The press-conference

June 13, 2012 in News

Both SVT and Tv4 had problems keeping their feeds running and as you might have noticed we were not running trouble free either which is a good sing that many people are interested =) Peter did an amazing job to get the server back up within minutes.

Here is what was said during the press-conference, more details coming later:

Karl Johan Jiang

It’s not just about money and technology, its about a vision and sustainability.

NEVS is the buyer of SAAB, who wants to combine Saab in three basis:
1. Swedish know-how, design, technology and production facility which is a world-leading class
2. Add cutting-edge technology from Japan in form of know-how, design and technology
3. The great connections with China

The first region Saab will focus on, is China. China is right now focusing more money on electric cars than any other place in the world. Obama has promised one million electric cars by 2015.

Karl Johan Jiang, main owner of NEVS moved to Sweden 23 years ago and the first thing struck him was the huge contrasts. Back then China was all about industry but in Sweden the focus was on economic growth friendly to the environment. Since then he decided to focus on eco-friendly growth.

He started working with bio-mass technology. By 2006 the first plant was started in China, today he runs 28 with 9 more currently being built.

First product for Saab will be a developed 9-3 Electric Car. The 2n’d will be a new generation 9-3 built upon the phoenix platform combined with cutting-edge japanese technology.

State-gird and China wants a car that can be charged with green electricity. The main source for the bio-mass production in China is Straw grown by farmers. Today Karl Johans company has contributed with more than billion USD to the farmers who are now growing straw used as bio-mass-energy.

Karl Johan Jiang wants to combine cutting edge car technology with electric engines powered by green electricity in a future that is sustainable.

Mattias Bergman

Long-term financing is in place and no approvals needed from either Japan nor China is required to implement the finance-plan. A number of Japanese companies are behind this deal.

NEVS has bought the IP rights to the 9-3 but not the 9-4x nor 9-5.

First product will be launched in 2013-2014.

Now they will start recruiting and making good connections with current and new suppliers who are important.

The future cars will be built in Trollhättan, in a facility which is in top-class. The aim is to develop an attractive car that market will have a demand for.

Recruitment for management has already started. Chinese and Japanese teams are en-route to Trollhättan. Local consult companies will be a close part of the process.

A big priority is of course to establish good business-contacts. China is the key to future sustainable cars and its focus on shifting away from fossil fuels is key factor to their plans to buy Saab.

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  1. ****** From the Press Conference******
    High tech technologies from Japan
    The chinese market priority one, electric vehicles, standardization and infrastructure, Initial focus leader global markets.
    Saab is a trustworthy company that will lead electrical car development. China and India are key markets.
    Two markets will lead the technology push towards electric vehicles namely USA and China.

    Business plan:
    Product portfolio does not include 9-5 and 9-4x
    IP Rights 9-3 only interests
    Production facilities resemble Toyota according to japaneze engineers. Production infrastructure is first class.
    Innovation and design from Saab as a trusted company.
    Loyalty of people working in the company and suppliers.
    100 % Saab Property, Tools, Powertrain, Phoenix platform, 9-3 IP excluding engine
    Japaneze electric knowledge Sun Investment Fund, access chinese market
    Electric cars to China and USA
    First product 9-3 Electric drive launched 2013-14

    Bottom line:
    Develop Saab into a leading electric car company.

    • RS said on June 13, 2012

      I understood it was tooling for 9-5 and 9-4X but not IP.

    • well, two major negatives to come out of this:

      “Our focus will be electric cars, not hybrids.” – Seems a huge mistake if this means they won’t pursue the electric axle options.

      “Factory staff will be matched with the start of production, which is 1.5 years from now.” – Not the best news for many in Trollhattan – inevitable I guess, but still sad news.

      • I did however like this:

        “Saab is a company with a proud history of innovation and design. They have delivered technologies that have become standard in the automotive industry. Saab will thus lead the development of electric cars.”

        They’re ambitious.

        • Yeah, I like this sentence… Now, the only thing SAAB needs is to make this statement real… :)

    • Maybe the reason why electric hybrids are because they have double systems.
      By doing a car pure electric from the start, it will be cheaper and less complex to build.
      What the Chinese and Japanese needs, is:
      – a crash test facility.
      – a universal brand, that is known all over the world.
      – a European production facility to give the car some premium status.

      By making the current 9-3 they have 3 models;
      Convertible, sedan & sportscombi. This will be a good car to reconnect with old Saab suppliers.

    • what exactly is “saab property (ab) “. I thought they had sold 50 percent to Hemfosa, who in turn would have scooped the rest once it when bankrupt.

  2. “NEVS has bought the IP rights to the 9-3 and 9-5.”?
    Insert ‘not’.

    • I do not understand this either …..

    • They have NOT bought the IP rights to 9-5 and 9-4x

    • As I understood it, NEVS bought the tools to the 9-5 and 9-4x.

      Further more, the 9-5 is not on their radar, partly due to GM’s stance and partly because they consider the 9-5 platform to be too heavy for the type of vehicles they want to make.

    • “We have no interest in the 9-5 or 9-4X. The reason is that GM has no interest to sell the rights. Our interest is in the 9-3.”

  3. I missed some parts but I have not heard a word about hybrid.
    All I heard was pure electric

    • Well, nice to know that there is a solution now. Hopefully and end to the rollercoaster. However, I’m a little worried, too, that neither a 9-1 nor a hybrid is mentioned. Don’t know if pure EV is really the way to go.

      Here is a question: Is NEVS going to use Saab Automobile Parts AB as supplier for components of the electo 9-3 (making use of existing tools, etc.) or will they make individual contracts with each of the remaining components/parts manufacturers?

      Btw – I took a closer look at the Fisker Karma exibited at the AMI in Leipzig, Germany, last week. If electric (Saab) cars are going to look like this in the near future then I desperately want one!!!

  4. Trogen says thanks the Swedish Government for the support!

  5. Based on this I’m remain unconvinced that Saab is going to end up where most of us wanted it to be. But on the other hand, if it gives employment to the people of Trollhattan then I am very pleased for them.

    • It doesn’t sound very promising, does it? But we’ll have to wait and see. Hopefully NEVS will be able to sell enough of these things to keep the factory going and people employed.

  6. Focus will be ALL electric vehicles NOT hybrids!

    • Will a business plan with only EVs be sustainable? I feel the market is more for hybrid at present … it will change in the future but now?!

    • Then they exclude a vast majority of consumers living in apartments, without the possibility to charge via Plu-In.

  7. Great, but I hope there are some hybrids as well. it says that they have bought the up for the 9-5. wonder what they will do with it?

  8. Hybrid is not mentioned yet, ill hope they will still mention this in the continues update? lets wait and see. hybrid is something i would consider buying in a couple of years. I am glad that Saab is definitely sold and i hope for the best possible outcome for the plans of NEVS.

  9. Give it a chance. To me this sounds exciting. EVs ARE the future, whether we like it or not.

    I drove a Nissan LEAF yesterday and was very impressed. If Saab can create a “Saabish” EV with a decent range, I’m in!

    • I can assure you that they will not be part of my future. I won’t be buying one.

      • I’m afraid I agree. My interest in Saab ended with the news today. I have no interest in the idea of purchasing a Saab with an electric engine (hybrid maybe – but that’s clearly not even up for consideration), and do not feel that NEVS is the right way forward for Saab. In my heart I don’t think that NEVS will prove to be a viable or profitable way forward for Saab and feel that ultimately that will spell the (complete) demise of Saab as a car manufacturer.

    • +1!

      • Well, I guess it won’t suit eberyone, but I’m sure for some who would be looking at the LEAF or the Volt (etc) the eSaab will make a decent alternative. This is the way it is and as long as they do support the existing Saabs with parts and servicing, we can’t complain really. Maybe you guys who say “no way” now will change your minds in a couple of years when the first products start to appear…. you never know!

        • I looked at the Leaf and the Volt and looked the other way!

          • Each to their own I guess. As a second, city “run-about” car I think they make a lot of sense.

            I do agree that a Hybrid or range extender would be a better first product, but who knows, maybe that IS in the plan…

            • “As a second, city “run-about” car I think they make a lot of sense.”

              Maybe for rich guys that can spend that kind of money for such a limited purpose. For me – thanks, but no thanks.

              • Of course no thanks to this. I have waited a long time for the news about saving Saab. But from today I will not wait some more 1,5 year. For me Saab is dead after the cars from 2011. The last year for the real Saab Automobile. Thanks for all those years. R.I.P.

    • That’s the spirit

  10. Well, obviously not our preferred player. However, hybrid/electric has a lot of promise, especially Toyota with their hybrids and GM with the Chevrolet Volt. The Toyota Camry and Lexus CT200h sport wagon are solid products, and the upcoming Lexus ES hybrid is rumored to hit 0-60 in under seven seconds. The Volt certainly had a troubled launch, but in classic GM way, they had to fix plenty of initial problems and now the vehicle is actually quite well reviewed and moving decent numbers. Tesla has shown that you can squeeze decent performance, and with future technologies which the new Saab will try to achieve, perhaps we’ll see a desirable hybrid/electric platform?

    In conclusion, while a gas AND hybrid/electric selections would’ve been nice, this is the hand that we’ve been dealt. Ultimately, the city of Trollhattan wins, may the renaissance begin!

    • indeed the city of trollhattan wins! and that alone is worth alot.

    • From SvD’s live reporting (just to get a second source to this info, which is quite big news, and not very good news in my opinion):

      “Trogen berättar också att det är elbilar som Nevs ska producera, inte hybrider.”

      “Trogen also says that it is electric cars that Nevs will produce, and not hybrids.”

    • Neither of these cars are selling. People don’t want them. The all EV plan is a disaster for Trollhattan. The only way for this to work is through a Command Economy. Is China going to force its people to drive EVs? Is the EU going to legislate the ICE out of existence? This is folly!

      • You are mistaken that they aren’t selling. Surely, if you compare the Lexus CT200h hybrid to the top ten selling cars in the USA, they aren’t selling…but that’s not a fair comparison, is it?

        Instead, what you should look at is percent growth. While top selling cars have growth rates that are virtually flat or low single digits, those of hybrid/electric powertrains are achieving TRIPLE DIGIT growth over the same comparable time frame. Consider the following:

        Lexus CT200h
        Q12012 to Q42011: UP 128%

        Chevrolet Volt
        Q12012 to Q42011: UP 224%

        Nissan Leaf
        Q12012 to Q42011: UP 283%

        Toyota Camry Hybrid
        Q12012 to Q42011: UP 112%

        Speaking of Top Ten selling vehicles in the USA… Toyota is now moving over 60,000 units of the Prius each quarter. While its not enough to place in the top ten, its only a matter of time until it breaks the top ten as it enjoyed a 42% increase. Who would have thoughts that, only a few years ago, the Prius would become a top ten selling vehicle in “big engine, wasteful, gas hungry” USA?! Guess what, Toyota did! And now one in every ten vehicles they sell throughout their Toyota & Lexus portfolio is not of the pure gasoline variety.

        Again, I think most of us would’ve preferred to see a plan that would include both gasoline and non gasoline powertrains as most other car manufacturers are intent on doing. However, this is a forward thinking company, and they aren’t alone. Mitsubisihi will have an all electric/hybrid portfolio by the end of the decade.

        This is a good day folks, not the BEST day, but its the hand we’ve been dealt and its an infant one that has the capacity to grow if the correct fundamentals are in place. Plus, the fact that Saab parts seems to be an entirely different, well funded, long term entity is encouraging. This will allow us to continue loving our Saabs until the new Saab releases vehicles we’d all be proud to own.


        • These hybrids you mentioned are not EV’s. Even though the electric sales are up, over 100%, we’re talking a very small quantity of cars. The EV is a losing proposition until a quantum leap in technology…which I don’t see happening in my lifetime.

        • A 100% increase over 1 is 2. Very misleading statistic.

  11. @Trued
    Are you at the PR conference? Do we see a video at the end?

  12. To summarize:

    Maybe employ a couple of hundred people
    That include Chinese and Japanese teams arriving in Trollhättan? SO maybe 2-300 Saab people will get an employment this year?

    No hybrids, only electrical vehicle
    Big mistake. They have to start with hybrids.

    No decision yet on using the Saab brand.
    There you have it… What will be the name? Watt, Coulomb, or Joule?

    • I guess the current 9-3 can not be adapted (easily) to hybrid drive, but it exists in ePower form already.

      • I doubt that it would be that impossible to achieve. My guess is this:

        The ePower variant does not really require any important GM IP.

        The only way the could buy the needed IPs from GM is by only building the electrical model, since GM knows they will fail in making that car into a viable business and that it is of no threat to other GM brands.

        80% of my driving is 2 hour trips on open roads. Sorry, but electrical don’t work for that. Also, a regularly park my car over night where there are zero possibility to charge it. That is the reality for many car owners. I love my 9-3 MY10, but next car will most probably (and sadly) be a gasoline or hybrid Volvo about the size of the S60.

        I wish them good luck, though.

    • how about “sap” as in sapping energy

  13. If the future is green, the future of Saab is bright. Saab has always been a niche brand and now they can make a luxery electric car and take a lead in this race.
    The Griffen has rissen and it has an electric engine.

  14. They want to make Saab into the premium brand for electric vehicles.

    • RS said on June 13, 2012

      … with the focus on the Chinese market. What is that supposed to mean? No Saab-Saab characteristics as in made for Sweden?

  15. Not Hybrids!? Well, I don’t think I will buy a Saab again any time soon… Sorry

    • +1

    • +1

      This thing has agenda all over. I know that the SU crew will kill me for talking “without knowing all of the facts” but the fact is that if a group has an agenda, and they do not want you to know about it, then you will never “know all of the facts”.

      One can hide behind that logic if they would like, but to me it has been clear since we first got a glimpse of NEVS that this is not a market-driven purchase. This is a purchase to use the government to create demand where it does not naturally exist, subsidize and bailout (by “holding” SAAB Parts for up to three years in the NDO).

      I will once again review my priorties of what a good deal is:

      1) First and foremost, take care of the the workforce in THN. This now appears to be a FAIL.

      2) Secondly, take care of my dealer here in the US whose family has been loyal to SAAB for over 40 years. FAIL (this product does not have the US in mind in the short-to-medium run and they do not own parts, nor do will they carry warranties from the initial sounds of it).

      3) Take care of the customers. FAIL. No SAAB parts, no warranties for Spyker-era cars or CPOs. Swedish customers will get double screwed by having their taxpayer money subsidize.

      Now, before the SU crew jumps on this, know that I will continue to drive my Turbo X, continue to go to my dealer, continue to help with the SAAB Owner’s Convention this year, and when I buy my next car that will not be a SAAB, I will either buy it from my dealer and/or have it serviced at my dealer even though the dealership is a 35 minute drive away. Why? Because that is what SAABers do. However, that is not what just happened to SAABers.

  16. This is a day well worth remembering, this is the day that SAAB died. When it’s time to replace my 9-3x Griffin I will have to look elsewhere. Fortunately it may be years from now.

    • There are plenty of perfectly good, used pre-bankruptcy Saabs to be had. I expect to be driving those as long as I’m able to drive. But yes, Saab as we know it is dead. Whether the new Saab will be a worthy successor remains to be seen.

  17. NEVS has NOT collaborated with Victor Muller.

    • Ttela states the opposite. Victor Muller har been helpful in assisting the process.

      • This was told by Mr. Trogen at the press conference. Do not always trust a printed paper:-)

      • Sorry, read it somewhere but not corrected. Not been involved according to Trogen.

      • The receivers said VM had been helpful.

        NEVS’ representative said they had not been in contact with VM, but were grateful for the help received from former Saab people (engineers and other staff).

  18. I somehow doubt very much that we are going to see very many of those electric 93’s in the UK. We do not have many commercial charging points and electricity costs a fortune too. Unless these cars have a good range per charge, say 200 miles, I can only see them being used as city cars. Maybe I’m the only person who is still not convinced, but I doubt it somehow. I know that some are saying that electric is the way forward, maybe they are right, but I cannot help but feel very sad that it looks as if the Saab that I knew and loved has now gone forever. So it looks as though, when I change my car in a few years time, it will have be a Volvo.

    • +1

    • Yeah at least with hybrids they had a couple of options, but this looks like it’ll be a dead end.

      This will be especially big for those of us in the US who have big commutes and could never use an electric car.

      Looks like I’ll be checking out at an S60. It’s a sad day.

    • The range on the 9-3 ePower is 200 km so it’s not quite 200 miles.

  19. Key people, managers etc. are being hired this summer – especially to the design department.

  20. next 9-3 electric?? or hybrid?? plain electric does not sound reliable..

  21. Saab parts and NEVS have a collaborative contract, that should benefit both parties.

  22. People, this stinks BIG TIME!!!!

    Electric cars on green electricity! Sounds like a very good mantra for governments!!!

    No hybrids, just electric cars. Which volumes they are hoping to sell? They refused to give numbers in their great business plans!

    Wait for tomorrow, journalists and analysts are going to bomb this project so that Victor Muller’s treatment is going to feel like pampering compared to this!

    They are planning to sell 9-3 with electric-engine in two years!!!! The last drops out of that model could have been squeezed this and next year!

    This is everything else but producing cars!

    • Well unless the Chinese want one hell of a lot of these things, then I can only see disaster I’m afraid. That would of course be yet another blow to the people of Trollhattan. As for me and a great many other Saab fans, I guess OUR Saab is now dead and buried, I think that Volvo, Audi/VW, Merc and BMW are now jumping for joy, as many of us will eventually end up driving one of their cars!

    • “People, this stinks BIG TIME!!!!”

      Yes, it stinks to high heaven of government coercion. One has to wonder about the political machinations that went on behind to scenes to muscle out a legit bidder such as Mahindra in order to hand the Company over the greens. It seems that the core of the NEVS business plan is to move into markets where authoritarian governments will be forcing people into electric cars.

  23. Ive been listening on radio since its begining,sorry but we ppl will continue to be unemployed for 1,5 year more. Im talking about production personel.

    • Sorry to tell this but, they dont sound convinsing at all.

      • I am so sorry to hear that my friend! I hope that something happens that can improve the situation for the people involved. I am not at all convinced by NEVS either. I still feel as though we are not being given the full or the long term story.

  24. Has there been any word on warranties for recent models?

    • According to their answer its Saab Parts that has responsibility for already existing cars.

  25. Did i read it right in: (13:36hr) that perhaps the name SAAB won’t be used anymore and they will discus that point further?

  26. So. Next car will be a NG 9-5 2011 that I probably will not be able to buy any parts for. But hey. It´s a Saab that can take me 1000 km in one day.
    Just sad to hear about the “all-electric” new Saab. It will not be for me then..
    I´ve driven Saabs för 20 years. What´s next? Hybrids I could do with but all electric..? Sorry but no..

    • You are really right. I will drive my Saab 900 for many years and hope to buy a 9-5 2011 later. They will never made a Saab car more in Trollhattan. Maybe other brands, but not Saab. Maybe I will buy a BAIC in the future.

  27. And its highly unclear if cars will be sold under name “Saab”. Trogen seems to avoid that question. omg…

  28. Well according to the transport ministry in china, they are moving away from pure electic to hybrid using fuel efficient engines + electric so don’t understand the stance of no hybrid except of course to dive customers to buy his electricity. That plan wont work in europe as he has no plants here or in the US.
    Either way will they be able to take the massive losses for at least the first 5 -10 years, I dont know of any venture capital companies willing to do that.

    I do wish them success, but the employment numbers are low , and to be honest the ones they will want to recruit are probably the ones who have already found employment. But I hope I am wrong. …. Good luck guys

  29. I’m sorry to say this but the 9-3 will be so outdated by 2014 that it doesn’t matter if it got an electric motor in it. There will be more modern rivals out by then.

    • It will play on a different field.
      In what way will they not be competitive?

    • As long as they update the infotainment stuff and put in a current UQM (the people who powered the ePower concept) drivetrain it should be competitive for a while longer. Remember that competitive is a loaded word for electric vehicles though. The competition is narrowed to the (possibly) 2nd generation Leaf, the current Volt and a few possible entries (first generation attempt) by others. Saab cab still be near the front of this pack if they hurry.

      It is the next model that had better be a home run for Saab. By then the competition will be much more fierce and if Saab can’t be at the front by then they better close shop for good.

  30. I kinda wonder if it’s a good idea to put all of your eggs into one basket. At least with a hybrid you could have a little diversity and the option of having something to fall back on. With the all electric option, it’s kind of all or nothing.

    Another thing would be the fact that the leaf and the volt are not selling with the price tag around $32,000 USD, then you would have to assume that Saab would be a premium brand, therefore it would have a higher price tag (forever being one of the biggest issues that has not sold Saabs).

    Then observing the issue of the other big companies like BMW/Mercedes/Audi pulling back their electric car options because of the costs and over the top prices. I just don’t understand why the wouldn’t make a hybrid, you know, a better version of the Prius. If I could buy the fuel economy of a Prius with the skin of a Saab then I’d sign up for a waiting list right now…..but I guess we’ll just have to see how this “thing” plays out.

    • Its obvious they don’t care if we want these cars or not. They (China, EU, Swedish gov’t, environmentalists) only want to push their “Vision” of a green utopia on us, the marketplace be damned. I feel bad for the people of Trollhattan, they’ve been sold down the river. There will be no turning back or do over after this debacle plays itself out. Goodbye Saab. I am so sad.

  31. If NEVS have hybrids in mind, which means turbopetrol-engines combined with electric, then I’ll eat EVERY word I said about them here piece by piece. But IF they betray us… åååh jävlar! Whole jävla Trollhättan will become a riot!

  32. Don’t see anything interesting yet for me.

  33. i have started collecting extenstion leads…up to 6 mile at this time, save me plugging in at work !!!!

    • It would be easier to charge the car at home, drive it wo work, and then charge it again while you work. I have a feeling you already know that though.

  34. Well… that was Saab for us Saab-fans. It’s going to be a company that focusses on China (with a weird location in Sweden, just because the factory could be bought cheap?) and is not going to build our beloved cars, but is trying to sell last-century-hype-cars, namely electric cars. There are so many new developments in the world that battery-driven cars are simply not the future.
    Beside that, they seem to use the ‘current’ 9-3 and that will not be sold in Europe or the US; where it has been on the market for 10 years now. It’s going to be sold in an upcoming market where the old -15yo- 9-5 is also considered to be very modern.
    If Saab AB grants the right to use the Saab name, I think they’ll make a huge mistake. When the factory gets outdated (and when the new owner hopes to have solid ground in China), everything will be moved to China. No need to modernize the Swedish factory. So, for me Saab did die today. Very sad indeed: wrong owner, wrong strategy and (for me) wrong market focus.

    • Yes I’m with you on that. Although I hate to say it, the Saab we all knew and loved truly died today and it is unlikely that we will ever see another real Saab leave the Trollhattan plant. I cannot see it working somehow, as you say ” wrong owner, wrong strategy and (for me) wrong market focus”. So this is the end……….it’s all so very very sad! :-(

    • I really do hope that SAAB AB doesn’t grant NEVS the use of the SAAB brand.

  35. Feel so sorry about Phoenix. In right hands it could turn into something EVERYONE was looking forward.

  36. The way I see it – SAAB was dead yesterday….and today…. it breathes again. Today is better than yesteday. If you love the brand give it a chance.

  37. Long live Saab!! I wish the venture great success and hope they do badge the vehicles as Saabs, or if they don’t, I wish someone resurrects the brand in the way BMW resurrected MINI.

    Unfortunately, the product they describe will not meet my needs in the forseeable future and I will have to look elsewhere when it comes time to purchase a new vehicle.

  38. Since the 9-3 e-power is not a hybrid it is logical to get this out of the doors first to have something to show on the market.
    It is also something that could be very useful in chinese cities with pollution problems. Any driving restrictions for cars with conventional engines will not apply.
    This would make some sense for the China market.
    For Europe and US I fear the market is much smaller. The NEVS people should understand this and hopefully they do. To be on a global market the hybrid choice is needed.

  39. Part-repost of my comment from a previous thread:

    China is about to embark on an enormous drive to reduce the air pollution in their cities. For this, they want to stimulate car buyers there to switch over to electric cars. That is not an impossible thing, the limited range thing is not that much of a problem if you only drive around in one city. The propagation effort will probably work via subsidies to keep the price of the EV very low. Given that the majority shareholder in NEVS is the Grid Corporation of China, a fully state-owned company, I wouldn’t be surprised if those full-EV’s will be destined for the Chinese market. After all, why else would the Chinese state want to invest in something like Saab? Anyway, if the NEVS EV’s are really aimed at China then NEVS doesn’t need any other markets for their EV’s, China alone is good for millions of units, especially if heavily subsidized by the state.


    • Yes, I agree. Saab is now effectively owned and financed by the Chinese State and the focus will therefore be on China. How this will translate into meeting the demands of the Western consumer and turning a profit in that market is unclear. Maybe the Chinese have always regarded this latter as somewhat irrelevant, regarding the acquisition of cutting-edge Western technology, which they can adapt for their own purposes, as the key. It may well be cheaper and quicker to do that in the long run than to try to create their own. This leaves the Western consumer rather out in the cold. We may well not get from the new Saab what we had been hoping for.

      • It all depends on what you were hoping for I suppose. I like the idea of the Chinese State shouldering the cost of developing the next generation of electric cars if that is what you are suggesting is happening. I don’t actually think that is what is happening here, but the idea appeals to me anyway. It is true that the Westerner consumer will not get what she wants from this deal if what she wants is the same Saab as before. Luckily, other more conventional alternatives remain. It should also be noted that Western consumers spoke with their wallets before Saab’s demise and from 2006 on the consensus was “we select against you.”

        Would a new, more conventional Saab really stand a better chance now against the same competition than it did before? They had to change completely because there wasn’t sufficient interest from consumers in conventional markets to fund a reemergence of Saab. I just can’t see it working any other way than it has as a new player in a niche (but very promising) market. As for the target audience in China, NEVS needs a captive audience to subsidize its R&D for a while longer.

  40. I am VERY disappointed with the final outcome after months and months of waiting. I have been a long time SAAB fan and currently drive a 9-3 2.0T. Sadly SAAB as we knew it is now dead and there’s no room in my garage for an electric vehicle. Unfortunately the next car in my garage will not be a SAAB but instead I will look elsewhere. Cadillac is looking to give the Germans a run for their money with the new ATS. I suggest other North Americans give this a look if you will need to replace your 9-3 in the next few years.

  41. What about the companie’s name in the future? From the press conference:

    TTELA reporter Waldemar Lönnroth asked about the brand, if they will make use of Saab. NEV responded that it is not really clear but it will be discussed further.
    Wednesday, June 13, 2012 13:36
    Valdemar Lönnroth want to hear more about the brand. “We do not comment on the discussions we have with Scania and Saab, but we appreciate the discussions we have,” said NEV.

    We’ll have to wait and see. If it is so that NEW won’t have the future rights to use SAAB as brand………..

    Oh well, I am still optimistic :)

  42. six months we have been waiting, just to be kicked in the crutch again, what on earth makes anyone think just making electric cars will work for Saab or any car maker, surely NEVS should be thinking about producing normal engined cars along side electric cars if for no other reason but to bring money in, sounds odd to me, not happy with this outcome at all.

    • Yeah, these six long months pretty much seem like a huge waste. We patiently wait all this time and we’re rewarded with an electric car company, which will be focusing on China. No normal cars, no hybrids, just electric go-carts.

      Hopefully Saab AB Defense blocks the name and logo rights.

    • There is simply no market for large electric cars.

  43. Saab has been saved and it is very exciting news. Some of us around here are actually delighted about this and are looking beyond the end of our own noses to see what this company can achieve. If they focus on China to begin with, so what? I am interested in Saab for its own sake and I will happily wait a few years before I buy a Saab EV in my home market. I believe it will be worth the wait.

    • Agreed, we have plenty of new, nearly new and classic Saabs to keep us all going for a few years yet.

    • from what I have read of the news conference I do not believe Saab has been saved, to me it seems as though Saab has been forgotten in the deal and the only thing NEVS has purchased is the factory, no plan to build petrol or diesel engine cars no plan to build the 9-5 or 9-4X not sure if they will use the name, what part of SAAB has been saved??????????????????

  44. I am so happy that saab has been sold and that there is a future for the brand. But at the same time i just can’t see my self driving a EV, a hybrid mabye, but EV….NO…….I am so happy and so sad at the same time…..:(

  45. And peopled thought Spyker was a joke… Muller was at least realistic in his plans but he failed anyway.

  46. As disappointed as I feel right now, I did test drive a Lexus CH before choosing my new 9-3, so my mind is definitely open to an electric / hybrid Saab for the future.

    Having said that, right now, my feeling is simple, let’s honour our original Saabs and make them last

  47. Question: what will Saabs United do now that Saab is dead? Unfortunately for me, I don’t see much of a reason to post here anymore. I will miss you all…

    • Surely SU is here to create a community for everyone who loves the unique quality of owning Saabs. Whether that be new or old, that community will still exist for many, many years surely.

      I’ll be enjoying mine for many thousends of miles, none of this changes the Saabs we already have, only parts supply can take that away from us.

      • Me too, I’ve got four Saabs that all work perfectly the oldest one being only 2 years old, I intend to drive these for a long time and for me, any Saab that wears the brand Saab on it is a real Saab.

        We will continue to look at NEVS and see what they intend to do with the place, I’m at least a bit excited over this, it was perhaps not what I had hoped for I will still support them no matter what!

        • well spoken Tim! +1

        • I will wait a few months to see if there is any news about a possible hybrid coming for the Phoenix platform as had been discussed before, but unless I have some idea that a Phoenix based EV in the future would have enough range and be less than 50k USD, my 2000 9-3 with 190k miles will need to be replaced sometime in the next couple of years. Given that, it would be best for me to replace it later this year with a 2009-2011 9-3 sportcombi.

          I like the range and promise of the Tesla and Fiskar cars also, but I certainly cannot afford to buy one. If these new NEVS cars in that price range, then I will be interested in learning about them, but not as an owner.

    • Wow, that’s a bit dramatic Saabdog. I’d wait and see what the actual plans are before declaring the brand dead.

  48. Maybe they’re thinking bio-power range-extender hybrids (i.e. not directly powered be the engine). Though I’m a die-hard Saab fan, on my 12th, and I need long-journey stuff (1000 mile round trip to see the in-laws, regular 3-500 mile trips in a day) I’m not saying NO! to EV Saabs. Yeah, I would have loved everything to be as we all wanted it to be, but I am a little excited that my favourite car brand could be a cutting edge leader on the global stage.

  49. The only electric vehicles that are viable are the ones that run on rails.

    It’s minimal employment for Trollhattan, so OK for the privileged few. But only for a while until the new money runs out.

    The End. Finito.

  50. I feel sick. This a bad joke. At least I got to visit Saab and Trollhattan in summer 2010 at New 9-5 launch. There was a geniune belief that it could work…………RIP Saab… deserved better than this.