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SAAB PARTS: Press-release regarding body-part production

April 17, 2012 in News, Press Releasse

SAAB Automobile Parts AB is starting production of car-body parts

  • The spare-parts company starts production of car-body parts
  • Acquisition of a large party of car body-parts
  • Large amount of spare parts acquired from the bankruptcy of Saab Automobile AB

Saab Automobile Parts AB starts production of spare body-parts in Saab Automobile’s press- and body factory in Trollhättan. About 30 people including blue and white-collars will be working with planning and production of hoods, doors and fenders for Saab cars.

“We have been working intensely with this complex deal together with Saab Automobile’s bankruptcy administrators for some time”. A deal has now been signed with the administrators which allows Saab Parts to rent the press- and body factory in Trollhättan as well as the tools required. This means that we can produce body-parts as needed and again build those parts which has not been produced since Saab Automobile stopped proceeding cars, say Lennart Ståhl, CEO of Saab Automobile Parts AB. The planning of production-start is already underway and after a test-run the production-lines will start producing parts again. The next step is to assemble the parts. Production of car body-parts will continue until June 30th 2012.

The spare-parts company has now through a deal with the bankruptcy administrators acquired a large number of car body-parts which are already built. The amount also includes a large acquisition of other parts as well ranging up to 1500 different article numbers which is of great importance in an aftermarket perspective.

“These solutions together with recently made agreements with important suppliers is part of a significant program to regain a good supply of spare-parts both short and long-term, say Lennart Ståhl”.

Contact Saab Automobile Parts AB at telephone +46-(0)155-24 40 00

Original press-release available for download in Swedish: – HERE

24 responses to SAAB PARTS: Press-release regarding body-part production

  1. Great News…..step by step…….

  2. VERY good news, too, for the future chances of Saab. It means that a major component of the Saab production cycle remains complete, active and manned. Should Saab actually be re-started then it would be pretty easy to just ramp up production to higher output levels.


  3. If only they’d build some Viggen bumpers! Haha

  4. SAAB has clearly more lives than a cat. GO SAAB! Great news!

  5. A cat has 9 lives, Saab ∞

  6. Will they also produce 9-4X parts? Or is it GM’s job?

  7. Happy news!!!!

  8. Excellent news! I will drive SAABs, old or new, also in the future, no other cars for me! :)

    Cheers from Norway
    Always on the longest road home when out there with my SAABs. Always!

  9. I hope that include the NG 9-5 and 9-4x

  10. Excellent news! Not that we’ve been affected by any shortage, but nice to hear anyway. :)

  11. Yes, I’d like to know for which cars….

  12. This is the best news in months. I was afraid that if my car was damaged, it would have to be scrapped. Now I am hopeful that I can get a new door, hood (bonnet) or other body part.

  13. This is great, now someone tell my Saab dealer. I can get key fobs, but the dealer can’t.

  14. Dear fellow saabers, unfortunately for me, I was involved in a stupid accedent about two weeks ago and there is significant damage to my beautifull 08 93 Aero XWD – front bumper, rad, grill, left fender, broken head lights, some engine components, etc. I’m in Ottawa/Canada and the local boday shop who used to be part of the old Saab dealer claims that they can not get any parts for the car and they have already reported to the insurance company as a total loss. The sad part for me is that I end up loosing the car that I love and my feeling is that the boday shop is looking forward to buy the car from the insurance company at the end so they can use/sale the parts on my car with big profit. I

    • Give Karl Johnson at Scandanavian Auto Services a call (613-225-3213). He may be able to help locate some spare parts for you from a wreckers yard.

    • I’m in the same boat as you, but my car 2008 9-3 was being repaired perfectly except for the Saab garage that was to supply the 2 headlights and aero fog light surround has just confirmed thay cant get the last 3 parts for my car, car in the garage now 4 months and it’s looks like it going to the scrap yard now, as it can’t be driven. Its a Pitty and sad because the car is in perfect condition. I have being giving the chance to buy the car from the insurance company, but I don’t see the point. As hella make the light and I’m sure SAAB the company ows them a lot of money, so I don’t see them producing the any Time soon.

  15. This is great news!

    Now to find out if they have or know when they’ll have the:

    • Hood
    • Front Bumper
    • Fender
    • Driver Side (LHD) Quarter Panel

    And a few other parts in the general front left area for one of my 9-3s…

    Sadly, in February, i was out driving the 2009 SAAB 9-3SS Aero V6 XWD and a Subaru (a laughable little Subaru) hit me ( “side swipped” the driver/left side)

    Great timing for this news. I need the parts!

    • Ah, I had that model – sold it in September. Best 9-3 ever made with the V6, XWD, LSD, ESD and integrated bluetooth. Of course, most would say Turbo X… but the bluetooth really was a huge advantage for me.

  16. Thanks Aeroottaw, I initially called them and they couldn’t halp much with the boday parts, I’ll try again though – the main problem at the moment is the insurance company is offering me very little for my car considering the curret market value. So, the insurance compnay is trying to screw me and at the same time loosing my be loved car! I was wondering if anyone/SU satff could provide me with the status of the body parts and how fast they might be available at this side of the palnet. Perhaps I can convenience the insurance company to hold on to the car for some time. Any help is much appreciated.
    My advice to all you Saab drivers – be extremly carfull with your cars, there are a lot of idiots on the roads, no matter where you are – you don’t want to be in this sad situation that I’m right now!

  17. Pitty for my car, 2008 9-3, it needs two head light and a fog light surround, that’s all, but 4 months waiting, and no hope, car now is being scraped. Shame on SAAB.

    • It makes me wonder if the game here is to part that car out and make more on it than the “totaled” check they write to you. It seems incredible that a common model like that has absolutely no availability for headlights.

  18. Its awful to hear the stories of my fellow SAAB LOYALISTS. SaabFanatic, I feel awful for you. I can read & feel the guy wrenching heartbreak you are experiencing. I wouldn’t be able control my frustration if it were me soar had this experience! Just flat out a terrible situation.

    I’m basically in the same boat as you except mine – 2009 9-3 Aero V6 XWD – hasn’t gone to the shop yet because I was afraid of exactly this issue. I have received the check for the estimated cost of repairs from my insurance and I immediately went to my bank and opened up a new savings with it so that I do not touch the money and when the parts are available, I will withdraw the money and go to have it fixed

    In the meantime, I just make sure that I am careful, that I am safely driving and that i am constantly remembering that to BLAME SAAB
    for the body part issue is absolutely ridiculous.

    My 2009 SAAB 9-3
    The 2008 for SAABFANATIC
    And the 2008 for John

    All 3 of those cars were produced while SAAB was owned by GM and as such, our frustrations should be aimed at GM even more beyond because the majority of SAABs thoughts stem from that.

    If I was John, I would not be wishing shame onto the the greateat car and car brand (SAAB) and certainly not without heaping the VAST MAJORITY of blame onto Obama Communist Motors, their intrinsicly terrible business practices and evident dislike and even intense hatred for ANY and ALL of US, the SAAB CUSTOMERS.

    John, OCGM hates you as a SAAB driver. I hope you see that fact?

    If they cared for you or any of the SAAB universe then I must ask:

    “Why did you not assist SAAB – as their corporate parent – by helping, backing or even in the worst cases just flat out paying those depts?”

    If a supplier is owed a large sum