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What was in that box?

April 19, 2012 in Hirsch, Technical

A few days ago when Till72 visited Hirsch Performance in Switzerland he brought back a box for me with some stuff that I had ordered, for you who were observant in the comments you found out what was in there, for the rest of you, you’ll have to continue reading! One person managed to guess what it was exactly which was pretty impressive I must say.

The answer: HIRSCH Carbon-Leather Interior

Fitting the Hirsch-Carbon leather is fairly easy, I did it on my driveway and it took about one hour or so to do. Except for small plastic bands to get the navigation unit out, you don’t really need much more than a T25 Screw-driver and an ordinary very small screw-driver.

Some people do this without taking out the steering-wheel. It is doable that way but I prefer to take it off anyway since it gives you a lot more work-space and you don’t risk scratching or bending the panel too much. With the Saab carbon-fiber panel one almost had to take the steering-wheel off because if one bent the panel just a little bit the carbon-fiber would crack and leave nasty marks in it, they more or less turned white, which isn’t too nice on a black panel.

This Hirsch-panel looks a bit different since I’ve replaced the knobs for the ventilation, normally the Hirsch carbon leather panel is delivered with the black rubber knobs that were used on the 2006 model. In 2007 the anniversary model and all others had chromed knobs instead, well they are only painted plastic knobs but they do look a lot better than the old rubber ones. It takes some surgery to replace those as you actually need to remove the whole ventilation-assembly at the back of the panel and move it over to the Hirsch-panel.

The door trims take a bit of work, they are fitted fairly tightly when coming form the factory, you can use a small plastic tool or a very small screw-driver to remove the plastics, starting from the top and working down-wards, when removing the side trims no tools should be used since they easily leave marks. The same goes for all the panel instruments and buttons, release everything by pushing on them from behind, the panel scratches really easily otherwise.

The only place where you actually need to use a small tool from the front are the buttons on the left-hand side, there you should use a small release too, like a small piece of metal to release the plastic blocks holding them in place on each side and they will come out very easily.

The whole panel is just attached with 8 screws in total, fastened at 10 Nm of torque, all of the T25 screws. The steering-wheel on the picture is the MapTun sport sterring-wheel.

All the Hirsch parts keep extremely high quality and its really nice to see the energy they put into the details, I’ve said it so many times before, this is what the Aero of the 2006 model should have looked like! It is a shame that Saab didn’t put more energy and focus on the great products that Hirsch provided!

11 responses to What was in that box?

  1. I was hoping it was 2 front headlight for my 2008 Saab, Pitty, as it being written off, next week.

  2. Looks very high-tech and cool! Congratulate you with it.

  3. P said on April 19, 2012

    I wish they’d make a reasonably priced wood panel one that matches the OEM wood trim. I so hate the plastic! I thought it wouldn’t bother me but it does…

    • Saab’s wooden panels are real wood covered with a transparent plastic cover, I’ve cut the 9-5 and 9-3 SS and CC panels open and checked…

  4. Looks sharp! Congrats on a job well done.

  5. Very impressive! I wish they had more of these for sale; I’d jump at the opportunity! Right now I can’t even find the matching gearshift trim for the brushed aluminum dash in my ’07 9-5 Aero. That black plastic isn’t my favorite to say the least…

  6. Ah to be young and blessed with disposable income. So jealous I cannot justify spending on such cool stuff for my Saab. Having kids = end of disposable income + dirty Saab interior.

  7. Never seen one on the older generation 9-3, looks fantastic.

    I absolutely love the quality of these Hirsch dashboards, if fact I couldn’t resist taking a few detailed pics of my Carbon Fibre dash the other day

    Mine doesn’t have the Hirsch symbol on for some reason, it is on the centre gear panel though.

  8. Nice!

    Can’t find it on the hirsch website though. I’ve been looking for an upgrade for my 9-5 interior. Do they have one in NAPA leather? All i see is the interior upgrades for the 9-3.