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Saving the last 9-3 Griffin: Mission Accomplished! :)

May 4, 2012 in Fan Stuff, News, SaabsUnited Related

In the beginning of April an interesting discussion between me and Joachim Lind, CEO of ANA has now resulted in something truly amazing. A bit more than a week ago we set out to do something that has never been done by any enthusiast group for any auto-brand in the world. We, the fans set out on a mission to buy a car, and not just any car, we set out to buy the last of a production series, the last Saab 9-3 Griffin. This car was taken off the production line at SAAB in february and was transported to ANA’s special-cars production facility. There it has, together with 49 other cars been assembled by ANA and SAAB employees. This particular car will be finished very soon.

And we have done it! Today we passed the amount required and we have in addition to that, managed to bring in a substantial amount that we will donate to the museum. The car will be paid for and a bank-transfer note for the additional money will be donated to the museum on the delivery date.

We are now going to continue to convert the money to SEK (Swedish Kronor) and transfer all the money into a Swedish bank-account at the bank SEB, from which, the invoice from ANA will be paid and the check to the museum issued. Some of the money that has been transferred from donors has not yet reached our bank-account but we are sure that it will which is why we are putting an end to this mission. The transfer will take a few days and hopefully sometime at the end of next week we will know exactly how much money was brought in. We also hope to inform you soon about a delivery date, a date that will be important to say the least and it would be very nice if many of you would like to join us at ANA to take part in the ceremony! =)

We are keeping the donations page open for a little while longer, any extra money donated will benefit the museum.

Here is a letter from Victor Muller:

Dear Tim,

Such good news that you managed to fund the purchase of the last Saab to be built (for the time being that is) with the help of so many enthusiasts. It proves again what a loyal and dedicated following our brand has and I am convinces this support will continue in the future .

Congrats to you, your team and the fans.

Best personal regards,


Here are the specifications of the great car, we all have fought so hard to save:

  • SAAB 9-3 Aero Griffin
  • Registration Number: DJA 880
  • Engine: TTiD4, 180 hp
  • Transmission: Manual 6-Speed
  • Wheels: ALU88 17-inch Griffin
  • Color: Arctic White
  • Interior: Black Leather/Textile
  • Additional equipment: Auto-dimming rearview mirrors, Electrically controlled front seats, memory on the drivers seat, theft-alarm, Comfort-locking, Mobile Hands-free, Rain-sensor, parking-sensors, spare-wheel, carbon-fiber interior, Bose Premium Audio System 300W.
  • Retail Price: 331’850 SEK (€37’205 / $48’672)

88 responses to Saving the last 9-3 Griffin: Mission Accomplished! :)

  1. Nice job Tim and SU :)

  2. This is a really great story. Well done, Tim, Till and the rest of the SU readership!

  3. This has been a combined effort from everyone on SU and we should all be proud, I applaud you all.

  4. Tim said on May 4, 2012

    We will continue to update the name list over the weekend… about 600 donors in total! =)

  5. I am proud and honored to be a part of this dynamic group of Saab enthusiasts. Nice job everyone! Griffin up!

  6. I can just say one thing: Absolutly amazing! The spirit of Saab is stronger than ever!

  7. arwo said on May 4, 2012

    Amazing! I’m proud :-)

  8. I am so chuffed, and delighted.
    This news is simply superb.

  9. Congrats Tim and SU, and thanks to ANA for a generous offer. And to all donors. Suggest donors to be invited by the new owner of SAAB as special guests when the factory and production restarts (incl production og the NG95 which is a fantastic car).

  10. Fantastic!! Great effort from all. Would be good if we can all do a similar, long term thing to help keep the museum!

  11. excellent! TimR deserves to drive it for a day and then to the museum!

  12. M.A. said on May 4, 2012

    Thanks Tim and SU crew!!!

    Somehow history has been made, and all of us form part of it.

  13. Dear final parties that are interested in purchasing Saab and keeping the Saab brand alive,

    Where else will you find such a devoted and loyal group on consumers?

    GRIFFIN UP! Congrats to all involved.

  14. Talk about an incredible way to end a week. It’s times like these where I am practically speech-less.

    But, I have to say something: Thanks everyone who took part in making this happen. We truly are apart of something very special and I expect very well that this will create one hell of a shock-wave through the industry.

    As we continue the fight to preserve Saab’s heritage and their future a quote from Star Trek III: The Search for Spock continues to linger in my mind: “[turn] death into a fighting chance to live”.

  15. Simply put, ‘We are many – we are Saab.’

  16. I’m very happy that the community saved this very last 9-3 and I’m glad to see this “Beauty” at the Museum (hopefully) during my trip in Sweden mid-June this year.
    Thanks a lot Tim, Till, Jason and the whole SU-Team for your effort in this “rescue-project” and for keeping the community informed what’s going on. A big “thank you” to ANA especially to Joachim Lind for his part and the “nice” price to get this “symbolic” car.
    At least thank you to all donors of this community – we made it! – and that’s great :-)!

  17. Congratulations! A job well done! :)

  18. JH said on May 5, 2012

    Very nice to hear! Congratulations to everybody involved! :D

  19. Great news! Can’t wait to see what plans will be made for the delivery date, will most certainly show up at ANA. Good job everyone!

  20. Amazing news. We really are Saab(s) United now!

  21. Great News! The dacia sandero..

    haha jking

    This is great news indeed and I was hoping to donate to the fund but was a bit late because of all the supporters! This is a good thing!

  22. I just wish I had £15000 to get my hands on a 2010 9-5. Quite possibly the most beautiful sedan on the roads today.

  23. Tim ,can you still donate, I wanted to donate today when i came home and I see this.
    Let me know……..

    Thank you

    • stupid me…..note to myself “read first ,post later”
      Extra donation from Nyc……
      Hopefully I’ll be able to visit that sacred place sometime……..

      Keep on SAABing….

  24. Very, very proud of everyone here. Jeez, never seen anything like it, what a formidable bunch!
    And what at a vote of confidence for the future owners too.
    Look forward to celebrating with other UK donors next weekend at Svenska day!

  25. There might not be any company for now, the SAAB spirit is still very much alive. Great teamwork people. I am the proud owner of about 1 + 1/1000 saabs now ;)

  26. Trollhatten and the Saab museum is now creeping up my bucket list for future places to visit. That is one for sure I will get to one day.

  27. Well this all happened quicker than expected! Bit late to the party but have just sent a donation anyway. Well done Saabers! Amazing achievement in such a short timeframe.

  28. Fantastic news! Congratulations to TimR and the SU crew for organising the campaign. And a big “Thank you!!!” to the 600 or so enthusiasts for their contributions that made this possible. I’m sure the press will be all over this. Well done everyone!!!

  29. TimR and rest of the crew of SU…
    I´ve made my donation… It isn´t much but that´s all i can give it right now and it is with great joy that i give it, so please take it.
    I know that the campaign isn´t over but it has been accomplished… but i just want to make part of it!
    That way when someday i could visit the museum i can say i helped to buy the last car!

    Thanks for this initiative! And thanks for keep pushing for saab!
    In this corner of the world ( Portugal ) you have a Fan!!


    P.S. – will you make a list of all the donnors?? It would be nice to appear on it!!

  30. Don said on May 5, 2012

    Good job!

  31. Congrats to Tim and the SU team. I really thought this would end up an embarrassing failed venture, but you proved me wrong by a long shot — much to my delight! Way to go!

  32. Amazing everyone. The power of many has once again displayed its strength!

  33. Wonderful job SU and all of us “Saabanistas” around the globe who contributed to putting this car in the only place it belongs considering the current state of affairs. I only wish it was going to somebody who could drive it every day, and that thousands more were still rolling off the line behind it, all bound for their own road.

  34. I feel a little sorry for the penultimate car that rolled of the line now! Haha – it’s the last Saab made that is on public roads! Who owns that treasure? Lucky person. We just made their car that much more special..!

  35. Thank you TimR, SUcrew & ANA for making this possible! To all the fans that have donated, we have shown what this Automotive Brand is about!! ITS PASSION. A passion in Design, Engineering and build to provide not only a form of Transport, but safety and a smile each time you sit behind the wheel!
    Well Done ALL!
    “We are many – we are Saab.”

  36. a ‘job’ well done! i take it you will inform us on the total amount donated. and of course there have to be photos of the hand-over of the car which was subject to a magnificent SU-project.

    can you keep the account open to donate for the upkeep/maintenance of this unique Saab?

  37. Tim, if this is the last thing you do for Saab you name is now in Valhalla. Also, we should note to the administrators, Saab is strong, stronger than the parts. You now see what can be done, do not doubt the public, follow the music, and do the right thing.

  38. thx all for save a pice of history , we shall be poud of ourself. To bad ny donation seem to be gone as I’m not still on the list after 3-4 days .

  39. It is great to be part of this action, this is what is all about, Saab Spirit! Thank You TimR, Saabsunited crew and fellow fans! We made History!

  40. Well done Saabsunited and everyone! Great to be a part of this :-)

  41. Congratulations to all! :-) Good job Tim and S.U. ! :-)

  42. We are an amazing community ……………. we are amazing ……….. thanks to you all……………..

    Griffin Up!!!

  43. I know it’s a douchebag question to ask, but:
    What are you going to do with this car if the production restarts? It won’t be the last Saab, it won’t even be the last 9-3. It’ll just be… a Saab. A white Saab with no particularly special features, not even XWD.

    • No matter what happens to Saab, a New-Saab won’t be in any case just a continuation of Saab but something different. I think car will be the last car of an era, and therefore it will always have a place in the Museum.

      And most of all, it is the car that will represent us, the community, in the Museum, as we are also part of Saab.

      • “And most of all, it is the car that will represent us, the community, in the Museum, as we are also part of Saab.”

        This. More than anything else!

    • Interesting—-I’ve always been fascinated with Saabs, since seeing the old 1960s era “bubbles” driving around Harvey’s Lake, PA (purchased at the oldest continually owned Saab dealer in the U.S., Kunkle Saab). But the car that inspired me to actually BUY a Saab was seen at a car show—-it was a 9-5 sedan—-white with black leather interior. That color combination is perfect for Saabs. I believe the white we saw was more of an off-white than this one. Ironically, the car I bought, in 2004, was a hazlenut 9-5 ARC station wagon (I thought the white looked best on sedans and colors look better on the wagons)—-but it was the white sedan that hooked us. As far as “last Saab built” goes, this car represents the end of an era. No matter what—-there will be a pause in model years and my guess is that even if a 9-3 is reproduced—even if THIS era 9-3 is reproduced, it is going to be different, under completely different owners and again—-with a pause in model years of perhaps 3 years or more. This is as much the “last Saab” as the 1976 Cadillac Eldorado was “the last American convertible.” Yes, we started building convertibles again—-but that one ended an era.

  44. Hmmmm, what I don’t understand is, why you don’t let the collecting money continue!?
    Just let people know, that any further funds will go directly to the daily operation of the Saab museum. More people could contribute to the purchase of the car – and all would also be contributing to the Saab musem!


  45. m!ko said on May 5, 2012

    congratulations to all of us :)

  46. Brilliant achievement. Thanks go the SU crew for initiating this and the Saab community for making it a reality! I’m now the proud owner of 3.02 Saabs, kind of.

  47. Hi Tim, let us know some time ahead when the car and the check will be given to the museum.
    If this is not done during a working day I might try to book a flight and be there at this so extraordinary event.
    None of other car brands has such a group of fans.
    Saab Up

  48. I agree with all that this was a job well done, thanks to TimR and the rest of the crew. It went faster than most of us thought, fantastic signal about the commitment, interest and willingness the Saab community can amass. For most of us the donation probably felt like a natural thing to do and I tried to turn it around for what other (car) brand would this be even remotely possible…??? Not very many, me thinks.
    I took the funds from some of the savings towards a new Saab 9-3 that I had hoped to purchase in a few years, this money will probably (unfortunately) have more time to grow. In the mean time I’m trying to hunt down a decent 9-3 vert, 2008 or later… Now it seems that most are holding on to this asset, so it does not look easy…
    Anyway, I believe this last 9-3 will be a nice attraction at the museum, which i’m thankful I visited last summer.
    Well done, everyone!

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