Västkustens Affärsänglar AB – Jan Åke Jonsson

April 20, 2012 in News

Jan Åke Jonsson, former CEO of Saab Automobile has together with a group of top people from the enterprise sector and Innovatum registered a company in Trollhättan named Västkustens Affärsänglar AB. Directly translated it becomes the Busniess-Angels of the West Coast Inc.

It’s being reported in the media today that Jan Åke Jonsson is starting up a company and is holding a press-conference at Innovatum on tuesday to launch the company to the public.

Since this is the only company in Trollhättan, which has Jan Åke Jonsson registered at any position we believe it is this one. The company was registered on February 10, 2012 and is mainly to work as an investment company in business promising great growth potential.

Together with Jan Åke, the following people are part of the company:

Jonsson, Jan Åke (born. 1951), Chairman
Eriksson, Peter (born. 1975), member – Works with the city of Trollhättan & Innovatum
Gustafsson, Bo Morgan (born. 1944), member – Works with IT
Hammar, Anders Mikael (born. 1960), member – Works with Property and real-estate
Lenhoff, Bengt Kjell Olof (born. 1940), member – Production
Nielsen, Kurt Terje (born. 1956), member – ?
Norrman, Sven Erik Mikael (born. 1964), member – Various construction

9 responses to Västkustens Affärsänglar AB – Jan Åke Jonsson

  1. What happened to:
    This casts increasing doubts on the plot we got from Saab about “retirement” etc. Well, the true story will certainly be delivered one day. Anyway, good luck, and hopefully, there will be a startup soon in Trollhättan, where some Asian businessmen/women need advice…

    • Well… ‘Retirement’, ‘pursue other personal projects’, and such, are pretty much the standard ways to annouce a departure of a senior company official. They don’t always have to be the ultimate reasons (as those aren’t even shared internally by those leaving, sometimes)…

      From a Business perspective, a Business Angels consortium is a great idea in a place where so many engineers and other highly skilled personnel are based. Those people could become very successful entrepeneurs with the right help/assistance 😉

  2. Piece to piece and sometime the puzzle is finished. 😉

  3. Just happy to see that J.A.Jonsson is still doing well; he is a fine person and did a lot for Saab.
    Just doubt he will be interested at this moment to look at the actual Saab as an investment target for fast growth.

    • You’re right… its pretty basic really, business-angels is a common thing, they help new companies establish themselves and make a lot of money by doing so… JAJ and many others in this group are highly experienced and see a big potential to earn a lot of money while helping these new companies that are popping up in Trollhättan to grow even bigger and faster…

      For those companies who can afford their services it is most often a win-win situation

  4. I would love to see Mahindra as owners with a nice cushy seat on the board of directors for JAJ. I have huge respect for the man and his even keel. If the Indians want to keep “Swedishness” (like TATA kept “Britishness”) then JAJ’s presence would surely be a great asset.

    • Do we know for sure if this is not one of the groups having placed a bid on SAAB???