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Hirsch Performance Dual Exhaust for the 9-3

April 13, 2012 in Hirsch

As Tim already mentioned I visited Hirsch Performance yesterday. One of the goodies my car got was the 9-3 stainless steel sports exhaust. I just love the looks of the bezels in combination with the diffusor. As for the sound – how would you want to describe it if not through a sound file:

The nice thing about the sound design of this exhaust is that it rewards you with a big roar while accelerating and at full throttle but once you are cruising at a certain speed it turns into a sonorous tone that does not annoy at all on long trips. Yesterday I already found myself driving with the windows down to hear the sound even better. It’s truly addictive.

Speaking of the technical aspects the exhaust is flow optimized and slightly reduces the back pressure compared to the original system. The complete exhaust is made from stainless steel which gurantees perfect longevity. That kind of high quality is one of the reasons why I like the Hirsch Performance stuff so much. I surely hope when Saab gets a new owner there is a chance that Hirsch Performance gets to work with them again. To me their stuff has always made my Saabs complete. And above that they are a great bunch of people with very high skills and lots of experience on Saabs. A huge thank you to the team at Hirsch Performance for some nice and interesting hours and a special thanks to Felix for the installation work.

Here are a few more pics I took yesterday. Quite a few interesting cars stood besides mine in that workshop.

24 responses to Hirsch Performance Dual Exhaust for the 9-3

  1. nice car 🙂

    I wonder, how does the new exhaust sound like.

  2. Nice, did you already had 2 exhausts, or did they also replaced the rear bumper? I have a 210hp 93 sportestate vector( fully loaded) but the exhaust is not in sight. This one you have looks fantastic . Like to have it to!

  3. Xelav, the diffusor replaces the lower part of the bumper. I had no visible exhaust before.

    • hi till72 can you tell me please did you replace the back bumper or just the diffusor part?

      • Hi, del.

        Please have a look at this installation manual from Hirsch: It explains everything, and yes – the diffuser is a part of the whole package. Please also be aware of that the early 9-3 (2003 up to facelift) will have all the lower back skirt on the bumper replaced. This is also included in the package, but you need to be aware of that it also must be painted in car colour before use.
        That said: having that Hirsch exhaust system myself I highly recommend it. It is expensive, yes, but absolutely worth it! That sound and look, wow.

        • Hi,olav.
          Thank you very much for that info i,m glad that i don’t need to change the whole bumper,I have a late 2007 new shape 9-3 150 vector 1.9tid.I can’t afford that hirsch system yet but it does look very nice,just hope things end up well with saab. 😉

  4. Looks and sounds great! Wish we had more Hirsch options here in the US for my car…

    It appears that your 9-3 was in very good company in the workshop.

  5. Thanks till72 and olav! Next Thursday is my birthday, anyone who likes to donate ?

  6. Nice Countach body shell in the background. Behind it (the light green car), looks to me like a Saab Sonett III. Ayone knows what the dark green car parked behind these two is?

  7. Till/Tim – can you give me a loan of ~£1K so that I can get twin zorsts for my 9-5????

  8. You are right, Till. It makes a wonderful sound! So nice that it makes its presence known when accelerating and then has just a nice note at cruising speed. The sound of confident power. 🙂

  9. Hirsch makes me want a newer 9-3 so I can get all the cool stuff! Car looks and sounds great!

    PS I put the windows down on my 1996 900SE to hear the tried and true Saab sport exhaust! Love it!

  10. This is great! One thing I regret doing on my Viggen was replacing the stock exhaust system with the system from BSR. While it still sounds good, the stock Viggen system sounded much nicer. However, this Hirsch alternative is excellent.

    Till – Which 9-3 was this applied to? Will a 2.0T benefit like the 9-3 documented here?

    • My car is originally a 1.8t. But the 2.0T will surely benefit from that exhaust, too.

  11. I’m a proud owner of this exhaust system 🙂
    I love it 🙂

  12. An amazing addition to your 9-3 Till72, my Hirsch dual exhaust is on my 9-3 TTiD4, really gives the diesel engine a gorgeous rumble. Wish I could have had it all fitted in Switzerland though 🙂

    Just taken a few pics of my 9-3’s interior with all the Hirsch goodies :

    Simply stunning cars.

    • Great pics. Have that interior in both cars, too. Awesome.

    • I really like your blog site Eleven. In fact it seems lately that I keep on finding excellent Saab pages like your own, run by enthusiasts about their lovely Saabs…. It has made me keen to start my own 🙂

      Congratulations on your two beautiful Saabs.


      • Thanks Mike, I love doing it, photography, writing and SAABs – perfect. 3 on the drive now though; 2 9-3’s and a classic 900 convertible.

        We’re all inspired by SAABs in a way no other brand seems to manage at this level. Let us know if you start your own 🙂

        • Will do… I just need decide what to call the site now, big decisions eh 😉

          I’ve added yours to my bookmarks in the meantime.

  13. Great car! Gives it just that extra visual beauty on a already breathtaking car! Realy good choice

  14. He Till.

    It’s a bit quiet 😉 You’ve to take a ride in a 95 with Hirsch exhaust. You can hear the Rooaaar of an elk (or is it the voice of Thor 😉 ).
    TimR has the new design of the Hirsch exhaust in his 95. I’ve the old design with the double small/bigger round exhaust on both sides. It’s a blast. Enjoying it on every ride.

  15. I’m going to install the same exhaust at my 2.0T SportCombi. Although the exhaust looks beautiful, I wonder if it is possible to make 2.0 inline 4 sound like larger six or eight cylinder engines.

  16. I’d love to have the Hirsch exhausts on my 9-5 Turbo6 (though I’m not really sure if I like the quad-pipe design as much as the stock pipes). It’s not cheap though, which unfortunately means that I can’t afford it until maybe next year — if there are any left by then 🙁