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Maud Olofsson to be questioned regarding Vladimir Antonov

April 12, 2012 in News

From P4 West: Jörgen Hellman, together with party-collauge Peter Johnsson, both members of the social-democratic party who have filed an application of questioning of Maud Olofsson with the constitutional department of the Swedish Government.

On monday april 23rd the former minister of enterprise will be questioned regarding the governments role while determining if Vladimir Antonov was to allowed as share-holder in Saab Automobile AB.
– Saab lost almost a year of work while trying to make him a part-owner. Had the government been more clear, the situation might have been different today. We want to know what went on behind closed doors say Jörgen Hellman to P4 West.

According to the two social-democrats the government is to have provided information to the FBI about Vladimir Antonov during the sales process of 2009, when Vladimir was thought to become a part-owner of Saab Automobile.

12 responses to Maud Olofsson to be questioned regarding Vladimir Antonov

  1. I’m curious what the outcome will be, to be continued I guess. They can write a thriller about the activities behind the curtains at Saab .

  2. Criminal charges possible?
    (Fraud, obstruction of justice,
    Criminal intent, collusion, profiteering?)

  3. Maud Please go home !!!!!!!!!!

  4. Time for ……”The Spanish Inquisition”…!

    • Yeah, Monthy Phyton’s catchphrase: “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!”

  5. soon the hunt will begin ,

  6. jeah… Sweden is a Democratie after all…

  7. Too late; this should have been done when something could have been changed.
    What results are expected now?

  8. “”Amazing how many inocent ppl there is now ?

    I wish I had gone into politics…meen it’s the only work there u get payed to lye ppl into ther face and after get away with ; “Wasn’t me” , “Have I never say” or “I don’t remember”……….
    To bad I’m just a ordernary person who have to try to survive…..after I payed my taxes ….
    I can’t lye or denying things I have done or said…If I do so I end up in jail……to bad ….I wish I was into politics……””

    > With a tuch of ironi <