June 7, 2012 in News

TTELA has learned through a city official that the Saab sale has been completed.
– That is what we have learned right now, say the City-Director of Trollhättan

Annika Wennerblom, is able to inform that the final details of the sale of Saab now has been completed.
– However when an announcement is due we still don’t know. But the decision has been made to make the announcement this week. In these big things, timing is always difficult, say Wennerblom to TTELA.

As far as Wennerblom knows, a complete sale has been made.

UPDATE: Peter Asp, manger for the press-deparment at the Trollhättan city council denies that anyone within the City organization has any knowledge about the deal. He claims that Annika Wennerblom made a misinterpretation of the information given to them. Peter Asp makes these comments to the newspaper Aftonbladet.

SU Comment: Of course the info-guys are trying to tone it down, nobody wants to be responsible for a leak!

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  1. Exciting times!

    • Indeed!

      • Naughty naughty Annika!

        She couldn’t help herself!

        • Hear hear, but in the end of the day she is only human so God bless Annika and take care. I guess she pretty quick understood the scale of her small and “oh so innocent” speak this morning no matter if she was right or not.

          ..but yeah..ahem..must be the biggest THN teaser of the century topped with the ultimate party pooper..if it that makes any sense 😉

  2. Please, give us more information, if that’s true it’s huge

  3. Whoever the buyer is i say congratulations to Saab Automobile, the buyer, the customers. But first and foremost the employees.


    • Well said, Daniel. We all may have our disagreements about our preferred buyers, electric vs. hybrid vs. IC engines, the future direction of Saab, etc.

      But one thing we can all agree on is that we love Saab, and wish only the very best for the fantastic people who dedicate their lives designing, developing, building and selling these amazing cars.

      Good luck to everyone, and here’s hoping for a bright future! :)

  4. Just saw on TTELA at 08:52. I was thinking: “Omg, is this for real? Is it finaly done?” :)
    I just hope it will not take another month to announce who buyer is. :)

  5. Ben said on June 7, 2012

    Saab up :)

  6. Fantastic. Hoping for a bright future worthy of the Saab heritage. Can’t wait to hear more.

  7. mo said on June 7, 2012

    It’s 2am and I thought I would check SU before bed. Glad I did. Gooooo SAAB!

  8. After my excitement calmed down a bit i have only one question. What does “a complete sale” mean? Is it Automobile, Powertrain, Tools AND Parts? Or Automobile, Tools, Powertrain, but without Parts?

    Btw, according to P4 its ecar consortium thats the buyer. But, best to wait for administrators to confirm or buyer itself.

  9. Wonderful news!
    In my dark times I expected that we would hear that no buyer was suitable or that no buyer was interrested in the end.
    But for once, some happe Saab news! :)

  10. Tim; that makes my day.
    We have all waited that long to see that sentence appear on the blog; SAAB IS SOLD.
    I really hope this is definitive and will be a start of a long lasting and stable company which will be based on the principles for which Saab is so known.
    Good news for Trollhattan, for the employees, for the creditors, the administrators and of course for all of us.
    Saab Up

  11. +1 (And that sums up my first comment in months)

  12. Do we know who to?

    • Mirrow Mirrow on the wall…..tell me who………..

      ttela seem to think it’s NEVS. But in the text it say they belive a complete sale has been made and that
      do not sounds like NEVS to me , more like YM or..the so silent M&M.

      Once again …wait and see

  13. The inference in TTela`s article is that NEVS is the successful party – if that is true, will the SAAB factory be manufacturing windturbines while the Phoenix is developed?

    • dont count on it… NEVS are not a windmill producer…

    • There are big lay-offs in the windmill industry these days. Not the sort of business SAAB would want. I was fired just last week from Vestas. It was the 5th. “round” in the 4 years I worked for them. Not healthy for the nerves. Saab did make a windmill prototype years ago, let’s just leave it there, shall we. :-)

  14. Very exciting!! I’m looking forward to the details and being able to celebrate while visiting Sweden’s neighbor, Finland, this week!

  15. Hoping for the best!!!

  16. Griffin up if this is true! Wonder who the buyer is? Mahindra? Nevs? Youngman?

  17. Good! What’s next?


    Good news, wonder if electro is to be the future ?

  19. NEVS, is that the real future for SAAB???

  20. JH said on June 7, 2012

    Good news! :) Hope it’s a complete sale including Saab Parts to someone who wants to build Saab-Saabs with engineering and manufacturing in Trollhättan and the Saab spirit intact!

  21. Sorry guys, I can not feel real happiness hearing these “NEVS”.
    But let’s wait and see…who knows.
    It seems that they want only the factory, my guess is that they will sell the brand and the logo to someone else.

    • JH said on June 7, 2012

      They can’t sell the brand and the logotype to someone else since it’s owned by Saab AB (the defence company) and Scania AB (the truck manufacturer). A buyer of Saab Automobile’s bankruptcy estate will have to license the brand from them.

  22. I would expect that it is NEVS, especailly with the other announcements about Saab Parts, which NEVS did not want to buy.
    I hope we will now see what their business plan is. If it is true that BAIC is also involved we may see the previous 9-3 and 9-5 built as hybrids as a stop-gap. I believe they had one on show not so long back in China.
    I just hope all the secrecy will be stop and have some open dialog with their potential customers :)

  23. KT said on June 7, 2012

    good and bad news, depending on WHO bought saab….
    Please, don’t let it be NEVS!!! *MODERATED BY SU-CREW*

  24. That’s Great news… I’m looking forward to hearing some more details soon!


      You are all jumping to conclusions like fools, Take a breath, and absorb all the information before you judge the team who has potentially saved Saab from extinction.


      • JH said on June 7, 2012

        Agreed! We cannot judge them until we know more details in their business plan, although I hope the purchase includes Saab Parts…

        • Saab Parts is acting like an independent company opening up new distribution, this is not the act of a company on the verge of being sold with an uncertain future, reliant on a new parent.
          This in the long term I think is a very good business decision – if everything goes bad again it will not destroy the parts business in the short term.
          I hope there will be an agreement in place with the new owners to use them as a the primary/preferred parts supplier and distributor. It would make sense for them and also for us as on going business will subsidise legacy parts in the future.

      • Indeed.

      • Exactly! My view is if you don’t like who the new owners of SAAB are, and what new direction SAAB may be taking in the future, the solution for you is really quite simple – BUY A DIFFERENT CAR! and leave us to enjoy the brand we love and enjoy.

      • Well put. I doubt any commenter knows enough to claim that NEVS is not what Saab needs. Let`s just wait and see.

      • Maybe because they have never built a car.

        • I know of a company that, prior to 1947, hadn’t built a car either. But they turned out okay.

  25. Congratulations to everyone!
    Let’s hope the employwees will be back in the factory, how sooner, the better!
    When will the first new SAAB’s will been build?
    I hope soon!

  26. KT said on June 7, 2012

    Just drove a Lexus Hybrid today, not only it’s slow like HELL, the pedal is extremely unresponsive and the handling is unrewarding!!
    I mean an auto giant like toyota cannot master the tech and make it fun to drive, you expect a newly formed chinese-japanese consortium to have a technological breakthrough and develop something practical while fun to drive and reasonably priced?
    If that could happen, i wouldn’t be surprise if north korea could successfully launch a spacecraft to mars.

    • Its not the consortium who are developing stuff… its SAAB’s engineers 😉

    • Toyota has never been able to develop a “fun to drive responsive” car. That doesn’t mean, that anyone elsa can’t. 😉


    • There’s one fundamental difference between Saab and Toyota. One producer designs their cars, so that they would be good, the other one so that they would be cheap to produce. It doesn’t help all that much to be big.

    • Drive bmw X6 hybrid – much better

    • > I mean an auto giant like toyota cannot master the tech and make it fun to drive,

      LS 600h L 0-60 5.3 seconds, 13.6 second quarter mile

      But of course, the car is $112K. You can buy any BMW ActiveHybrid for that price (well, once they hit the market) and have a car that is much more fun to drive for much less money – and probably have a better interior as well. Also look at the upcoming i8. A Hybrid can be amazingly efficient, terrifically fun to drive and will always be far more practical than any pure EV.

      It’s not that Toyota can’t build a decent performer (remember the Super MR2, followed by the MR2 Turbo and the Supra Turbo?), and the upcoming Lexus LFA, it’s that they won’t.

    • What about the Porsche 918. That is a hybrid. It can blow away Ferraris. I know Saab hybrid wont cost as much as a 918 nor be as good, but if Porsche engineers can develop an awesome hybrid, I am sure Saab engineers can as well. Besides Saab engineers have always engineered such fine cars. Much better than the average makes like Toyota etc.

      • The Porsche 918 is mostly a concept car, with just a “limited production vehicle” whereas the BMW is entering mass production. BUT: BMW will adhere to the “gentleman’s agreement” for top speed limiters, but Porsche will not, as usual.

  27. The bottle of Moscato for the celebrations has been in the fridge for too long ………. time to take it out and enjoy it ….

    Griffin Up !!!!

    • Carlo A, guess You should hold Your horses just a little…

      • OK it will stay in the fridge for a bit longer ….. :) fingers crossed!!!
        Griffin Up !!!

  28. Reading the update, we seem to be back to square one!

  29. I’m curious about the deal, who’s in and who’s out. Whoever,saab lives! Hope it’s not: it’s life Jim , but not as we know it. Anyhowe good news! Congrats

  30. Not sure what the truth actually is. See this link regarding a statement from the mayor’s office.

  31. Good news, but I’m still sceptical. I’ll wait and see.

  32. “SU Comment: Of course the info-guys are trying to tone it down, nobody wants to be responsible for a leak!”

    Where smoke is is fire…….just look forward to the final announcement.

  33. Wooooooohooooo!!!!

    Too late for champagne over here though.. It’s almost 2 AM here in California, I’ve had a long workday. At least I will sleep well tonight.

  34. I seriously couldn’t sleep tonight (no clue to why), but I decided to get on the computer to check some things. So I go to to SU and see this. I jumped and yelled “YES”, waking up most of the family. But this is great news, can’t wait till the details come forth.

  35. OMG!!!! I actually shed a tear :) will be glued to SU – need to know more!!!!
    At this point I don’t give a shit who bought SAAB, I just want to see new models on the road :)
    I will wash and clean my 9-3ss tomorrow with a huge smile on my face.

  36. ITS ME….Dezzer from Shrewsbury, i bought it…….rumours abound !!!!!!!????

    • Huh??? Come on Dezzer, what do you know???

    • You did? Cool … Thanks dude

      • yeah great……thanks for all your support, i will have vacancies in the tearoom (x2) , as i have a extensive workshop / backyard / garden shed ( for parts) i may need a couple of car ramps for the front lawn ( for over booking servicing ) and may need a petty cash tin for my drawer. my showroom will be based on a road off high street, ( on double yellow lines ) these cars will be moved periodoically due to traffic warden patrols.
        CV’s to me please…..LOL

        • RS said on June 7, 2012

          Careful. Next thing you know it’s the Swedish Press calling you asking to speak to… Clint Eastwood. The new owner of Saab Automobile 😉

          So Dez, will pick up negotiations with GM and VM about the NG 9-5 any time soon?

          • Nah…..thinking about it though, after having owed 22 saab’s in 33 years, i probally could have some say in things !!!…….best of luck to all

  37. More important than who buys Saab is what are their plans with it. Looking forward to those being officially presented.

    • So some one with no money and no experience building cars would be Ok?

      • I’m assuming the administrators function as a filter that takes care of those things…

  38. According to
    A Trollhättan City official regrets saying the sale was done.

    – BACK to square ONE –

  39. If NEVS is the buyer (which now looks certain to be confirmed) then not so sure its much cause for celebration. Saab’s were always meant to be the driver’s car…but with electric/hybrid engines inside them instead of petrol ….would surely make any driving “experience” a fairly bland and joyless affair (`a la Lexus)

    • I understand your concern, but let’s see what happens.
      The fact is this is the next step for all automobiles, and eventually all will be so propelled.
      SAAB, as usual, is well ahead of its time.
      I suspect there will also be a petrol vehicle SAAB in the master Plan of this enterprise for some time to come.

  40. I was worried when it was first announced that SAAB was to be sold off as 7 different packages. This seemed a strange statement when it was mentioned at the same time that SAAB was to be sold whole. Obviously this would have made it clear that joint ownership consortia could buy SAAB. It now seems that SAAB has been bought. I am very happy about this news and wait eagerly to learn who the new owners are and the detail of their plans. Will the new 95 estate be able to be built?

  41. I want to see new SAABs on the roads so it doesn’t matter who owns the company, as long as they do it with the love and passion SAAB so well deserve.

    • I agree with you there.

      I’m sure throughout its history, everytime Saab made a “big change” (2-stroker to Ford’s V4, then to Triumph’s slant 4, then joint effort with Fiat/Alfa/Lancia, then bought by GM) Saabers cried heresy and predicted the end-of-the-world was here.

      Sure this deal, if real, could go bad too. But a part of me is really happy that Saab has a chance to really jump into the 21st century with cleaner technologies that are more eco-friendly. I truly believe as long as Saab engineers are employed, the cars can be made fun-to-drive possessing all the traditional Saab ethos.

      IF NEVS goes ahead with hybrid 9-3s, I wonder what gas (and/or diesel) engines it will be using ? It is correct to say all powerplants up to now are part of the whole GM IP restrictions and thus can’t be utilized by NEVS ?

  42. Time to celebrate this with some drink later after work. weekend give a super wash both 9-3 and hoping for a phoenix hybrid in the future.!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


  43. Thank you!! and so Another adventure begins… Let’s hope the new company keeps the tradition of building fun, spunky, intelligent autos

  44. Now it´s time for CHAMPAGNE and start saving for a new SAAB-car that will be friendly to the environment, wonderful to drive and a beauty to rest eyes on =)

    Perfect combination for a car brand taking a big leap into the future.

    Happy, happy, happy… no matter what 😉

  45. TTELA via google translate reads “saab can now be sold”…. anyone shed any light on this?
    “can be sold” vs “saab is sold” are two very different statements…

  46. The official press release is the next step… if all goes ahead a consortium similar to the Siemens and Porsche collaboration would be really interesting, where Porsches high performance technology and Siemens electro energy innovation are combined to create a viable low emission car that drives like a Porsche and continues the driver experience that Porsche owners expect, but with a minimal carbon footprint…

  47. Great news ! I must say that I was an electric vehicle skeptic until more or less 2 months ago. Then, after apparently NEVS became the favorite bidder, I went to investigate brands like Fisker but mostly Tesla. Their new Model S will start to be delivered this month already and it really caught my eye. I’ll have no problem to admit I was wrong :) if SAAB maintain the core values that I appreciate the most: Safety, sportiness and elegance.
    Sometimes it’s good to be wrong :)

    • RS said on June 7, 2012

      Tesla S costs $57k to 105k. Probably not something for you average Saaber?

      • and Tesla makes a loss year after year.

        • Yeah but Maud got what she wanted. I’m sure she will pump plenty of tax payer money to save a doomed from the start electric car company… Too much like Obama’s Solyndra.

          Sorry tried to stay positive but just couldn’t do it! 😉

          • imo it doesn’t make any difference whether the administrators are personally liable or not. a good administrator will check as most he can. professional pride, reputation … this is a large project for them. To b**ch up a large project is always to hear in professional circles. Plus community, Sweden, Trollhattan etc are looking at them. Imho this is a hardcore job. On the other hand, they cannot keep away the new owner from changing business plans after a time. For example, because the sales numbers are not coming …

            • No unrelated politics please.

              You can thrash Maud as much as you like, though.

          • No. If there is any justice left in the world at all, Maud will never again find herself in a position of power.

        • RS said on June 7, 2012

          I know Mark 😉

          PS. See my post in the “Whats most important?” thread.
          They’ve lost over 600 million dollars in four years but the Model S is supposed to turn the tide and make them profitable in 2013. Sounds somewhat familiar.

      • Let’s be positive about this. Saab isn’t about mass production, but made more cars than these companies I referred all together. Prices will go down as more companies enter in the business. The only obstacle I see is where more and more electricity will come from. In my country, for example, the electricity sources presented in my monthly invoice are: Fuel 0,9 %, Hydro-power special regime 2,4%, others 3,2%, micro-generation 8,9%, Nuclear 9,2% (no nuclear plants in my country), natural gas 13,9%, Hydro-power 14,3%, wind power 21,8% and finally coal with an impressive 25,4%. So, can we really avoid nuclear ?

        • If we use thorium instead of uranium, we could go electric, but we would not need to because liquid fluoride thorium reactors (LFTRs) can make methanol (gasoline substitute) and dimethyl ether (diesel substitute) from CO2. Plus there is enough thorium to last thousands of years, can’t make nuclear weapons with it, and has only 1% of the nuclear waste produced from present technology (light and heavy water uranium reactors). Norway has lots of thorium and could easily supply all of Europe. US has plenty as does India.

          LFTRs were invented at the nuclear labs in Oak Ridge, TN during the cold war but they never made it to commercial production because they couldn’t be used for nuclear weaponry and because we already knew how to make nuclear power from uranium and had invested in it. Many prestigious nuclear physicists have said we should have had nuclear power using thorium and liquid fluoride salts.

          Watch the best video on LFTRs:

          • More … had we commercialized LFTR 45 years ago, the would have been no Three Mile Island, no Chernobyl and no Fukishima.

            • +1
              Studied the subject just a week ago, thorium nuclear seems to be one of the ingredients of the energy for tomorrow…

          • interesting, thanks

          • If we have so much THORIUM why are we building Wind mills?.

        • I think part of the answer is “balanced hybrids”.
          All-fossil is not good, nor is all-electric good. When people argue they often position themselves in the extreme ends of the scale.
          By combining in a plugin hybrid you could get a smart solution.
          Wind and solar power are two energy sources that cannot guarantee supply 24/7. Many people argue that they thus are worthless since they need to be balanced by hydro or fossil-driven turbines.
          With cars that can run on either electric or “fuel” it is possible to create a better market for wind and solar power. Simply charge the plugin-batterys when there is excess capacity and refrain from charging when there is a shortage. If you run on “fuel” some days does not matter as long as you can reduce the “fuel” usage. Let us say that you can reduce the “fuel” usage in the fleet of plugin-hybrids by 20-30% that would be great.
          By having special tariff systems for car charging you can go a long way in using renewable energy.

      • WM said on June 7, 2012

        A lot for sure, but it’s a lot of car. And there’s a healthy tax offset of $7500. I think you’d be hard pressed to bring one in under 50K though.