The creator of Griffin Up! releases album

April 19, 2012 in Fan Stuff

David Blumberg, the creator of the fantastic song Griffin Up! has today released his debut album called “I’m Not Lying, I’m Telling Stories”. The album is an semi-acustic album with some really nice tunes. Some of the songs are in Swedish, some in English and I have to say that even though “slow rock & Alternative” is not really my type of tunes, this one sure sounds good anyhow and I really appreciated the album! =). You can download it for free from Davids’s website: or if you want to help David out, you can purchase the album on iTunes

Listen to the album and state your favorite song, mine was the last one, (number 9) which becomes really good after about 5 minutes =)

8 responses to The creator of Griffin Up! releases album

  1. Look forward to hearing this on Sirius XM Nordic Rox. Somebody send it over to Nordic Rox hosts Per Gessle and Sven Lindström

  2. nice 😀 😀

  3. David, I enjoy your music. A relaxing moment in these times, imagine sitting in a Saab Convertible cruising in a sunny summer landscape. :-)

  4. Speaking of Griffin Up…

    News hit the wires yesterday concerning Youngman. I don’t see anything posted here, whether as a news item or in the comments section.

    Youngman made a fresh new bid yesterday of $470M, which apparently is enough to satisfy creditor requests per the administrators. Additionally, Youngman has promised to pump $1.45BILLION into Trollhattan in order to start production ASAP.

    I know we all want Mahindra, but I would be very content with Youngman over the Japanese conglomerate who apparently want to create a new electric car brand.

    Regardless, anything that will save the people and community of Trollhattan is fine by me. Its not about “SAAB” anymore, although we’d all like it to be…

    • Again, please do not post off-topic items in the comments, we’ve told you this before… and we have posted about this already!…

  5. Crazy! I was just preparing the boat for the summer and found myself humming on that tune, and thinking about David. Will listen to this.

  6. Track 9 is by far my favorite!
    I wander how many people still recognize that voice; astronomer Carl Sagan of the fantastic TV series Cosmos;

  7. Oh, what a lovely surprise to find my album covered on SU! Thanks a lot guys! And thank you for your encouraging comments :)