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Making of Saab “Re-born” commercial

April 17, 2012 in SAAB Automobile AB

16 responses to Making of Saab “Re-born” commercial

  1. Nice piece. Hope this will be a dream comes true..

  2. I look forward to a commercial about the re-born 900 with a C900 being morphed into the new car!

    • When did the 3 series last have a new look?

      • This is their latest creation. A brand new 2012. I always thought the 3-series side profile looked more like a Toyota than Saab, so they’re obviously getting ‘closer’.
        It just makes the NG 9-3 = outdated, comments on SU slightly more interesting.

        On the ad itself. What a wast of cash. It could be any brand. Speeding on the mountain roads… No wonder consumers in N.A. had no idea what SAAB was about.
        So GM produced stuff like that as late as 2008. Unbelievable. The should have went to Canada and filmed in a snow storm instead. The title could have been “Getting home”.

  3. haha You can imagine that it’s my car, because it seems a bit like they want it to be the same car but with the new exterior, so then it’s my car, I’ve 1:05 rebuilt 08;) nice: D

  4. And I look forward to a commercial about the “re-born” of the 9-5 SC ……but I might be a dreamer ……. :/

  5. I always love seeing how much work goes into filming…. just amazing!

    Although where was the helicopter shot????

  6. Sorry,
    this video is only much ado about nothing.

  7. Can we get a new commercial of SAAB morphing into a 2013 or 2014 model which clearly shows the gm being squeezed out of it?

    • +9000 !

    • That would be an interesting commercial. When they have squeezed the ‘GM’ out of the 9-3, they could get the cast of Warehouse 13 to put on the purple gloves and transport the GM ingredients away!

  8. In the end, how can they say ‘it’s more jet-inspired..‘ when they exchanged the typical aircraft-style Saab push-button dash for a generic-GM-style dashboard in the 2008 model?
    Hopefully future designers of Saab dashboards will get there inspiration more from this:

    • Indeed, even though I own a 2008 model, I preferred the previous dash, hate the chrome surround strip and saw no improvemnet, indeed maybe decrease in interior quality. But I still love it!

      • Sure; it remains a Saab !
        Too bad there are no 9-3’s that combine the new and better looking exterior with the push-button dash of the older model….

  9. Just drove the new Citroen ds5 , and have to say this is a car Saab should have made. And you have to drive one to see what I mean.