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Final production of the last 9-3 Griffin

May 15, 2012 in Fan Stuff

Today I visited ANA for a very special reason, the crew that has been building the last cars were going to finish assembly of the last 9-3 Griffin.

I arrived at ANA and signed the purchasing contract of the car, the money had been transferred only days after we stopped the donations, insurance and other fees have also been paid. After the contract was signed I moved on to the assembly building which is located about 1 km from ANA’s sales facilities. Once there the car had already left for the factory where it went through the brake and lights check at the special facilities located at the very end of the production line inside Saab’s final assembly factory. The car also went through the computer check system and its papers placed in the archive.

The car was also driven out on the short-track test-track where every car is tested for noise and other vibrations. Once this was done the car is officially finished. It was driven out of the main gate at SAAB Automobile and back to ANA’s assembly building. There it was washed and its emblems fitted as well as a final read-out of the computer system, no fault codes were found. The license plates were the last thing to be attached to the car.

Tomorrow the cars details will be entered into Sweden’s national car-register and made ready for delivery. Delivery service will be done and the car will go through an extensive check-list and also have some items such as floor-mats etc inserted and all the plastic protective covers removed. On either monday or tuesday the car will receive its Hirsch Performance engine upgrade that will upgrade the engine from 180 hp to 200 hp.

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  1. I wonder is it possible to buy a new style grill or headlights?

  2. It still looks modern despite the age! I like the color, looks really hot in that candy white! And that green typical Saabish cockpit dashboard! :D I really don’t mind at ALL if Saab, against all odds, start up the production after summer and start make more of those 9-3s! Let us hope that those bankruptcy-slowers PRESENT that awesome buyer by the end of may, as they promised! Blir fan äcklad av de varenda j-vla gång de nämns i TTela och deras hyschande!

  3. Fantastic effort, indeed! I hope the chaps in the photo (and others involved in the manufacture, behind the scenes) will be around on 26th. They deserve (at minimum) a congratulatory pint (and maybe to sign the sun visors too?).

    I know we’re leaving the car essentially unadulterated but — to be cheeky — if I had my druthers would add the Hirsch splitters to the front. Such a minor piece (ABS plastic protrusions [Carbon option?]) yet lends a complementary, aggressive detail. BTW: For anybody with Vector or Linear (never mind Aero) 9-3 who wants to ratchet things up a bit, I can’t think of a better way…for a few hundred bucks…from our Factory Authorized Tuner :)

  4. Sorry for double post (make that triple now :) –and ‘reported’ myself) but wanted to add that the splitters are functional too!

  5. Looking special.

  6. Great looking Griffin
    Nice touch on the plate holders.
    A good plate could have been SUL 936, (Saabs United Last 93 6riffin.)

  7. A sad day since its the last 93, but a happy one for this group as the next part of our little part of history unfolds. I aggree with the comment by selle. Our 93 still looks fresh, will drive well and despite its current status, I really hope the new owners of SAAB decide that to get the “cash in the door” a few more examples of this mileage eating car are made. For now one can hope, and enjoy driving what we have for now :)

  8. Wonderful to see this and a bit sad too…being the last 9-3. I can’t wait to visit the museum in July…Haven’t been there since March 2008.

  9. RS said on May 15, 2012

    May I suggest driving through the gate one more time with the hood closed? ;)

    • Tim said on May 16, 2012

      Normally the hood is never closed while the car is still “in production”, old habit of the production guys not to close it. They were not aware that I was going to take those photos, found out after they had driven out of the gate.

      We might get to drive in and out once more during the photo shoot

  10. Can’t help noticing how sad the empty factory looks …

  11. Tim, Your home address is in clear view on the invoice.

    But the car looks nice and I’m trying to decide which bit is “mine” !!

  12. Nice to see the car coming together finally! I am proud to be a part of this. It would be great if the folks that donated could purchase a vinyl window sticker (like the ones that have a college name). The sticker could say “My other Saab is in the museum”. Some of the proceeds could go to the museum. Those rims are awesome! Can they be purchased, or are there only enough made for the remaining cars? What is their ALU #?

    • I like the idea of your sticker.

      • Thanks, it could be a different saying, or maybe more than one to choose from. It would be a nice way to we’re proud to have saved the last Saab, and still support the museum as well.

        • Tim said on May 16, 2012

          I like this idea as well, we’ve done key rings as a tribute to this car, they will be launched on saturday about a week and a half from now as well as a brand new design on the registration frame SU advertisement.

          We got a suggestion the other day from a friend that we’d sell some items that are related to this car here on SU and that about 50% of the profit went to the museum, I think this is something we’re going to do. This would be a continuous way to support the museum over a longer period of time and at the same time help SU make money that can be used to make new products….

    • Scott,
      the wheels are ALU 88.
      ANA has a good offer on them, you can follow the ad on the right side.

  13. Tim, just out of interest, what are the last three numbers of the VIN number?

  14. Still amazed and proud of how this all came together. Just love it.

  15. the saddest thing is it will never be driven…

    • Tim said on May 16, 2012

      The car will actually be driven a little bit, a brand new engine is ruined if its not driven at all. We’ve been asked to make some videos about this car as well as a photo shoot. Swedish Tv4 wants to make a documentary about it as well which we’ve said yes to. All of the driving will be in a very controlled manner!

      • In my professional opinion as a museum curator specialising in technology collections, this is the right thing to do.

        Into the future, this car is likely to be something of a “star item” in the Saab Museum’s collections. As such, it will be essential for the museum to have high-quality film footage of the car moving, together with stills at key places. I also hope, although TimR hasn’t said this happened, that someone recorded the car running through the test routine at the factory (something I stood at the fence and watched happening with new 9-3s in August 2010).

        Beyond that, the best way of keeping a machine (which is what a car is, after all) in good condition is to work it, gently and lightly, every so often. This helps in so many ways, for example to keep corrosion away, seals flexible and bearings unseized. Given the “design life” of this car is, say, 200,000 kms or more, one can run say a kilometre each month and it’s something like 50 years before it’s ready for its “first service”! Hopefully, Saab will be around in a new guise to do this at the factory, long after we are all gone and forgotten!

  16. I am looking forward very much to seeing this car a week on Saturday. Anyone else from outside Sweden actually going, or are my son and I the only ones?

  17. Z! said on May 16, 2012

    absolutely beautiful! :)

  18. In the photo of the car at the gate the Bonnet looks like it is not completely shut?

  19. The car looks great!

  20. If it isn’t too much trouble could SU publish the invoice listing all the options that came with the last 9-3 Griffin.

    I know everyone would like to know every detail about that Griffin. We all feel it is part of our SAAB family now. Maybe have everyone suggest a name for it and put it to a vote?

    “We are many, We bought the last SAAB” could be the name for the naming campaign.

    Thank you and everyone at SU for all of your efforts,

    BTW – Would you happen to know what kind of spoiler they installed on the Griffin?

    • Tim said on May 18, 2012

      We never got an invoice like that. The only document we have is the one I’ve published above with is an order confirmation. I got a receipt as well which basically only states the identity of the car and the amount paid.

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