di.se: NEVS wins

di.se wrote today that NEVS has won the bidding process for Saab. I’d take this with a grain of salt as we heared a lot from different sources but nothing has been confirmed yet. Let’s take a look at what the article says:

According to Chinese sources, the electric vehicle consortium Nevs, with the main owner Kai Johan Jiang, has won the gamble on Saab.

DI says that Kai Johan Jiang has contacted the Chinese Development Authority NDRC to ask them to contact the other major stakeholder Youngman.

In the recent post Tim already mentioned that Jiang is said to have contacted NDRC. While NEVS does not need approval as they are headquatered outside China the reason for this is quite obvious: he wants to avoid the interference from Youngman in this process. I am not too sure if NDRC will follow him but through his other businesses he seems to be well connected.

The reason for this is that Nevs consortium has already agreed with the Swedish government about buying Saab’s bankruptcy estate.

While it may be helpful that Jiang is also connected in Sweden through his local projects I think that he would mainly have to agree on a deal with the receivers. Of course the government could offer some help from the funds that were destined for Trollhättan after Saab’s bankrupcy. But leaving all conspiracies aside, the government does not decide this.

According to the Chinese sources, a press conference to announce this is planned. Youngman, however, has placed the highest bid for Saab, over 4 billion SEK which includes the Debt Office’s demand for a pledge of 2.2 billion SEK. Nevs offer less than half and do not want to meet NDO, on the other hand their funding is entirely clear. Youngman for their part depend on the Chinese authorities to give the green light for a payout, writes DI.

Here something really interesting is hidden. If Youngman offers those said 4.4 billion SEK and you take away the 2.2 billion that shall go to the NDO you are not that far away from the 1.8 billion that NEVS offer for selected assets of Saab excluding Saab Parts. The mentioning of clear funding is most likely aimed at the fact that NEVS are not dependent on the NDRC – despite the letter of aknowledgement Youngman have it may still carry some uncertainty.

Personally I do not read too much in this piece. Most indications we get do not point at a quick deal and do not nessesarily concur with di’s article. Right now it is hard to get the complete picture but we may even see a surprise. I hate to say, but we still have to wait and see.

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    • “Most indications we get do not point at a quick deal and do not nessesarily concur with di’s article’.

      Quick deal? Aren’t we in the 7th month since the bankruptcy announcement (Dec 2011)???

      The thing that worries me about NEVS is their refusal to purchase Saab parts – that move alone does not sound like a company that wants to extend warranties for existing customers and could care less about servicing old Saabs. Its looking more and more likely like that 2010 & 2011 Saab owners are going to get the royal screw.

      • Not favouring any party, because I am lacking too much information, but from a point of view of a clever businessman, not buying Saab Parts is a good move, imho. First, Saab Parts has now started to establish themselves, so they hopefully will be fine, and hence, the existing Saab customers will be taken care of. Second, better to save the money and spend it on engineering, instead of handing it over to the Swedish state. And third, NevSaab could likely still use Saab Parts as a spare parts supplier for any new cars they release, using the then existing international infrastructure.

  1. Thanks for a much needed update Till 🙂 And yeah, we’ve seen this kind of “THESE ARE THE FACTS”-reporting far too often regarding SAAB, so I will indeed take it with loads of salt!

  2. Indeed the only thing we can do at this point is wait and see what the outcome is. NEVS is not my preffered winner but I’d rather give them a chance then let Saab die. I hope the best for the employees as they come first in this saab story! Lets hope for the best possible outcome for the employees, our brand, our passion.

    • I’m sorry but in a market economy the paying customer comes first. Without them the employees will not get any paychecks either.

      • True, but that’s not exactly the statement i meant. i meant that in my opinion its better for the employees that NEVS takes over then no one at all (i know they will not be able to re-employ everyone but i at least hope for a decent amount). and that the first most important thing in my eyes is that the employees have work. you’re right when you say that they need to have paying customers and that without them they cant get paid but that was not exactly what i meant.

  3. So if NEVS does win the whole thing there are a number of things I wonder.

    What will they do with such a massive factory? What is their business plan? Do they plan on somehow re-entering the US market (or any specific market in general)? How much will these new Saabs cost in comparison to the already high prices of hybrids/electric cars? Do they believe that selling only alternative fuel cars is realistic in a world when major car manufacturers can barely pull it off? How many of the unemployed Trollhattan factory workers do they realistically plan on hiring back? Are they going to spend more than $5 USD to make a website that doesn’t look like a 10 year old made it?

    So many questions…only time will tell I guess.

    • I’m with you on this! I am not a great believer in hybrids or electric vehicles and nor are most of the people on this planet! They cost a bomb, are generally pig ugly and nobody in their right mind would consider only producing hybrid/elec vehicles! Would they? Yes the NEVS website looks like it was made by a kid in about ten minutes, but you may have over estimated it’s cost though! LOL!
      I for one want to see REAL Saabs coming out of the factory and being sold all over the world, cars with style and power, not over grown electric lawn mowers that cost a fortune.

    • They said they plan to make 100,000+ vehicles so they will need the capacity. I like NEVS niche strategy and hope it will include a range from “mild Hybrids” to full EV. I think many of you who are sceptic about this will be happier when you understand what a SAAB hybrid is.

      • Right now all we can really do is be skeptics and on-lookers. NEVS can say whatever they want; be it that they are going to build 100,000+ vehicles, build niche hybrids, or build magical pink Saabs powered by pixie dust.

        Until they follow through with an official statement; asking these questions and being skeptical is well within anybody’s rights. Heck, the second the deal is signed and they have the company they might just do a 180 and decide not to build anything period.

        Only time will tell.

        • “Right now all we can really do is be skeptics and on-lookers. NEVS can say whatever they want; be it that they are going to build 100,000+ vehicles, build niche hybrids, or build magical pink Saabs powered by pixie dust.”
          Hey I love it!!! OK I will order a magical pink Saab powered by pixie dust! LOL!!! Sounds as convincing as just about anything else we’ve heard over the past six months!

        • Hybrid vehicles, as defined by wikipedia, includes flex-fuel.

          Technically, NEVS could pick up the production of BioPower Saabs and their goal of doing hybrids would be fulfilled. (I have no idea if that is on their roadmap)

          BioPower is not a niche hybrid product IMO.

          But yeah, at this point little is known about NEVS or their plans. That spawns frustration here and now, but the main thing now is that the receivers are (hopefully) in a good dialogue with the interested parties and making the right choices based on those talks. I do not know how we could influence that process in a positive way in case it wasn’t headed in the right direction.

          I don’t quite share Till’s and Tim’s view on YM, but I have not kept myself up to date as well as they have either.

          All I can do is hope that something good comes of all this, and in the mean time I’m expanding my own little collection/family of Saabs.

          • Rune, even BioPower could be a pipe dream.
            From Allabolag.se:

            National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB
            Bolaget ska bedriva verksamhet inom utveckling av elbilar och fordonskomponenter samt därmed förenlig verksamhet.

            EV’s and vehicle components… They could obviously have written ‘hybrids’ in the forms had they wanted to?

            • A serial hybrid is a kind of EV. EV imho covers battery, hydrogen/fuel cell, and fuel tank/generator technology as a means for delivering the energy to the motor.

              Only mechanically coupled hybrids, in which the engine is directly coupled to the drive train, would in my understanding not be EVs.

              • Thyl, by your definition the impressive car (BioPower) that we saw climbing the steep hill in the winter on that video with just aid from the rear axel would go out the window.

        • Well, the e-AAM Saab -as shown technically in the Phoenix concept- is effectively a ready-to-build hybrid that is quite a bit more interesting for true petrolheads than a Prius-like vehicle. Would be nice to start with, wouldn’t it?


          • My biggest concern is that when using only the electrical portion of the drive cluster (shying back from calling it a drive train) of eAAM, as it would be the case with a plug-in hybrid, we might end up driving RWD cars. Not good.

      • 100,000+ electric/hybrid vehicles?

        I have to say that is a totally unrealistic figure and just shows me how unrealistic the NEVS plans must be if that is true.

        • Based on today’s battery technology, I concur. What the future will hold, now that everybody and their dogs does research into that field, we just can’t tell.

  4. Wait and see how this pans out. I won’t be convinced until the new owner of SAAB is announced by the administrators. Time to…. “Keep calm and carry on”

  5. Went to the salt pot for the pinch of salt – it’s empty! – too many rumours, too many pinches. I’ll just have to through the empty pot over my shoulder.

    The only things currently wrong with electric vehicles is range, recharge time, weight & cost. All things that are addressable. A Silent e-Saab weighing & costing no more than a 9-3, with 700 mile range and 10min recharge / pack swap would be rather nice? Make no bones about it, Venture Capital people are in it for the money. Set-up, build-up, sell-up, move on. If that results in a viable Saab, what’s not to like?

  6. autocar [uk] stated that audi had pulled its proposed electric car due to the high cost, maybe nevs wins the day as the swedish government offer large tax incentives to produce such cars and it fits some sort of green image, whoever “wins” will have a big turnaround on their hands, from the outside it looks very unprofessional even amateurish…

    • I saw this too. If Audi is cancelling their EV because they can’t make it profitable how on earth are NEVS going to make any money on Saab?

      • I’ve also heard that BMW was thinking about dumping their i-BMW brand with the i3 and i8, and today I’ve read that they will build the i8 in the UK.
        VW is spending tons of money in their new electric mobility centre, and expect to see an e-UP! in 2014 or 2015.
        Trying to make e-cars as confortable as IC-cars is abig challenge, and the car companies are facing more challenges that they thought, but they are moving in that direction.

    • SAAB lost the race to compete heads on with Audi, BMW and Mercedes. It’s also a really bad idea to try to compete with Ford, Opel, Toyota and similar. NEVS seems to have realized this and identified a growing niche market (EVs and hybrids).

      NEVS also have to work with what is available from the SAAB bankruptcy estate. 9-5 and 9-4 is out (thanks to GM). They have the old 9-3 (but no engine) and the not ready Phoenix platform. NEVS understand that the current 9-3 is too old to compete as a normal car, but they can produce an all-battery small volume 9-3 while they wait to finish the Phoenix. This vehicle can establish SAABs new positioning and keep the factory going. With the Phoenix they can start to build volume again. The Phoenix will come in different hybrid versions much along the plans already made up by the “old” SAAB. I think this strategy is both smart and realistic.

      • the light commercial-local authority sector is a viable market and saab should not confine itself to cars… how may light commercials are sold in the scandinavian market each year?

      • Not so.

        Years ago, Maud’s sister was lost in the woods and got bitten by a moose.

        Ever since, Maud worked relentlessly to reduce the moose population by depriving them of their major source of food (and cover): Trees. She tried cutting them down, but one axe can only cut that many trees.

        Finally she stumbled upon the solution: Strangle the ‘s.o.b.’s! A plan was launched to ban CO2 emissions, thus depriving trees of one of their major sources of sustenance.

        That plan involves eliminating everything that contributes to CO2 output, while subsidizing everything that can help reduce CO2 emissions. Consider the trees’ days numbered!

  7. Yes, but they also have the old 9-5 as well all the “older” turbo engines (including the fabulous 2.3 Aero !!) that might be not at the top level of being the most modern ones, but many of us drive them and still are happy, ist’nt it so? Maybe they start selling the older ones a while until the new ones on Phoenix are finished?

  8. I hope NEVS hasn’t won (or doesn’t win?) as I think NEVS can only be advantageous to Saab if it aligns itself with another buyer and preferably a car manufacturer.

    The Swedish government probably thinks NEVS is the best thing next to windmill manufacture and and almost certainly wants NEVS to win, but it’s severely myopic about the long term disposal or used batteries from EVs and Hybrids.

    Saab really needs some good luck at the moment and unfortunately that’s not going to come from NEVS.

  9. If this is TRUE, it will be the most tragical thing for our city than when GM and our RETARDED government didn’t let Youngman buy Saab BEFORE all this jävla mess even happened!

    I HOPE, not ONLY for Trollhättan, but also for ENTIRE Western Sweden that YOUNGMAN is the new buyers – not some gypsies who only like electric and who will ERASE entire history of Saab”s engines! They didn’t even CONCERN to create also HYBRIDS with Saab turbo and an electric engine for Satan!

    Come on Saab! Don’t let those ignorant stupid jävlar from greedy Wistrand in Gothenburg DO NOT make the worst misstake EVER since they became part of Saab, Trollhättan and entire Western Sweden!

    • Thx for ALL support guys! Many jobs are standing still now in almost every sector. Our city isn’t what it once was. 4 years of GM’s plans to kill it. Partly also from our government! God I hope we had national election NOW!

      I hope now Youngman enters their Dragon and buy Saab AND NEVS! Or just say to NDRC to “accidentally” freeze that little bank account NEVS got in China.

      heja Youngman! 你是我们的枪手!超过NEVS开车,你有你所有的车轮!所以,你得到比我们瑞典的包子!提高标准,并邀请他们所有的报价,他们从芦笋!助威中国!We ❤ NDRC!

      Youngman You are our Gunman! ❤

  10. serious question:
    would nevs sell any automotive product under the saab brand name, while not supporting the brand itsself, e.g. take care of saab parts?
    my (educated or not) guess is, nevs won’t use the saab name, because they don’t care for the saab owner of today. they can’t expect us to buy their product, after they let us down, do they?

  11. As long as we do not see the signature under the contract this still can go on for a while.
    It also could be like the proverb says: “two dogs fighting for the bone while a third one walks with it”.
    The first two are known; Nevs and Youngman. The third one could be any one, perhaps an Indian or a German one?
    It gets time however that a final decision will be taken.

  12. Difficulty understanding that no one has seen the danger in this. I suspect not all companies that had tried to buy Saab. However, … NEVS …… they are not here to stay on the name or the Saab brand.

    No spare parts – How to produce a car and not give spare parts?

    Workshop – If your car needs repairs … where do I go?

    Production of batteries – and then move it to a low wage country after two years when they got all contributions?

    Start the production of 9-3 as an EV model …… Who wants a model that you can not buy spare parts and you have no shop to go to?

    All of this just sounds to me that they will never be more SAAB. I mean never ever. To me it sounds like NEVS just want technology from Saab and become a research center for electric cars and a couple of years of taxpayers’ money making batteries and after a few years to move the production to any country where they can do it cheaper.

    And no one can always convince me that there was nothing political in this. The bid from YM’s exactly what admin asked for from the beginning … sell everything and employment for the region.

    Is it enough to pay the subcontractors …. or required Swedish tax money?

    Has the admin and some politicians have a free ride to the Virgin Islands?

    This is not correct … I’m not afraid of something Chinese … I fear for business men from places like the Virgin Islands and a company that is new and has no experience of car manufacturing, which they say they will do.

    YM is a stable company that still with years behind them.
    Well YM was not my first choice but they’re the only one who can save SAAB as a brand right now. And although they can go for an EV and Hybrids also not necessary need to be a new inexperience companies that do not want it all and paying less ….

    Thoughts and worries …………………….

    • Agree with everything you have stated.

      Something smells pretty rotten in Sweden and it sounds like NEVS along with some Swedish political figures are attempting to cover up the elephant in the room, which comes in the obvious form of Youngman being a pretty obvious choice for actual car production.

    • Well… By not spending 2 billion SEK on buying Saab Parts [at this point in time], NEVS are effectively in the position where SweGov are pulling part of the load (i.e. subsidizing NEVS’ operation).

      IMO, NEVS not controlling Saab Parts directly does not necessarily mean they will leave existing saab owners out in the cold (warrantywise). It does however mean they have to spend 2 billion SEK less on this deal than they otherwise would have had to do. Maybe part of that money can be used to solve the warranty question?

      Getting some of the other stakeholders to help out could benefit everyone in the end.

      I agree with aftonbladet’s conclusion, IF the belief that NEVS is all about EVs. But last time NEVS spoke on this topic, they were quick to point out: Hybrids.

      Based on the limited information that is available to the public. Mahindra&Mahindra remain my favorites of the three known bidders. But who knows what plans have been shared behind closed doors? All we can really hope for is that the receivers will eventually say a few words why the other candidates did not cross the finish-line.

      • If there is *any* even verbal agreement to this “subsidising” NEVS then that amounts to state-aid and is illegal.

        • Not really. The Swedish Government bought Saab Parts. There was no ongoing Saab enterprise when they did it. The government did it as a means of recouping its loans to a bankrupt entity.

    • I agree with you 100%.
      I think all the SU NEVS fans are going to be rather disappointed with NEVS.
      I have been disappointed by all the anti-YM posts on SU, I think some people need to realise that beggars cannot be choosers. I think YM was the best option for SAAB given the situation. However, I would love to be proved wrong by NEVS.

  13. I hope I’m totally wrong, BUT…..I just don’t see any company who makes hybrid/elec vehicles only, as a viable business at the moment. I cannot have any faith in this NEVS thing, it’s all just too hair brain for my liking, my God NEVS as a business has only existed for a very short space of time, who actually knows if they could really pull it off at all? It just seems such a long shot somehow, the people of Trollhattan surely deserve better than this don’t they? At least YM are already in the business of making vehicles!

  14. Here we go again…., another source tells that NEVS is the winner. Last Friday there was similar article. I agree with Till, I would wait for an official statement. Until then, everything else is just gossip.

    This is getting frustrating…..

    • You are dead right! I cannot help but feel truly sorry for the people of Trollhattan. The adminstrators of the Saab estate are basically charged with getting as much as they can for what is left of the old Saab, one cannot help but wonder if they even care about the people of Trollhattan. Yes they have a difficult job to do, however I would have thought that they would also have a moral duty to the local people and to local businesses who could supply a re born Saab. We have had nothing but gossip for months and we are all frustrated, but the people and businesses of Trollhatten must have been going through absolute hell for ages! The Swedish government appear to have done nothing to help the situation and they should be ashamed of themselves. So we and the people of Trollhattan have no option but to do as we have since last year, WAIT!!!!!!

  15. I think NEVS is playing a very dirty game. If they were the winner, there would be an announcement. Meanwhile, they’re leaking info to the press to create a sense of inevitability, and at the same time trying to stab YM in the back with NDRC. And if they are trying to get NDRC approval instead of YM, it means that they need it and its not a done deal. I think there’s a lot of smoke and mirrors here, folks. Let’s just sit back and watch the movie. We have no idea what’s going on behind the green curtain. And I’m sick and tired of some posters (including editorial writers for Saabsunited) professing they know more. Clearly this is not the case, I believed Jeff and his writing about how Saab was going to be saved. I believed TimR, but none of that proved accurate. I appreciate their efforts and their attempt to get inside info, but those that are really inside will play things close to the vest and only leak info as a strategy in their game.

  16. NEVS say they need facilities to produce 100,000 cars!! I thought this was a bit suspect so I have done some digging in the USA hybid sales have been declining over the last 4 years most manfuactures the sales have halved in the last year alone. Only the Prius has anywhere near that volume and have had less of a reduction, but still a decline – see excel spreadsheet here: http://www.afdc.energy.gov/afdc/data/docs/hev_sales.xls If I find reliable figures for europe and asia I will post them here aswell.
    Toyota have only maintained sales by reducing the price. Most of these projected sales are for china, for which your average consumer are not able to affort a subsidised Toyota so what chance does a startup have, and where is the profit. It is not by making cars….. but selling technology.

    I feel the whole “we will start production” is doubtful and best and out right lies at worst with lots of tax payers money both from Sweden and china disappearing to a few untraceable accounts in a well known tax “avoidance” haven. And no jobs for Trollhattan and Western Sweden, and I thought we have a bad government here in the UK, you have my deepest sympathies.

    • Bad government in the UK??? Do we have a government then? We do have a Prime Minister that cannot even keep track of where his own kid is, well not after going to the pub that is! LOL!

    • Total Sales of Electric Vehilces European countries 2011, published by Jato Dynamics consultancy, ranked from highest to lowest:

      ◦Germany: 1,020 units ◦France: 953 units ◦Norway: 850 units ◦United Kingdom: 599 units ◦Austria: 347 units ◦Denmark: 283 units ◦Netherlands: 269 units ◦Spain: 122 units ◦Sweden: 111 units ◦Italy: 103 units ◦Portugal: 93 units ◦Belgium: 85 units ◦Czech Republic: 43 units ◦Ireland: 36 units ◦Romania: 2 units

      A grand total of 4,916 for europe.

      • I’d like to add the obvious: Denmark and Norway are among the countries with the absolute most insane taxes on new cars you can possibly think of.

        I moved to Sweden in order to be able to afford my 9-5: The price got cut in half.

        I haven’t checked, but it is my impression that EVs are largely tax exempt in Norway. At least that is the impression our politicians like to give people. Norway is going to save the world by cutting CO2 emissions to the bone. Meanwhile we pump up oil from the sea hand over fist. The irony…

        It is quite telling when EVs do not become a runaway success in those markets.

        The right product could perhaps change that, but I preferred Saab’s old plan of easing into EV production gently. It is a question of infrastructure (power grids need improvement globally) as well as technology — along with the questions of what problems exactly it is they are trying to solve…

    • Found this article from China Daily I always take witha bucket of salt “predictions” and “forcasts” real figures tell the true story….

      “Chinese auto industry sells more electric vehicles than Hybrid
      january 26, 2012
      For the calendar year 2011, Chinese auto industry has registered more electric cars sales than hybrid cars.

      Analysts predict that sales figures of hybrid and electric cars will be increasing exponentially over the next few years around the globe, especially in the Asia Pacific region. By 2017, it is expected that N America will sell around 300,000 electric vehicless and hybrid while Asia Pacific region will sell around 620,000 units of electric vehicles and hybrids.

      China new energy vehicle output hits 8368 units in 2011. In 2011, China manufactured 5655 pure electric vehicles and only 2713 hybrid electric cars.

      China Knowledge quoted according to statistics released by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers or CAAM that China, the world’s largest automobile market produced 8,368 new energy vehicles and sold 8,159 such kinds of autos last year.

      Sources reported that both numbers are higher than their respective figures in 2010. In 2011, China manufactured 5,655 pure electric vehicles and only 2,713 hybrid vehicles were made. Meanwhile, sales for pure electric vehicles and hybrid models totalled 5,579 units and 2,580 units respectively last year.

      Of the total new energy vehicle sales in China, 61% was derived from sedan sales and 28% from bus sales. Mr Yang Dong CAAM Executive Vice Chairman and Secretary General said the revised plan of energy-saving and new energy vehicles will be unveiled by the Chinese government soon.

      Mr Liu Baicheng Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, noted that China will focus on energy-saving vehicles instead of new energy models especially hydrogen-based vehicles, in the near future due to undeveloped technology worldwide. The US has estimated that only 1 million hydrogen vehicles would be produced in North America in 2015.

      • So even in China NEVS all electric does not look to have a strategic place, maybe why they now look to favour Youngman as this fits in more with their revised plan

      • Check the spreadsheet in my post above, that is the official US government figures, the sales figures have been falling after the Prius eco halo effect has started to wear off. most of these sales are in California due to their state laws which promote Eco car use and sales. The point is only Toyota has any sustainable volume, have had to reduce the price to keep the volume. Most brands have see dramatic decline in sales as the figures show, hyundai being the exception, Ex-Prius driver probably as the car looks so much better but still under 20 k volume in the last year.

  17. …but we may even see a surprise. I hate to say, but we still have to wait and see.

    Till, that is the second time in a few days that you mentioned that something… or somebody may still come along. In a previous reply, you vaguely suggested that a former bidder (not a previous owner, however) is still in the picture. I am not asking you to name your sources or the identity of this person/company, but can you confirm that there -may- be somebody else besides NEVS and Youngman working to get Saab?

  18. STOP PRESS………just for fun!!..

    NEVS buys what’s left of Saab Automobiles AB from administrators.

    NEVs Orders a container ship to be berthed in Swedish docks.

    NEVs bring in 1000 Chinese sub contractors to dismantle EVERYTHING in the old Saab factory.

    NEVs hires 100 container trucks to transport everything to docks.

    NEVs Loads ship & it sets sail for the East.

    The Swegov, stand on the dockside, with their mouth’s wide open in disbelief.
    Their spokesperson says
    ‘ We only gave them a grant to allow Sweden to become world leaders in EPower, not for them to spend it on moving all the assets to the East”.

    1 YEAR ON:

    The Swegov defeated heavily @ national polls, mainly due to high in employment in blue collar workers & mass unemployment in THN.

  19. Electric is the future. That does not necessarily mean that I am pro-NEVS

    Yes I think it is the way forward. This is an evolution that has started and will continue, I think more and more components in a car will be replaced with electrified versions.
    One of the first examples that comes to mind is thecooling fan which is electric since many years

    Components coming
    – electric rear axle (more SW and power electronics)
    – differential
    – transfer box
    – ESP affected (for the better)
    – ABS affected (for the better)
    – Brakes energy conservation at retardation (does not require a a big battery to save a lot in urban areas.
    – power steering
    – Start and stop by hybrid and battery gives perhaps a more efficient running cycle.

    There are probably more examples and perhaps some examples are a not so great but still
    How fast these examples will come remains to see but why should not cars use this way of becoming more efficient.

    A real shame that they let go of the part of the electric axle.

    Pure EV with batterys is not yet mature but someday perhaps. But there are so many aspects of electric that are interesting.
    Fuel cell vs battery and hybrid, Íf the components have gone electric the energy source matters less.

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