenir photo would be good. :)

    Or tea with the Museum director? Something interesting, at least.

    Anyone got any other thoughts?

  13. I have posted on here before, and if you check my history you’ll find I am a professional museum curator in the UK.

    I totally agree that the last production 9-3 belongs in the museum in Trolhattan, and yesterday I very nearly made a donation to the purchase fund. What stopped me was when I read through the detail and found that the car will actually be your private property and only loaned to the museum. In the UK, I think it would be very close to the line in terms of legality to run a public appeal that looks on the face of it as though it is on behalf of a museum, but is actually a private individual soliciting gifts so he can buy something he then says he’s going to lend to a museum! This isn’t a criticism, it;s a factual observation.

    If you are correct in what you say, the museums sector in Sweden is very, very different to that elsewhere in Europe! In general, museums hold ownership of their collections, and the only things on loan are items coming in on a short-term basis for a particular exhibition and which the museum would not wish to hold as part of its permanent collections. Here, it absolutely is NOT the case that things would be as you describe with private individuals holding title to vehicles that the museum then displays. If this were all happening in the UK, SU under your inspirational guidance might well be running an appeal for the funds, but when the purchase was completed the car’s ownership would undoubtedly be vested in the museum, or in a charitable trust legally separate to the museum and established to hold ownership of its collections free from commercial risks.

    I am bothering to message you on this matter because I am struggling to believe that you can really be correct in saying that the sort of arrangement you are intending for the last 9-3 IS actually normal in Sweden. Maybe it’s the way that things have been done in the past at the Saab Museum, but as I have discussed in past posts it looks very much as though the museum wasn’t actually very well established. The principle of a museum that largely displays privately-owned vehicles isn’t sound, and seems to me most likely to be a hangover from the way things were rather than the way things should be in the future if the museum is to be really secure.

    I don’t mean to be a smartass or a killjoy, because I really admire the initiative you have taken in this matter, but if your intentions are as honourable as you say they are, and as I would like to believe they are, why can’t ownership of the car be passed to the museum as soon as you have purchased it with the money from the appeal? Is the museum saying that they are not able to accept such a donation? Are you willing to explain to me a little more about this aspect of things?

    Bob Clark BA MSc FMA FSA Scot

    • This is what has kept me from making a donation as well.

      • The real reason why we keep it private and only loan it to the Museum over a renewable 5 year period is that the museums future is still not secured. IF the museum would fall into financial difficulties next year, which is very likely at this point, this car would be the one, which would be easiest for the owners to get some money out of, and thus secure the future a bit longer… this must not happen!

        So by keeping it private for the first 5 years, guarantees that nothing can happen to the car regardless of what happens to the museum.

        Many cars at the museum have a similar deal, where a contract is signed between the museum and a private owner, that the museum will keep the car in display condition and I guarantee by that contract that the car will stay where it is.

        IF after the first 5 year period, the museum’s finance are in order and its future secured for a minimum of another 5 years, the car can be written over to the museum…

        • Tim, thank you for a sensible and thoughtful response to an issue that obviously doesn’t bother only me.

          If the Saab Museum were now to be established on the sort of basis that is normal in the UK, your legitimate concerns about a potentially uncertain future would not be an issue. Our system here uses a the choice between several options to ensure that the collections of a museum that is not owned by a state entity cannot be affected by bankruptcy. One of these MUST be written in to the legal structure in order for the museum to receive Government Accreditation (without which it basically cannot get any funding). I won’t go into the detail of the options here, but I will re-iterate some previous comments. Firstly, it is very clear that the Saab Museum was not in the past set up on any sort of basis that mainstream museum people would consider to be safe and proper, and I really hope that attention is being given to this. Secondly, I would be surprised to find that the museums sector in Sweden is in matters of this nature significantly less advanced than most other places in what used to be called “the western world”. My point is that safeguards and solutions to your reasonable concerns ought to be built in to the museum’s legal fabric.

          For now, may I ask that the loan documentation between you and the museum states, in the legal preamble, that it is the intention to pass title to the vehicle to the museum at such point as it becomes clear that its collections would be secure from the effects of any future financial difficulties? It may well be possible to define this more precisely in terms that are relevant to standard museum practice in Sweden. If you would like to explore this further, please PM me: I do have national-level contacts in the Swedish museums community and would be happy to investigate further in support of this project.

          I will add my name to the donations list as soon as I am satisfied that this issue has been properly teased out.

          • First, I understand that this is a subject that is very close to your heart, however, I don’t think you can compare how systems work in the UK with Sweden. These two countries are completely different in so many ways. If you would like to know more about how the Saab Cars Museum works and its current situation. I suggest that you contact Peter Bäckström.

            The museum has standard contracts which are signed by the representative of the museum, in this case Peter Bäckström and the legal guardian of the car, which in this case would be me. The museum have used this exact type of contract for years regarding several other cars which have been taken care of by the museum.

            The fact is, that the museum very well can go bankrupt and it’s future is, at this point, very uncertain. It is NOT government owned, it is owned by private citizens and is run by a government owned company called Innovatum, but make no mistake, if the Museum shows negative numbers, measures will be taken to change that.

            If it looks like we will be able to raise the amount needed we will take this to the next level and place the actual order for the car and also sign the contracts with the museum and ANA. At this point all contracts etc will be made public here on SU.

            I would love to just give the car to the museum and not have to bother with any of the responsibilities and work that actually goes into owning that car, but the car needs to be sold to an SU Representative by ANA since we are the ones raising the funds.

  14. Hi there,

    just donated 99 EUR – I have summed together single figures of models I have owned (+ a 9-3 I am buying soon) … .

    9+9 + 9+9 + 9+0+0 + 9+0+0 + 9+0+0+0 + 9+3 + 9+5 + 10 to round it :)

    let the turbos rolling



  15. As for the matter of ownership I am with Bob Clark and would like to know more about this issue. I am very much in favour of 100% ownership of the 9-3 by the museum or some sort of notary document in which all the people who donated are mentioned as owner without any rights on the car. I really think this should be sorted in a way we can all agree with

    • Please read my comment above and you’ll understand why we do not want to give the car to the museum yet…

  16. Hi! Saab family over there.
    I just donated some EUR. I hope to keep inspiring Saab DNA to people through their remarkable history in Saab hometown.
    I think Saab has a soul not like any other physical machines or transportation tools. So, will not be turned off.
    Move your mind! Cheers!
    From Saab Owners Club Korea.

    • Yes, I agree, Saab has a soul, and a very honorable one at that. I don’t tell too many people though because I don’t want to get taken away, if you know what I mean. :-) You’ve also prodded me into making my donation.

  17. Bob Clark has a very good point, I’m happy to contribute to the Saab Museum and would appreciate that ownership is secured to the Museum or a entity in place for Saab’s legacy

    • rask said on May 2, 2012

      I agree. If you are unsure about what will happen to the museum, then set up an independant nonprofit trust that will be the owner. I am not financing Tim’s purchase of the final Saab.

      There are many other setups that would protect the car in case of a Museum shut down…